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Rarotonga, Southern Cook Islands, Cook Islands, South Pacific

On the Cooks' capital island, horseback treks, hiking and boat tours provide close-up views of the lush, mountainous terrain. In the surrounding Pacific waters, diving and snorkeling are the top draw: green turtles, reef sharks, moray eels and a cavalcade of tropical fish patrol the islands' coral reefs.

Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia, South Pacific

With 1,400 miles of coral reef stretching along the Queensland coast and 1,500 fish species, the World Heritage List-designated Great Barrier Reef is a scuba lover's dream destination. Accompany underwater exploration with coastal adventures like bungee jumping or rafting through rain forests near Cairns

Milford Sound, Southland Region, South Island, New Zealand, South Pacific

As one of the wettest places on earth, Milford Sound provides an emerald-green and waterfall-rich backdrop for hiking, biking and kayaking. The Fjordland stretches more than 124 miles south to Preservation Inlet, with an extensive trail network to support travel of the self-propelled variety.

Flinders Ranges National Park, Flinders Ranges, South Australia, Australia, South Pacific

In the Flinders Ranges, easily reachable from Adelaide, hiking and cycling trails criss-cross the southern region, caves and gorges carve a beautiful swath through the center, and kangaroos bound across red earth in the northern Outback. Four-wheel drive safaris delve into this designated National Landscape.