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Flightcatchers /comefli

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Flightcatchers /comefli

DO NOT GIVE THIS COMPANY YOUR MONEY. Crooks.. and I will now need to take them to court. I bought a ticket to America for £585 and received full confirmation from flight catchers (also called comefli- don't trust companies that can't even spell English properly). I bought this a month in advance and was told in the top paragraph of the confirmation to make sure "the flight details are correct and confirm" which I did.

I was told on the phone that the e ticket would arrive in 48 hours. Nothing came. I then received, 2 weeks later, an email saying "Urgent- call us", so I did but the same agent only said there was a delay and the tickets would be arriving w/in 48 hours. They never came. I wrote again and they said they'd cancelled my flight (after already having had a full receipt because I'd failed to give some information) All the information that was taken was given on the phone-name, address,passport. They don't put any of this in writing and they don't tell you why they're sending urgent messages.

They will see me in court. Note: They do not make their company director discoverable.

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1. Re: Flightcatchers /comefli

According to the information held on the Companies House web site, this is a non-trading company


Name & Registered Office:






Company No. 03990738

Status: Active

Date of Incorporation: 11/05/2000

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Company Type: Private Limited Company

Nature of Business (SIC(03)):

7499 - Non-trading company

Accounting Reference Date: 31/03

Last Accounts Made Up To: 31/03/2009 (DORMANT)

Next Accounts Due: 31/12/2010

Last Return Made Up To: 24/05/2009

Next Return Due: 21/06/2010 OVERDUE

Last Members List: 24/05/2009

Previous Names:

No previous name information has been recorded over the last 20 years.

Edited: 13 July 2010, 13:24
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2. Re: Flightcatchers /comefli

Non-trading is not the same as dormant. A non-trading company can simply be a holding company for a bunch of others that are trading. For example, in this case, Flightcatchers may just be a holding (or parent) company for Comefli and others, without trading in its own right. Non-trading actually has no legal meaning.

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3. Re: Flightcatchers /comefli

Hi Carr19

I've also had a bad experience with Comefli.com

As far as I can tell they are a subsidary of Polani Travel Ltd which is also the mother company for:






They didn't issue an e-ticket or payment receipt upon payment. They lied to me on the phone and didn't return phone calls and emails. They give little written evidence for their transactions and dealings. See my separate posting.

I wasn't ripped off in the end, but always suspected I would be right up until the point I checked in. Definitely not worth the stress for what was only a £50 saving over another company.

Once you give firms like this your payment details there isn't much you can do. You're at their mercy.

I would recommend people avoid www.comefli.com and the Polani Travel Ltd group.

Whilst I can't attest to the validity of the posts on the following website, after my own experience I can only think there might be something in the old adage 'There's no smoke without fire'




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4. Re: Flightcatchers /comefli

Hi, I had a similar problem. They tried to charge me an extra £150 and refused to send me my e-ticket. Luckily my threat of legal action seemed to have worked and they have just issued my ticket at the original price....although I have not thrown yet, hopefully nothing will go wrong

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5. Re: Flightcatchers /comefli

Similar experience here. I booked and paid for three return tickets to Perth, I got a phone call a few days later saying that I couldn't fly out on the day that I had booked and would have to fly earlier. I dug my heels in and said that I wanted the tickets I'd paid for.

Numerous phone calls and massive frustration later I reluctantly agreed to fly a day earlier with the promise that my tickets would be issued the following day. They weren't and nor were they for the following week.

I was planning to visit the shop in Hounslow to express my exasperation.

A week and one day before I expected to fly and after calls to them every few hours, I was promised my tickets 'within the hour' (watch out for 'Mark', slipperiest character I have ever had the displeasure to talk to). They didn't arrive. Got a call from one of their reps who said I couldn't fly back on the day I wanted. I was stuck, agreed to a later return date and was promised my tickets.

I rang the airline, there were two separate return bookings for me, one on the original dates and one on the later return dates. The later booking was made by a firm called Mark-One Travel. I rang 'Mark' who get very shirty and said that if I wasted the best price I would leave it up to him and not ring the airline.

I got my tickets for the new dates, not the ones I originally agreed and paid for.

I guess, and this is pure speculation, that they reserve your tickets, take your money and then hang onto it rather than pay for the tickets. This could be why they are so slow at issuing tickets. Which means as the prices change, the dates change because they can no longer afford the ones you booked. Sharp practice indeed.

I wil never use these people again. I would recommend that no one else does. I'm wqriting to the airline concerned suggesting that they consider whether the choose to deal with FlightCatchers/ComeFli/Polani Travel in the future.

Their accountants office seems to be their registered office.

241 Mitcham Road,



SW17 9JQ.

Woolfie Smith whould be horrified.

Their shop is in Hounslow.

Polani Travel Ltd

84 Kingsley Road

Hounslow, TW3 1QA

Check them both out on Google Street view.

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6. Re: Flightcatchers /comefli

Oh I do wish that I had read this before booking with them. 6 of us thought that we had paid in full and would soon be receiving the eTickets and then we find out 10 days later that they only took a deposit and, surprise, surprise the fare has gone up - over a £100 more per person. They never returned my calls and are now accusing us of being uncontactable and saying that they were not allowed to take the full amount from the cards. We have refused to pay and have demanded the money paid back which they have so far refused to give. We will be taking it up with the credit card company tomorrow and with the airline concerned. At this moment, I suspect that we have no flights either.

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7. Re: Flightcatchers /comefli

Have just been forced to get my credit card supplier involved.

Booked flights with this company (Flightcatchers) last month and they confirmed via email. Two days later they rang me and advised that the price had gone up by £90 a ticket and did I want to cancel or go ahead.

Being aware of this type of scam I obviously told them to cancel.

My credit card statement arrived today and no surprises, the refund was not on it but the payment was. I spoke to Polani Travel and they insisted that a repayment had been made two weeks ago. Spoke with my CC supplier straight afterwards and they have immediately referred it to their Fraud Department.


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8. Re: Flightcatchers /comefli

To be honest I am surprised that they offered you a refund of the deposit. We were told that each ticket had gone up by over a £100 and that refunds were never given on deposits and our credit card company has declined to refund us too.,

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9. Re: Flightcatchers /comefli

I did not pay a deposit but the full amount as the flights were a special purchase for the Easter period.

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10. Re: Flightcatchers /comefli

Good luck - all we ever got was lies. I am feeling very despondent t the moment as the credit card company won't refund us because we can't prove (in triplicate with sworn and witnessed statements it seems) that they lied to us. If I have the energy I will get the Dept of Fair Trading involved but as we managed to get the tickets cheaper elsewhere even taking the lost deposit into account, I might feel that it is better for my sanity to just move on! It seems that their reign of lies and deceit will continue unabated.