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Silver Comet Trail

Venture through a tunnel & over three trestles on your magical rail-trail journey from Atlanta, GA to the Alabama border
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 62 miles
Duration: Multiple days
Family Friendly

Overview :  This trail has it all. In addition to all the categories listed above, the trail also welcomes inline skaters and wheelchairs. And at ... more »

Tips:  - Plan ahead. If you're going to do the whole trail, you'll probably want to plan for more than one day. You will pass through a... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Connector Trail

The trail begins here... or does it?
This is near mile zero for the trail, but a connector trail starts near here & will likely continue deeper into Atlanta as the years roll on. But for now, let's call this the official starting point of the Silver Comet Trail.
Your best bet for lodging near the start of the trail is in this area, but there... More

2. Floyd Rd. Trailhead & Silver Comet Depot

This would be another good starting spot for your journey on the Silver Comet Trail for the following reasons:
- It is a major trailhead with a large parking lot.
- There is a great bike rental shop here called Silver Comet Depot. In addition to renting regular trail bikes, they also have a nice selection of recumbents. If you've never tried a... More

3. Georgia countryside

As you head west, you begin to see fewer road crossings, less trail & road traffic, & more of the sweet Georgia Countryside. As you can see by the accompanying pictures, this trail is well marked with directional signs and mile markers.

4. trailhead

A restroom & plenty of parking is available at this point. Less than a mile east of here is the famous Pumpkinville Trestle.

5. Pumpkinvine Creek Trestle

Located at mile marker 23, Pumpkinvine Trestle is one of the must-see sights on the trail. The trestle was built in 1901 and restored for trail use in 1999. It is over 750 feet long and is a marvel to view and affords beautiful views of the valley below. There are rest stops on either side of the trestle, and they're often adorned with colorful... More

6. Brushy Mountain Railroad Tunnel

Near mile 31 on the Silver Comet Trail is the second must-see sight. It is the Brushy Mountain Railroad Tunnel, and it burrows directly under the Brushy Mountain Road. The tunnel is well lit, but often quite damp so watch where you rest your feet. It is not a real long tunnel, but both sides are quite picturesque, so hopefully you brought your... More

This trailhead has a gravel parking lot, recreation area, restrooms, a phone, & nearby dining.

8. Rockmart, Georgia

Enjoy the Riverwalk, historic downtown Rockmart, restaurants, restrooms, and an old depot. The trail crosses over bridges, under bridges, and wanders through a park, so be sure to ride slowly and enjoy the ambience of Rockmart. Frankie's Italian Restaurant is famous for catering to trail users, but during the offseason, their hours are quite... More

9. Grady Hill

This was the last section of the Silver Comet Trail to be completed. It is also the steepest part on the trail, so be ready. It is not part of the original railroad grade, so it is steeper than your average rail-trail. Check your speed when going downhill. There is often sand & gravel on the trail & locals can tell stories of numerous wipe... More

10. Cedartown, Georgia

Like most of the towns along the way, lodging is quite a ways off the trail, but there is lodging available. There are also restaurants and stores, but not many of them are near the route of the Silver Comet.

11. End of Silver Comet Trail...

... beginning of the Chief Ladiga Trail in Alabama.

12. trail scenery

Enjoy the sights along the trail.

13. Hmmmmm?

14. The Birdhouses of Polk and Paulding Counties

Each rail trail has its distinctions and charm. One of the many charming touches you'll find along the Silver Comet Trail is the birdhouse display out in the middle of nowhere. Some of them are truly unique and imaginative. My favorites were the ones in old hard hats.