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American Airlines deleted my seat selection!

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American Airlines deleted my seat selection!

We are traveling to the Caribbean with two children under the age of 12. I purchased our airline tickets through Expedia, then selected my seat assignments on AA.com several months ago. Last week I noticed that one leg of our return flight was stating "no seats selected". American is telling me that I never selected the seats. There are no seats left that will allow me to sit next to my children! This morning, the seats were changed on one of the other flights (they took away my window seat and have us sitting across the aisle). American is again telling me that I did not select any seats. We are very well-traveled, and I double-checked my seat selections months ago (should have printed them out). They are telling me that I need to ask at the gate, and I am a very panicked mom! Has anybody had this issue and/or suggestions? Customer service already hanged up on me once. TIA

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1. Re: American Airlines deleted my seat selection!

I’ve had seat assignments deleted once or twice. I check seat assignments regularly between books and flying so if it happens I usually notice quickly and can re select a seat. Not sure what to do in your case other than keep checking online in case new seats free up.

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2. Re: American Airlines deleted my seat selection!

You'll have to deal with it at the airport if you cannot fix it on line before you fly.

They will not want the children to be without an adult next to them so I imagine it will work out.

I always check my flights and seat assignments regularly as if a flight is changed at all then you often lose your seat. Also if they change equipment you can also lose your seat.

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3. Re: American Airlines deleted my seat selection!

We booked a flight with them a couple weeks ago. There's one leg we're flying (from CMH - MIA) where the seats we selected on aa.com keep disappearing. Everything else has stayed consistent, but that one flight, the seat selections keep disappearing. Frustrating!

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4. Re: American Airlines deleted my seat selection!

Seat assignment changes (including losing an assignment) happen on all airlines from time to time. The normal causes are an equipment change (even between similar aircraft, say one config 777 to another) or just a plain old glitch.

I watch my reservations frequently and check seat assignments. The earlier you spot them the better the chance of a good recovery. Watch them daily from 2 weeks out and double daily from about 4 days out. That's not difficult these days especially if your airline has a good App, and AA's is just fine.

I've had seats changed to less desirable ones at 2 days out due to an equipment change,went to the seat map and landed myself an even better seat than I had in the first place.

You need to be vigilant, especially if you're on the same flight as me as I could take advantage of your seat glitch. 😄

Off to check my United app for next week's Asia vacation right now.

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5. Re: American Airlines deleted my seat selection!

You may have selected seats you weren't entitled to, based on your fare class or if you don't have status with the carrier. The seats you selected may require a fee if yiu bookwd a duscount fare, or be free only for passengers with elite status. Since you indicate you booked months in advance, it may be possible that a passenger in a higher fare class or with elite status booked and since there were no desireable seat assignments left, they moved you out of t your seat assignments to accommodate the higher paying passemger. It could be lots of reasons and it happens all the time. The good news is if you are the only adult and you hard traveling with small children they usually try to resolve this either before boarding or on the aircraft.

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6. Re: American Airlines deleted my seat selection!

Most other passenger will prefer not to sit with or next to your unattended children so you almost certainly find someone willing to move around. No need to get nervous about it. These issues tend to work themselves out easily.

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7. Re: American Airlines deleted my seat selection!

This is how those "I was regarded as a jerk for refusing to move from the aisle seat I reserved six months ago to a middle seat in the back" threads start. Hopefully people who move to get your little brood in a huddle get a free snack box or something. Aisle across is handy for toilet breaks. We try to book aisles across not aisle and middle as much as possible.

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8. Re: American Airlines deleted my seat selection!

Our experiences have mostly followed along the lines stated by USBT - most often equipment changes.

I can only recall one incident, where equipment stayed the exact same, but seat assignments got wonky. In that case, no answer was ever found, and to get us to LHR on the correct day, we had to change flights.

I also check with great regularity.

Now, did have two cases, where equipment did not change, but our seats were moved, but stayed in same cabin - just moved about, and both changes happened after OLCI, and baggage drop-off, so basically at the gate. In one case, a high-status flier wanted wife’s seat, as it was his “lucky seat,” and the GA moved my wife around in FC... ?! Other time, no explanation offered.

Best of luck,


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9. Re: American Airlines deleted my seat selection!

"You may have selected seats you weren't entitled to, based on your fare class or if you don't have status with the carrier. "

How would that happen? Typically those seats would be blocked out if a passenger isn't entitled to them. Or, in the case of seats requiring extra payment like Main Cabin Extra on American, you'd have to submit payment before getting the seat.

It would be incredibly confusing if they allowed people to select seats they're not entitled to and then moved them around whenever an elite member wanted the same seat.

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10. Re: American Airlines deleted my seat selection!

You should telephone AA about the problem. Human agents often have power to override the computer assignments; and, at the very least, a human can note in the record that you are traveling with children so need to be seated together. When you call, have your AA locator on hand as the Expedia reservation number will not help you with the airline.

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