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Golden Spike 4x4 Trail, Moab, UT

One of the most popular and difficult trails in Moab

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Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 12 miles
Duration: Full day

Overview :  Golden Spike is in the middle of two other difficult trails: Poison Spider and Gold Bar Rim. Golden Spike is a dream trail of... more »

Tips:  If you have mechanical trouble on this trail, it’s a very long walk out. Always travel with a group so someone can go for help. Take... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Start of Poison Spider

You must drive the first part of Poison Spider Mesa Trail to reach the start of Golden Spike Trail. A basic tracklog of Poison Spider is provided to help you find the start of Golden Spike. For complete details of Poison Spider, see FunTreks eGuide available on EveryTrail.

2. Start of Golden Spike Trail

Golden Spike starts on a long slickrock fin in the middle of nowhere. Head northwest following black tire marks and white spikes painted on the rock.

3. The Launch Pad

What a blast. Drop down steep slickrock and shoot up the other side. Wait for vehicles ahead to get out of the way and keep your momentum as you go up.

4. Skyline Drive

You have a choice here. Drive up the huge mountain of slickrock, circle around at the top and come back down a very steep section. Or, bear left along the bottom to bypass.

5. Zuki Hill

After passing through narrow canyon, you'll encounter a short but very steep hill covered with black tire marks. This is Zuki Hill. Legend has it that a Suzuki was the first to drive up it.

6. First Overlook

Trail comes close to cliff edge with spectacular views of Moab below. Get out of vehicle and walk to right.

7. Second Overlook

Trail come close to cliff edge again.

8. The Golden Crack

Perhaps the most photographed obstacle in Moab. A true test of vehicle articulation and frame strength. Lots of breakdowns here. Look south for view of Jeep Arch.

9. The Golden Stairs

Two giant ledges to get up. You must be agressive but not too aggressive. If you start sliding sideways too fast, you could roll over.

10. The Wall

Smooth climb but very steep. This is the bypass to Double Whammy, which is below on the right.

11. End of Golden Spike

This is the official end of Golden Spike and the start of Gold Bar Rim Trail, although there are no signs announcing the change. Walk right uphill one last time to a spectacular view of Highway 191 below. Gold Bar Rim trail is available as an eGuide, or follow black tire marks and white painted bars the rest of the way.