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How not to fly to or from Hawaii from Australia

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How not to fly to or from Hawaii from Australia

I flew Qantas to Hawaii with my wife in Sept 2010.

We were both looking forward to the trip but it was a disaster - the flight not the holiday. Hawaii was very nice. Though Maui was overpriced.

Now I knew it was a 767 (which is an extremely old plane) what I didn't realise was that it was a 767 that probably has never been refitted since it came into service.

It had the worst entertainment system (a very generous way to explain it) of a screen at the front of the cabin and seating that makes even the worst economy seat of any airline look apealing.

These two issues probably explained it being the loudest flight I had been on in years, as the children on the flight were restless.

That it hadn't been cleaned for a lease 2 days (as I found boarding passes dated days before in the seat pocket) indicates either they didn't want to pay for this in Hawaii or didn't bother in Sydney on return.

It was not a "business" flight so evidently Qantas didn't care about it. As an introduction to Australia for a non-national it would have been a poor start.

On our return I complained to Qantas and to their credit I got a response in a timely manner. A phone call - very professional.

That the response was - "you knew it was a 767 when you booked it" - was not the response I had hoped for. It was not the girls fault who called it was the companies fault - she kept to the company line.

Yes, I knew I was getting a 767 flight but I didn't realise it was on a plane with 20 odd year old plane fittings. I expected a better quality plane for the price we were paying. Just because it was a 767 doesn't mean it should be garbage.

My advice is - DO NOT FLY QANTAS to Hawaii from Australia or from US to Australia via Hawaii on QANTAS.

It is a very good airline and direct is fine from LA as they have their wonderful new planes but via Hawaii you will only get garbage.

We could have upgraded with points to business but we actually canceled our request after we saw how bad business class was on this plane.

There is Hawaiian Airlines and Jetstar. I have heard better reports of the former to the later as the later is a discount airline...owned by QANTAS.

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1. Re: How not to fly to or from Hawaii from Australia

Welcome to the AT forum and thanks for your story. I hope you stick around and take part in the discussion. :-)

Newcastle, Australia
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2. Re: How not to fly to or from Hawaii from Australia

Next Qantas will start running an MD-80 or DC-10 on the route.

Nannup, Australia
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3. Re: How not to fly to or from Hawaii from Australia

To be fair to QF, a lot of the fleet modernisation plans have been disrupted by the delays to the B787 Dreamliner, which has meant they've had to retain older aircraft longer than they would have otheriwse.

Next time you go on holiday come to WA - QF is putting internationally configured B747-400s and A330s on the SYD-PER route.

Sydney, Australia
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4. Re: How not to fly to or from Hawaii from Australia

It would have been cleaned....obviously just not very well if you were finding old boarding passes.

An uncleaned post flight aircraft empty of passengers is a sight to behold - it looks like a tornado has gone through it.

I've experienced the same on the 747's that United put on the SYD/LAX route ie old fixtures and fittings, no seatback entertainment. There isn't much you can do about it I suppose - but it's disappointing when you were expecting more, especially if you've paid a higher price than what other airlines are offering on the same route.

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5. Re: How not to fly to or from Hawaii from Australia


I suspect the lack of cleaning was on the Australia end and not on the HNL end as that aircraft only 'sits' in HNL for a scant :90, which for a B767 on an international basis, is Minimum Turn Time (MTT) ..so the servicing if you will, will only be the minimum necessary to facilitate the SYD return flight.. The same :90 window applies on the days when it's a JQ-operated service.

That doesn't make it right per se, but if you found trash dating back more than +2 days, then that would be items not found and removed when the aircraft was in SYD before leaving for HNL.

The other issues like the screen and such, was, for the most part a known element, in that as QF replied, they don't conceal the fact that it's on a B767.. but I do agree with Numbat in that QF's plans have been substantially impacted by the prolonged delay of the B787.. I think that the reality with the B767 is that if QF's plans are to retire/replace/remove them from their fleet when the B787 comes, then I can see a financially justified reason why they would not do any major IFE investments in that aircraft just in front of it's removal.

The loudness issue-- since you say it was from "restless children" I can't really find any fault on QF's part for that.. the party truly responsible for that is the adult traveling with these loud children.

Glad to hear you at least had a good time in Hawai'i despite Maui being overpriced.

Travel Safe,

Maui, Hawaii
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6. Re: How not to fly to or from Hawaii from Australia

5 months later a first time poster posts this?

just seems odd to me.......

fishy..walks like a duck...etc

Perth, Australia
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7. Re: How not to fly to or from Hawaii from Australia

I don't know why people fly Qantas (or Jetstar owned by Qantas), for years they charged huge prices while they had a monopoly on Aussie travel so they could pay their CEOs huge bonuses.

Now there is competition they cut costs everywhere except the CEOs pay.

A fare SYD - LAX was $3000 when they had a monopoly, now it can get down to $1000 while other carriers charge as low as $800.

None of their CEOs have any of my hard earned money & I fly to USA once a year.

Brisbane, Australia
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8. Re: How not to fly to or from Hawaii from Australia

I recently flew to Hawaii on an ancient plane too. Have to say I haven't been on such an old plane for 20 years.It had no entertainment system and when the engine started I honestly looked out the window to check that there was no Propellar It was so cramped that I developed sciatica!Seriously!I would like to go back to Hawaii but need to verify what plane I would be flying on.My daughter and I were really a bit frightened when we realized we would be on it for 10 hrs over the ocean.it was so so OLD.I was actually angry and felt ripped off.I have complained to Qantas but I guess the only thing to do is vote with our feet,but I guess they don't care .Anybody would walk onto that plane and say the same thing

9. Re: How not to fly to or from Hawaii from Australia

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10. Re: How not to fly to or from Hawaii from Australia


Welcome to the forum. As a matter of course, diging up old posts (this one was 11 months old) is seen to be poor form. It does your question or opinion a disservice as it is hidden from view in an old thread of a different topic. It also sends an email to the original poster.

If you really want your new post to be treated with the respect it deserves it needs to be posted as a new question.

andyha, It is relatively easy to pick out shills on forums such as this. Mindless speculation on motive, either good or bad, is silly and not accepted well at all by the regulars on the forum. People *do* have good flights on QF.