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cottage rentals from Tripadvisor
Cottage Rentals
Renting a cottage is a great way to spend a weekend or summer, especially since there are so many options for letting a cottage. From the coasts of Anglesey to Devon, there are plenty of charming sights and activities for city and country dwellers alike.
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city break rentals from Tripadvisor
City Break Rentals
There’s nothing like taking a quick break over the weekend to recharge. With thousands of cities and rentals to choose from, finding your next city break is now easier than ever. Whether you want a London flat or cozy home in the country, explore these options.
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cheap rentals from Tripadvisor
Cheap Rentals
Vacationing does NOT have to be expensive. Oftentimes you can get a holiday rental for less than a hotel room. Minimize your expenses while maximizing your enjoyment.
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There are generally two types of people you usually rent from - either professional property managers or directly from the property owner. The property managers typically offer dedicated on-site help, experienced local staff, and sometimes professional hospitality service. Property owners typically provide direct and personal contact, flexible dates and rates, and more options in smaller towns. These property managers and property owners list their properties with TripAdvisor companies FlipKey or Holiday Lettings or one of our trusted partners worldwide.

Look for the ‘Pay on TripAdvisor’ badge associated with certain properties for the opportunity to pay for your rental directly on TripAdvisor and be covered by our Payment Protection . For those properties, we offer payment protection on your stay if access to the property is prevented or denied upon check-in.