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Anyone flown with Sunwing?

London, Canada
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Anyone flown with Sunwing?

Just wondering what the service and flight is like. I have never gone with Sunwing before and would like some feedback. Thanks

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1. Re: Anyone flown with Sunwing?

Prices sure are cheap from YYZ to Florida.

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2. Re: Anyone flown with Sunwing?

I flew with them last month.

They got me from point A to Point B & back.

Nothing really great about the service and nothing really bad about it either.

I am still waiting for 2 $ 50 travel vouchers from them.

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3. Re: Anyone flown with Sunwing?

We flew Sunwing in December 2009. Main reasons for choosing them was good price, and Nonstop flight to destination. We usually fly Westjet but did not use them this time because of the recent problems they are having changing their reservation system and more importantly, we would have have been routed with a stop in Vancouver, so twice the chance to get a weather delay. Note the difference between "direct" flights that stop and "Nonstop"

Telephone service prior to the flight was excellent - answered within 2 minutes. We opted for the extra legroom seats ($100 per package) so we could sleep on the overnight flight. Would recommend this as the leg room was as good as business class whereas the regular seats were tight even for 170 cm (5'8") person. We also got 30 vs 20 kg baggage allowance, advance seat selection and priority check in. Do NOT be overweight, we overheard the folks next to us being charged over $100 for 8 kg extra.

The planes were modern and appeared well maintained and SAFE, food average airline - at least we got food - fight attendants OK overall nothing special. We had no problems as were there on time and 30 minutes late coming home.

Be sure to recheck the fights frequently, we met friends on the plane who had booked to go to west coast that day only to have their flight MOVED 3 days ahead. They had to switch to an east coast package and ended up on the same flight as us. If you have fixed travel dates and a specific destination be very wary booking on this airline.

The Sunwing "representative" at the resort was a joke. You get a card from Sunwing to reconfirm your return flight and to meet the representative. Skip the talk as it is only a sell job to buy tour excursions - just drop the completed card at his desk. We were given the talk about him being there for any problems but when we asked him for a list of local car rental firms he was uninterested in helping. Check the board at Sunwing desk the evening before departure for up to date flight departure times.

Would we fly with them again? - Maybe. Only in a situation where we have general goals e.g. - warn vacation at a great price on a beach at a nice all inclusive package , location unimportant. We would not fly if we were booking our own accommodation as this would be a hassle if they changed the flight at the last minute.

Innisfil, Canada
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4. Re: Anyone flown with Sunwing?

First I'd like too say I've never had the experience with any other charter.

We were to fly to Jamaica on Dec 19th...we pre-booked our seats in the Elite section(both way) ..hubby has a bad back and needed the extra leg room...

well we are on the plane seated comfortably..lots of room etc.

Prior to take-off we were told that we had to change seats with the couple in front as their seats wouldn'ty accomodate them.(told if we didn't change they would be unable to fly) They were a larger couple and needed the armrests to lift. Well we were obligated and I'd feel terrible they wouldn't be able to go. So we switched. Well hubby was upset...as the seats aren't quite the same...your table is located in the armrests etc and my hubby's table wouldn't move to go around his belly.( no he's not obese just a large beer belly) Well we made do.

On the return flight we received our pre-booked seats, well according too the boarding passes. When we get on the plane our seats are taken. We mention too the flight attendent who told us just too sit down. Well we told her we weren't in our assigned seats so she took a complaint from us.

The couple behind us(same couple we had to change with on the way down) told us they were assigned those seats at the airport. Well so were we. The flight attendent would not check their boarding passes etc she did see ours.

Well I wrote too customer services to complain and explain a complaint had been filed with the attendant.

They wrote back and said according to the manifest we did change seats down but were in the correct seats on the flight home as no record was recorded of anyone changing. (if the seats are the same both ways and they HAD to change going what happened that all of a sudden they were ok going home...thats because they were in our seats) Also a complaint was never filed from our flight according too customer services. So she never filed one)

I'm more upset that this couple took it upon themselves too switch seats. We told them before that we wouldn't change with them on the way back that someone else was willing to change with them. They even tried bribing my daughter in which we said no. But if they were assigned those seats how could we too. Was it a technical error for us both to have the same boarding passes?

I'm also upset that I paid the extra because my armrest was to go up and to accomodate my hubby but still told we had to change. I requested a partial refund but they refused.

Did the flight attendant do her job? I say "NO" because we showed them we weren't in the right seats but they never bothered to check out the other couple. Sunwig says an Elite seat is an Elite seat and doesn't matter where you sit in the elite section.

Frustrated with Sunwing...

Edmonton, Canada
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5. Re: Anyone flown with Sunwing?

I have 0 complaints with Sunwing - I actually will only fly them now, even if it means paying more for an all inclusive package.

