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plastic bags for liquids

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plastic bags for liquids

I have some resealable freezer bags but are these ok for taking liquids in your hand luggage as they have a bit of writing on or do they have to be completely clear? thanks

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11. Re: plastic bags for liquids

They are quite hot on it here in the UK; the plastic bag does need to be taken out for inspection at all airports, as far as I'm aware. In my experience they are not too bothered about the *exact* size of the bag - just as long as the things inside it do not exceed the limits and the thing is resealable; mine usually have the band across it for writing on & not a problem thus far.

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12. Re: plastic bags for liquids

BAA airports (well, GLA and LHR at least) give out the bags for free. I generally use my own (Poundland food bags with zips!) and they have always been fine. They have a white area for writing on, which has never caused a problem.

I still have a plastic zippy bag that I was given at Minneapolis St Paul when my cheapo bag burst - it has a big old Hefty brand logo printed on it, as well as a white area for writing on, so that airport at least has no problems with a bag that isn't totally clear!

Note the size restriction quoted by sharalee99 - some freezer bags are huge :o)

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13. Re: plastic bags for liquids

We have just flown from Manchester Airport (T2) to Reus 2 weeks ago and I put my liquids in a resealable freezer bag with writing on.

BUT....no one asked if we had any liquids and it went through the scanner inside my handbag.

Then,when we were sitting in the departure lounge, a woman opened her holdall and took out loads of bottles of luzozade,cans of pop and sandwiches etc that she had brought from home. She had just put the holdall through the scanner without saying anything and got through unquestioned.

The rules certainly weren't being enforced that day!

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14. Re: plastic bags for liquids

We have always had to show our liquids bag in both T1 & T2 Manchester and at Blackpool. I just use the small size Tesco resealable foods bags.

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15. Re: plastic bags for liquids


I've used tesco zippy freezer bags since 2 days after the rule was brought in.

However WRT the removal from carry on, I have seen various approaches world wide, the worst being UK air ports plus palma where they have to be removed, challenge this and you risk being ejected from the airport..

UK airports also have random in house rules like every 3rd person must remove their shoes ( go stansted).

Else where, rules are applied as local custom dictates... when travelling back from malta 2 years ago I inadvertantly went the whole way through the airport and back to the uk with a 1 litre bottle of water clearly visible in my bag and no one said a thing.


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16. Re: plastic bags for liquids

Be aware of your departure airport's rules when coming home.

We flew back from Lanzarote in March and it is a 'no liquids' airport.

One elderly couple had got their duty free in their hand luggage. It wasn't in there for long before it was taken off them and put in the bin!

Others had their 1 litre backs binned as well!

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17. Re: plastic bags for liquids

I had to go and buy a new bag at Durham Tees Valley airport as the bag I had was too big - never mind that I have flown through heaps of airports with the same bag before, including out of Aberdeen that same morning.

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18. Re: plastic bags for liquids

As long as the bag is mostly transparent, should be fine. Most of the zip-lock or resealable bags do have something - the brand name, a space for writing contents - on them. I use quart-size freezer bags because they are a little sturdier than the storage bags. I always, always, take mine out of the carryon, until earlier this month. Coming into JFK from LHR, I was busy taking off my coat, jacket, shoes, and taking my CPAP out of my carryon, and totally forgot the liquids bag. Nothing happened, nobody noticed.

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19. Re: plastic bags for liquids

The only clear bag I've had a problem with was the one tripadvisor gave out as a promotional gift!!

It was fairly useless because it was too rigid to allow more than a few items.

The TSA complaint was that it had too much writing on it, but I always keep a few spares for replacements.

I never leave mine liquids hidden--why inconvenience everyone else when asked to pull it or have a re-scan?

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20. Re: plastic bags for liquids

I remember after the rules about liquids had just started. I was in Egypt with a two litre bottle of water in my hands. As I went through customs I was stopped and the security man held out his hand so I passed him my water, he then said no he wanted to see my passport. Had a look and then said I could go and off I went with my two litres of water. The same bottle of water which I even took on the plane.