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Instant Booking on TripAdvisor

A Powerful New TripConnect™ Tool

TripAdvisor makes it easy for travellers worldwide to connect with your hotel partners - and by adding instant booking capabilities to TripConnect, we’ve created a powerful and seamless new experience that allows travellers to research, choose and immediately book on the world’s largest travel site.

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Good for Hotels. Good for Travellers. Good for You.

Premium Certification Means Premium Benefits
Only Partners offering instant booking will be Premium Certified - and enjoy the benefits of active tradeshow and online promotion from TripAdvisor
Easy to Implement
Already Certified for TripConnect? Great news: you can leverage most of that development for instant booking
Optimise Hotel Acquisition and Retention
Make current hotel partners happy – and give potential partners more reason to work with you – by offering:
No Risk Instant Bookings
Hotels only pay for bookings that turn into stays
Direct Booking Benefits
Hotels own the traveller profile, and can collect deposit payments
Set it and Forget It
Simple commission-based model is easy for hotels to set up and maintain
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