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Another Mexican Timeshare Scam?

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Another Mexican Timeshare Scam?

Has anyone heard of a company, Premiere Properties & Management LLC out of Colorado? I received a phone call from them wanting to know if I was interested in selling my Cabo San Lucas, MX timeshare.

I asked a number of questions to see what they had to say: where did you get my name, phone number and what resort I was at - same old "canned" reply, "all this information is available on line" to them but I cannot get this information from my resort. I don't have to pay any money up front for the sale to a "large corporation", except for an 8% commission after the money was transferred to my bank account.

I received an email proposal with a greatly inflated, ridiculous offer which smells of "scam" and I certainly not going to fall for this (guess they were hoping I was born yesterday and would fall for it), I am not interested in selling nor am not prepared to give out any more personal information.

Would be interested to see if anybody else has had any contact with this company with the same story line. Thanks.

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1. Re: Another Mexican Timeshare Scam?

So they are going to pay you all the money and then you have to pay them the 8%? This sounds like something that was talked about a few weeks ago here - essentially they send you a cheque on an international account, the cheque clears, you pay the 8% to them, and then a fraud investigation at the bank shows that it is a "money laundering" thing, and then bounces the cheque.

If this is legit, then they can take their 8% out of the proceeds and pay you the balance.

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2. Re: Another Mexican Timeshare Scam?

I just got the same phone call today for my timeshare in Las Vegas. I AM wanting to sell mine, but I always follow the advise of,...if it sounds too good to be true...it probably is. I had got another call from a company from California several months back. They "offered" me over $30k for a timeshare that I paid $12k for years ago. I looked them up and it was a total scam.

Now today I get called from these people. I told them on the phone that I wasn't interested in playing into any scams. I tried researching this company too and can't seem to find much about them. There were some BBB reports, but the aren't BBB certified. Seems to be a real company but their website is very generic which makes them look fak.

Same deal as you though. They will sell my timeshare with no upfront fees and they will charge an 8% commission upon the closing. They didn't specify any details of me paying them back th 8% versus just taking it out of the final numbers though. It's fishy though, they offered me over $22k for my timeshare that I know isn't worth squat. I may play along with this a little to see what I can find out about how they work. If I can verify that they are for sure a scam then I will re-post on here.

I would love to know if anyone else has played along to see how this company really operates.

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3. Re: Another Mexican Timeshare Scam?

there is a group in mexico which is scaming the same way, the work out of Puerto vallarta and GDL, they change there compani name every cupel of month,shut down there web side. phone numbers and there adress is some were in the usa ,texas ,colorado,,, they work with fake escrow companis face adresses , they are verry good at what they do... anyway we can give you all information to catch them.

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4. Re: Another Mexican Timeshare Scam?

I got the same call and offer too. They seem very active right now.

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5. Re: Another Mexican Timeshare Scam?

Well I talked to these people again and got more details as to how they operate and how this "transaction" would work.

They told me my timeshare was worth $22,650 even though I purchased it for $12,000 years ago

They claim no listing fee or up front money and they only charge an 8% commission fee.

Talked to them and got more information and they claim to have a "Mexican Company" that is buying these timeshares up for premium prices. They claim that they are working with "Title Management Services" out of Utah and that all the money is escrowed into an American Bank and funds would be paid off this escrow account.

After further conversation I discovered that they want an upfront 10% fee paid to them before they can process the closing. Then once the closing is completed they re-imburse for that money through the final payout. This makes no sense why they would need a seller to pay when the money is already escrowed except it makes sense as to why they inflated the price of my timeshare...so they can get more money off the 10% fee before I never hear from them again.

I researched the physical address of Premiere Properties and discovered that Bing Maps show them as a warehouse looking building. Definately not a legitimate looking facility for a Property Management place.

I also researched the address for Title Management Services (which was very hard to even find their website). That address in a single family home located in Salt Lake City, UT. Their website pictures a fancy looking office building, but their address is some guys house.

This company and this deal are without question a scam. I hope that others find this web posting and save themselves the trouble and money of being taken advantage of.

Good luck out there people...

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6. Re: Another Mexican Timeshare Scam?

Its a good scam though isn't it. With people desperate to sell timeshare I wonder how many send the $2500 to these guys never to be heard of again. Scams such as this only exist because of greed of the scamee.

It is just another twist on the Nigerian multi million back scams that are going around the world.

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7. Re: Another Mexican Timeshare Scam?


I would very much appreciate any information you can give me to locate these people. Please share it with us--I know others on this forum have encountered the same bunch.

Thank you.

Bucerias, Mexico
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8. Re: Another Mexican Timeshare Scam?

This is the latest scam in town. The offers also involve trading in your virtually worthless timeshare. They will never contact anybody and the creditors will be after you since they never paid off anything. Scam artist have been using the big money pitch for re-sale and trade in scams.Tthey operate out of call rooms. Eventually after you have paid questionable fees you will be told that there is a capital gains tax since you are making so much money off of the sale. this too is a scam. Yes there is a capital gains tax. They will ask you for this upfront-thats why the ridiculous cash offer they are using for bait. You, if you are dizzy enough,you will pay the capital gains in advance and be waiting for a check for eternity for your "profit". You have just been burned.The feds close these operations down-they pay big fines and open up a week later. One arrest took more than 50 people to jail-almost all from north of the border of course. Mexican law protects Mexicans and visitors have a window of 5 days only. Since timeshare is a failing industry this is the latest follow up scam aimed at foreigners.P.T Barnum was right.! There is a sucker born every minute. Thats a conservative estimate!

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9. Re: Another Mexican Timeshare Scam?

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10. Re: Another Mexican Timeshare Scam?

THIS IS A SCAM TO THE FULLEST EXTENT, Do NOT send them money. They high-jacked my company name in Colorado Springs and if you look at my BBB report I had them put up a statement on there regarding this scam and it has been reported to authorities. The people behind this are not in Colorado Springs and are in NO WAY affiliated with my company Premiere Properties and Management. Again, it has been reported to the CSPD, Attorney General and FBI. I finally got the web server to take down their bogus website at www.premierepropertiesandmanagementllc.com down. I have contacted the Secretary of State to see if they will flag my companies name and put a statement up that there has been identity theft and the "real" Premiere Properties and Management in Colorado Springs has nothing to do with this and we absolutely do not sell timeshares and never have. Please do not send these fraudulent people any money as you will never receive it back.

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