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Can You Recommend a Great Wildlife Destination?

Tampa, FL
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Can You Recommend a Great Wildlife Destination?

Hello! I am trying to pick a travel destination for Feb. or March of 2010. I am open to all locals. I travelled by rental car through Panama this year and LOVED IT. I love wildlife, and I do not do tours or resorts. Any recomendations? I love beautiful beaches and animals! I am so far thinking Guyana or maybe Argentina, but I am not sure how Argentina is for wildlife. Also, I have considered Thailand and Malaysia, thanks! :)

Amsterdam, Holland
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1. Re: Can You Recommend a Great Wildlife Destination?

Did you consider Africa? Kenya and Tanzania are both full of animals,I think Feb is the birth season, so should be very special. I've been to Kenya in April and Tanzania in Dec, when we saw lots of animals on the perpetual run for food.Very impressive.

Tampa, FL
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2. Re: Can You Recommend a Great Wildlife Destination?

Thank you so much for your response! Since I do not do tours I would be hiring a guide to be taken to the parks to look for the animals. Would Tanzania or Kenya be safe to travel to by myself w my boyfriend? I do not want to go to Africa w a tour group. Thanks so much! :)

Nairobi, Kenya
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3. Re: Can You Recommend a Great Wildlife Destination?


We would highly recommend Kenya or Tanzania or even both,as they are really safari countries.

The mombasa island is great for the beaches and holidays and the proximity to the National parks especially the Tsavo,Amboseli and Taiata hills is good.We have in Kenya great guides and able to communicate in English with ease,besides the standards are high both in the lodges and beach front hotels thus realising your great value for your money.You still can fly from Mombasa to any other wounderful parks across Kenya.

Tanzania is another outstanding country with the many wonders available including the Ngorongoro crater Mt.Kilimanjaro just to mention afew,the safaris are equally great in that you can always get your tour company to tailor make a special package that covers your areas of great interest,besides you can fly to Zanzibar for your beach holidays.

We always advocate for private safari packages as you are able to get the very best at your own convenience and thus great value for your hard earned money.

We wish you a pleasant stay in Africa,


Poritours team

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4. Re: Can You Recommend a Great Wildlife Destination?

How about Australia? We have great beaches & it is a very safe country to drive yourself around. We also have some great wildlife: kangaroo's, koala's, wombats... You can sometimes see these if you are driving in the countryside, or we have wildlife parks in many area.

Cary, North Carolina
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5. Re: Can You Recommend a Great Wildlife Destination?


It all depends what type of wildlife you are referring to. If you talking about large animals, then nothing beats Africa. East Africa or southern Africa are easy places to travel by yourself.

If you are looking for birds, monkeys and the tropics, than South America is probably the best place.

If you are looking for strange looking primitive mammals than Australia is the place to go (sorry Australia). And so you can go on and on.


Eko Tracks

western WA
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6. Re: Can You Recommend a Great Wildlife Destination?

Yellowstone National Park is great for wildlife, but at that time of year it is snowy! Plan to come in the months of June to September instead, when you get a chance.

New Zealand
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7. Re: Can You Recommend a Great Wildlife Destination?

Anyone talks wildlife, then Africa springs foremost to mind.

Bhutantraveller has mentioned East Africa,Keya , Tanzania.

Also South Africa has many wildlife reserves.Kruger, Addo etc.

Then tack onto that Namibia's Etosha.Where you can watch an endless procession of wildlife track through the wateringholes, floodlit at night at Okaukejo for instance.

Would you consider travelling that far?

And if it's a private guided tour I can suggest whom with.We're doing one this July /August.Through Kruger and other parts of eastern SA.


Chiang Mai, Thailand
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8. Re: Can You Recommend a Great Wildlife Destination?

I would also recommend the Masai Mara in Kenya, it's easy to turn up in Nairobi and book a guide and accommodation - though if you have limited time maybe better to book in advance.

Also Etosha as mentioned, or Chobe in Botswana, both great parks though I went on a month-long tour, but I'm sure you can organise it independently.

Malaysian Borneo is also very interesting, especially for orangutans, and it's quite cheap as well as being culturally interesting and easy to travel around.

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9. Re: Can You Recommend a Great Wildlife Destination?

Have you considered a self drive 4x4 camping trip. Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe are great for this and very accessable with lots of wildlife destinations. They have camping in the parks(without fences around the campsites. The park fees are easy on the wallet too.

Self drives are very popular in East and Southern Africa. Lots of information on the web about this.

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10. Re: Can You Recommend a Great Wildlife Destination?

Africa is an amazing destination -- there is nothing like it.

I have never traveled there on an organized tour -- and most people don't. Usually you pick the places you want to stay and book them. While in camp, you will have people in your vehicle unless you book a private one for an additional cost. Most of the camps I stayed at were small -- maybe 20 people or less. Rarely did we have a problem with someone in the vehicle. We met people from all over the world and enjoyed it.

I have, however, only traveled to southern africa 00 Botswana, Zambia, Namibia and South Africa. I believe Tanzania and Kenya are a bit different. There it is easy to have a private guide drive you from place to place and many people do that. The camps are much more accessible by road.

There is nothing that can compare with watching lion cubs playing or elephants nursing etc.