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AirAsia PER/KL Cancelations - Official Complaints Register?

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AirAsia PER/KL Cancelations - Official Complaints Register?

Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone knows where you go to make an official complaint for grievances against airlines in Australia. Is there an Ombudsman or someone that regulates their behaviour?

The ACCC & CASA seem to regulate everything "BUT" their ethical responsibility.

I planned a trip for 2 people travelling from different states (PER & MEL) in AUST to KL Malaysia.

Airasia notified me via email at 6.41pm that they cancelled the PER to KL flight. They sent me an email with 2 flight options & when I called Airasia at 7.50pm they notified me that the return flight had also been cancelled & the original flight options they sent me were not available. I asked them to double check as I still had not received notification that the return flight had been cancelled & also because the flight details they offered in the email were completely different.

I explained my situation, that I was meeting another person (my mother who is an inexperienced traveller hence the need to meet her at the airport) and while altering the PER segment was inconvenient I understood it was unavoidable if we wanted to travel. I then asked if I could alter the MEL segment as by changing the PER segment it meant that I would have to wait at the airport for almost 16hrs.

I checked on-line and they had seats available (about $100 more than I had originally paid) however they said that to change my flight I would have to pay a whole heap of alteration fees that added up to almost $300. I explained that if they had not cancelled the PER flight I would not have to alter the MEL details (I even offered to pay the difference in seat price) however they still would not waive the fees & I feel that I should not have to pay those fees nor the difference in seat price as Airasia is inconveniencing me.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

Perth, Australia
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1. Re: AirAsia PER/KL Cancelations - Official Complaints Register?

What you can do like me is never use Airasia again & let everyone know what happened to you so none of your friends or family use them again. It takes a while but it will hurt their Aussie business.

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2. Re: AirAsia PER/KL Cancelations - Official Complaints Register?

but sadly it won't. there are quite sufficient people who put up with this behaviour for a 'cheap' flight.


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3. Re: AirAsia PER/KL Cancelations - Official Complaints Register?

Thanks for your appreciation of my situation, but to be honest I would probably use AirAsia again... "IF THEY WERE AT LEAST MORALY ETHICAL OF THE PREDICAMENT THEY LEFT THEIR PATRONS IN". (I love to travel & I can do so more because AirAsia make it cheap).

I appreciate that cheap travel does not come with all the bell's & whistles.

I understand that by using a budget airline they might inconvenience their patrons slightly (there should be a standard that they should have to adhere to satisfy a minimum level of customer satisfaction).

My major grievance (at the moment) is with the fact that in my situation they could have (and still can) minimise my inconvenience (the seat availability is there I checked on-line) & additional costs which arose solely due to "THEIR INABILLITY TO DELIVER AN EXPECTATION OF SERVICE".

I must highlight the fact that the people I have dealt with in customer service, to me, have been professional and considerate.

The issue is not with them but with AirAsia policy. If inconvenienced due to the inability of an airline to deliver an expected standard of service I believe "IN GOOD FAITH” the airline should try to minimise the inconvenience they have caused due to their failure to deliver.

The fact that I can see seats available and knowing it would minimise the disruption to travel plans which I made months ago really frustrates me.

Extremely disappointed - not with staff / but bureaucracy.

Venting absolutely! - but considering they can change the situation (seats are there - not premium just run of the mill cattle class) I’m very frustrate & dissatisfied .

4. Re: AirAsia PER/KL Cancelations - Official Complaints Register?

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5. Re: AirAsia PER/KL Cancelations - Official Complaints Register?


I guess the devil is in the detail.

When you clicked on " I have read & understant the terms & conditions" ,had you actually done so? I guess not!

You pay your money & you take your choice!!!!!!

The airline is, as the name suggests, registered in Malaysia & not Australia, Uk, India etc.

Please read the small print before you book.


Poulton Le Fylde...
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6. Re: AirAsia PER/KL Cancelations - Official Complaints Register?

AirAsia would and will argue that you made two separate bookings. The fact that cancellation of one flight has repercussions on your other booking, that, sadly, is upsetting but irrelevant. What would have happened if you had booked your mother with another airline, for instance? That is how AirAsia would regard it.

When we fly Low Cost, we fly High Risk! Fingers crossed our KL/Perth/KL flights aren't cancelled next March as no doubt I will be just as angry, but powerless, as you.

Brisbane, Australia
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7. Re: AirAsia PER/KL Cancelations - Official Complaints Register?

Budget point to point carrier.

You get what you pay for.

If the conditions aren't to your liking, book with a full fare airline.

That said, I have bookings with them for next year, but am definitely prepared for last minute stuff-ups.

Melbourne, Australia
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8. Re: AirAsia PER/KL Cancelations - Official Complaints Register?

Unfortunately a complaint would be no good. They have covered themselves in the fine print when you agreed to the tyerms and conditions. Fortunately all my dozen flights with them have been issue free.


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9. Re: AirAsia PER/KL Cancelations - Official Complaints Register?

You have a good point LuKiss and although you agree to their terms and conditions there is a point where it becomes unfair. Airlines used to be tightly regulated and their used to be a universal policy agreed to by the airlines which doesn't seem to exist or if it does I can't find it.

Hubby was just talking about this last night and said that he didn't think it was a good idea to book anymore flights with Air Asia, or at least avoid them. I was explaining that they were an overseas company and had their own set of rules. He was of the opinion that as they provide a service within Australia there would have to be certain responsibilities.

You could always try the consurmer affairs department in your state.

The other thing (and probably more practical) is to have a close look at your travel insurance policy as they usually cover cancellations and to differing extents the consequences of them. It gets rather complex so you might find it easier to discuss it with the agency.

Denver, Colorado
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10. Re: AirAsia PER/KL Cancelations - Official Complaints Register?

Hi all,

Pardon the interruption, but we've moved this topic to the Air Travel forum where hopefully other members who have had experience with this airline will see it and be able to share their thoughts.

Thank you for participating!

Best regards,