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Don't fly Hawaiian Airlines

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Don't fly Hawaiian Airlines

The plane left me, my wife and 2 other passengers at the gate. I got stuck in security due to a knee brace that I wear. We still made it to the gate by 1100. The flight was scheduled to leave at 1107 . They refused to allow us on board. Literally closing the door in our faces. According to Hawaiian Airlines "Consumer Advocate" (complaint dept) It is Hawaiian Airlines policy to depart early if the gate is empty. No overhead page or role call. They refuse to offer any compensation and basically said that I was not imortant to them as a customer. Wrong attitude in this economy!!

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1. Re: Don't fly Hawaiian Airlines


added to the TA 'don't fly' list!

o wait a minute, hawaiian is already there (along with 150 others)

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2. Re: Don't fly Hawaiian Airlines

This is the second 'first post/don't fly' thread today - how do these people suddenly find TA after they have a bad experience with an airline?

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3. Re: Don't fly Hawaiian Airlines


While of little value to you, by the language in Hawaiian's Contract of Carriage.. the legal agreement between you and HA, under Rule 135, Section D, Paragraph 5, it states;

"... Reservations will be canceled if a passenger is not present at the boarding gate for boarding or on the aircraft at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time of the flight, whether or not the passenger has checked in for the flight."

Hawaiian Airline CoC:


As such, if the POSTED departure time was 11:07, you would need to be PRESENT at the boarding gate NO LATER THAN 10:52.. As such, since you say you arrived at 11:00, you were eight (8) minutes late.. and therefore they were contractually entitled to close the door and leave you behind..

I agree it's harsh to leave someone behind.. and I do agree that fundamentally the reason you were late (and again, recognizing the fact that you were in fact late to the gate) wasn't your direct fault.. but it wasn't Hawaiian's either..

I can concede that 'holding' the aircraft might have made your situation better, but by doing so, also it possibly jeopardizes other passengers connections and the like.

From the time the door closes to the time the aircraft actually moves, there are processes that are taking place, and that is a large part of the reason airlines mandate you be at and on-board the aircraft in advance of the posted DEPARTURE time.

All that said, IF (and that's an IF) they closed the door PRIOR to 10:52, then you DO have a valid claim that they left prematurely and without you.. but since you say you arrived at 11:00, it appears that this is not the case.

I trust HA did rebook you onto the next available flight.

Travel Safe,

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4. Re: Don't fly Hawaiian Airlines

So who am I going to get to fly me to Hawaii? Not American, or Delta, or United, or US Airways. WHO DOES THAT LEAVE ME WITH!!!! I'll charter out an old Aloha Airlines plane I guess.

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5. Re: Don't fly Hawaiian Airlines

They did not close the door until after we requested to board.. The plane was still on the tarmac with the stairway attached. They did get us onto the next available flight , but they tried to charge me. I did miss my connecting flight out of Honolulu. Throughout the whole process the airline has been very unfriendly. For airline who claim to be so hightly rated, I find that their attitude sucks.

BTW I've been on Trip Advisor for almost 10 years.

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6. Re: Don't fly Hawaiian Airlines

Next time, get to the airport earlier.

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7. Re: Don't fly Hawaiian Airlines

Let me see if I understand? You are an adult, who did not allow enough time to get through security. Even though the enhanced security has been on all the news broadcasts for the past few weeks.

But wait, you stated "No overhead page or role call."

So . . . were you already through security but then you dilly-dallied and window shopped?

Anyway, you were late arriving at the gate.

Now who exactly was at fault?

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8. Re: Don't fly Hawaiian Airlines

Yes the airline had the right to close the door as GOPBI stated which is a airline rule 15 minutes at the gate before departure all airlines have this policy,thats why i am at the airport EARLY.

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9. Re: Don't fly Hawaiian Airlines

after 14 years in the business, the desire to be "on time" is at an all time high.

Airline departure times aren't the time they close the door to the plane, its the time the WHEELS START moving.

In order for a large plane, like the Boeing 767-300, to have proper weight & balance, they have to know exactly how many people are on board... that is one reason they have the "15 minute" rule. Its not just throwing #s in a computer and going, its reviewing the numbers, making adjustments to the flight dynamics, comparing numbers with temperature, wind, air pressure, etc.

Plus it takes time to pull the jetbridge back, push the plane back, start engines, etc.

I wish I could offer you something else, but unless a flight is missing A LOT of people, they won't hold it, even if you were in security or not. Plus, even if they did page you, what would you have done? I doubt you had the phone number for the gate to call and let them know where you are. I can tell you that TSA certainly doesn't.

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10. Re: Don't fly Hawaiian Airlines

Sorry OP, sounds as if this was 100% your fault. You can't blame the airline because you were late to the gate. Because you did not allow enough time to get through security and missed your flight, the airline had every right to charge you for the new flight, but it appears these fees were waived.

Honestly, a more accurate thread title would be, "I love HA. I missed my flight, and even though it was my own fault, they didn't charge to put me on the next one."