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Lost luggage with WOW Air

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Lost luggage with WOW Air

I flew in from Copenhagen to Baltimore with a layover in Reykjavik. My luggage is still missing after 9 days back home. I sent them an inventory list document and they say they are still searching and it will be considered lost after 21 days. Has anyone dealt with this before and gotten reimbursement?

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1. Re: Lost luggage with WOW Air

At the moment your baggage is still classed as delayed and not deemed lost until 21 days have elapsed.

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2. Re: Lost luggage with WOW Air

Fortunately, I have only ever had to deal with "delayed luggage," and never lost luggage, and never with WOW.

In each case, at arrival airport, I filled in paperwork, reporting the missing bag(s), and have gotten copies of the paperwork, with contact info, and a claim number. I assume that you did the same?

In every case, contact was easy, and the telephone staff (most before the days of e-mail, and the Internet) were helpful, even if they had no new details to share - they usually did.

Hope that WOW's baggage group is as good, as Delta's, Eastern's, Northwest Orient's and United's have been, and also that you bag(s) are found, and reunited with you.


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3. Re: Lost luggage with WOW Air

I even called BWI airport (arrival destination) and they say they don't see it. The luggage center of WOW Air at BWI does not respond either. It's a mess.

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4. Re: Lost luggage with WOW Air

Until the bag is physically found no one is going to be able to give you any further information. You should have been given a number to trace the bag on the World Trace web site. Pestering the airport is not going to help.

If the baggage tags have come off it could just be sitting in a corner, once it is identified then details will be added to the web site. I trust you had contact details on the bag? this will make it easier to reunite the bag with you.

From your profile I'm guessing you are at home so not so much of an inconvenience as being away from home.

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5. Re: Lost luggage with WOW Air

>>>I sent them an inventory list document and they say they are still searching and it will be considered lost after 21 days.<<<

They are correct, as is smudge. It can take a bit of time to trace and identify a bag. Wait and see what transpires over the enxt few days. If your bag is decalred liost, then you will have to make a claim for it, but hopefully it won't come to that.

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6. Re: Lost luggage with WOW Air

WOW really sucks. We flew from Toronto to London Gatwick back in early June, 2017. My wife's bag was lost and finally found near the end of the trip. From what we found out, it was never sent to London! My wife bought a few necessities (quite bargain basement priced), and we've been trying to get reimbursed for three months. We submitted all the paper work, then WOW told us to try to have our charge card reimburse us for the cost. Sounded a bit like "pass the buck", the credit card company claims they are a secondary and not a primary insurer in this area. Makes sense to me; WOW screwed up on the bag and they should pay. I keep getting form letters from them and essentially, they are ignoring our request for reimbursement. Any thoughts what to do?

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7. Re: Lost luggage with WOW Air


I think they are probably suggesting a claim via your travel insurance rather than a claim via section 25 on your credit card provider.

If you have a travel insurance element via your credit card then you need to make it clear to the credit card company that it is on the insurance element you wish to submit a claim.

Your travel insurance would likely pay out more than a claim on the airline. The airline will probably only pick up the tab for any immediate necessities that your wife had to purchase when her bag was delayed such as some toiletries, underwear and a change of clothes. Reasonable costs for delayed baggage.

I can see why you feel that WOW should pay but if they are not cooperating then a claim via your travel insurance will be the better route to take for you.

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8. Re: Lost luggage with WOW Air

have you find the luggage? I have exactly the same situation, they lost my luggage and when I'm calling them nobody knows NOTHING, they don't know where is the luggage. I don't understand how this can happen.

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9. Re: Lost luggage with WOW Air

"they don't know where is the luggage I don't understand how this can happen. "

That is what "lost" means, no one knows where it is. If they knew, they'd tell you. If the airline or airport find it and identify it, they will get it to you. Airports handle thousands of bags a day and tags get torn off, bags get mishandled, all sorts of ways things can get misplaced.

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10. Re: Lost luggage with WOW Air

My luggage was lost from Amsterdam to San Francisco. It has been 8 days now. As you know, all the WOW calls are routed to call centers in India while all of my calls to SFO are directed to voicemail. I went to the airport yesterday to try to track down my bag which arrived to SFO on a United flight about 5 hours after my WOW flight. United provided me with documentation confirming that it was transferred to WOW ground crew.

Since WOW only has flights out of SFO every other day, there are no representatives at the airport for me to assist me...I am headed back to SFO tonight to discuss with someone at the check in counter. This is my last effort, and I hope it works. In the end it will have cost me about $100 in airport transportation.

This is without a doubt the worst airline I've ever flown and I want to shout it from the rooftops.

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