The aircraft are impeccably maintained, staff are amazing, it's one of the few airlines where you still get free headsets, movies, wine with a hot meal and even a glass of champagne upon boarding the flight. Flight crew are very skilled - we had a LOT of turbulence on a return home from Varadero and the pilot was on the speaker every 15-20 mins keeping us posted of the current conditions and what was to be expected ahead. It's the same size aircraft that Transat and Skyservice use, so if you don't fit in a Sunwing seat you won't fit in theirs either! They also have always left on schedule, even when all other charters are delaying flights, and on return flights from Cuba are able to shave almost a half hour off the flying time, which is always appreciated on late night flights! The only time I ever had a complaint was with a hotel that was booked as part of a Sunwing package (the flight there and back was perfect) and they had travel vouchers for almost the entire value of our stay to me within 4 weeks. They also were giving out coupons for $50 vouchers to everyone on board our last flight.

Sunwing gets 5* + from me - a former Air Canada flight attendant. Start a thread on Air Transat or Sky and I bet you'll get dozens of negatives reviews to the few posted above here!

Toronto, Ontario
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6. Re: Anyone flown with Sunwing?

We are flying to Jamaica next week via Sunwing. Our flight is scheduled for 6:45am. Their website tells us to be there three hours ahead, which means 3:45am. Can anyone comment on whether that's truly necessary to arrive that early? We have three small children and I'm hoping that arriving two hours ahead would in fact be plenty of time. Would appreciate any feedback - thanks.

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7. Re: Anyone flown with Sunwing?

stephaway, I'm not sure how things have changed since the attempted terrorist attack around Christmas time but I've flown with Sunwing a couple of times as well as other airline carriers with children and always found 2 hours was plenty of time...

As for Sunwing, we never had a problem with them. Flew with them twice - once to Puerto Plata and once to Varadero. There was a delay on the way home with our flight from Puerto Plata. We found a sheet of paper under our door at the resort the day before we were scheduled to leave. Didn't bother us because our schedules were flexible - essentially, we got another 24 hours in paradise for free! However, this may have pissed off some other people who maybe were supposed to be at work the next day.

Seats are a good size and leather if I remember correctly. In flight entertainment was decent, and as for the food, I actually really liked it! They seem to have the most "inclusions" of any airline that I've flown before (free non-alcoholic drinks, snacks, earphones to listen to music & movie, activity pack for kids, and I believe champagne as well). The only thing that wasn't included that was when we flew with Signature was the departure taxes which, depending on where you're going, can be between $15 - $30 US per person.

Hope this helps!

London, Canada
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8. Re: Anyone flown with Sunwing?

Thanks for all the replies everyone! 18 more days!!!

West Kelowna, Canada
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9. Re: Anyone flown with Sunwing?

We flew with Sunwing this past month from Van to Puerto Vallarta. We had a four hour drive to Vancouver but there was no notice about any flight delay posted on their website when we left. We arrived at YVR only to find our flight going down was seven hours late and the flight coming home was three hours late. We were told that the delay was due to weather conditions two days earlier in Calgary, but because they only operate one plane out west it is very difficult for them to make up the time as the plane is kept very busy flying between Van/PV and Calgary/Cancun. Customer service could have been considerably enhanced by more timely updates on the website.

I have no complaints about the planes, flight staff, service, etc. but would hesitate to fly with them again until they upgrade their service capacity out west.

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10. Re: Anyone flown with Sunwing?

“ Don't use Sunwing if other options ”

03 April 2010, 22:56

My fiance and I just got back from PVR and I hope i never have to fly with them again.

We booked a week in advance so being a little rushed I didn't read the weight allowance big mistake...we get at the airport in Edm to find out we were over weigh and man they hose you for it we paid $160.00 for 8 kgs. They even weight my carry on and computer. I was upset but do understand I should have read the weight allowance. A few days after arriving to our resort I went to see sunwing's rep what a joke that is. I ask her (Sarah) to see what she can so so we didn't have to pay so much going back she told me she would look into it. I ask her about the elite package she told me I couldn't buy it I had to do it before departure not true. Unfortunately I took her word and didn't check into it until the morning I was leaving only to find out I could have purchase the elite package and also they have a another package if you buy 73 hours prior to departure on return you can take extra weight.

we left a few things behind and didn't have our carry on or computer weigh we were over 2 kgs my fiance the lady in Edm must have been stepping on the scale.

I hope my ad can help people the seats are very small so if you can buy the extra leg room.

I won't fly Sunwing again I have use West Jet, Air Trans-sat, Air Canada and Sunquest this is the first bad experience for me. All I wanted was a litte help so I wouldn't have to pay so much going home.

We went for two weeks and had a good trip once I accepted the situation .

Happy Traveling to everyone