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British airways non transfereable ticket

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British airways non transfereable ticket

My daughter bought 2 tickets to Florida in Sept. for her and her boyfriend total cost £1200. Her boyfriend ended the relationship so she asked to change the name on the tickets. BA say non tranfereabke ticket the only option is to cancel - no refund and buy new ticket £760. How can this be morally correct.

We are considering a friend changing their name by deed poll getting their passport changed and changing back after the holiday. Total cost £200. Any help on this would be appreciated.

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1. Re: British airways non transfereable ticket

"non tranfereable" the name pretty much says it all. These are the cheapest tickets and with cheap you have restrictions.

It may or may not be morally correct but it most certainly is legal.

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2. Re: British airways non transfereable ticket


"How can this be morally correct."

Quite simply it doesn't need to meet any test of morals.. It's purely a business decision and one that most all airlines have in place to prevent the re-marketing of tickets by 3rd parties, thereby negating the airline ability to price by date (i.e. advance purchase).

In the end an airline ticket isn't a ticket in the literal sense-- it's not a bearer instrument.. It's a contract between two specifically named parties.. You as the passenger and the airline as the other.. Much like it is with other similar type of contracts-- car leases for example, your rights to "assign" or transfer your role in the contract is limited by the terms that you agreed to,

Unfortunately, BA is under zero obligation-- morally, ethically or otherwise-- to handle the matter in any different way other than by what the terms of the ticket call for or any prevailing consumer law,.

Travel Safe,

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3. Re: British airways non transfereable ticket

Morals don't come into it.

It prevents people buying cheap tickets and then selling them on the black market.

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4. Re: British airways non transfereable ticket

'How can this be morally correct.' Well, it's in the Terms and Conditions of purchase that your daughter agreed when she ticked the box at ba.com and bought the tickets.

The information is posted quite clearly in the About Your Flights box of information under Fare Details - it's printed in bold type to stand out very clearly. britishairways.com/travel/fx/public/en_ca…

I'm sorry this happened to your daughter (unless the chap in question was an unpleasant type, in which case she may be better off without him), and it's a fair amount of money to potentially spend (the name change etc) or lose, but it's what was agreed in the contract.

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5. Re: British airways non transfereable ticket

I cannot believe anyone would legally change their name, get a passport changed, fly somewhere, then come back, and change their name all over again.

The world never ceases to amaze me.

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6. Re: British airways non transfereable ticket

Make sure your friend that goes through all the convoluted steps of name changing for a ticket is the same gender.

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7. Re: British airways non transfereable ticket

The airline ticket is a contract between the airline & passenger, not between the airline and whoever decides to actually fly.

Simple case of contract law and I can't see where "morals" comes into it.

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8. Re: British airways non transfereable ticket

BA will have taken middle name and date of birth, as well as made a note of the gender at the time of booking, it won't be feasible.

Your other option is to rebook with a different airline. They may not be on the same flight together, but they'll end up in the same place.

Have you check with Virgin or an indirect carrier?

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9. Re: British airways non transfereable ticket

If tickets were able to be freely transferred, speculators would buy up every cheap seat under the name John Doe as soon as they went on sale. They would then end up on e-bay or elsewhere on the secondary market. It would destroy the variable pricing model that airlines use, which are most advantageous to the leisure traveler that books well in advance.

See if the ex would be interested in using the ticket to go somewhere else, or at a different time (or even the same time) and see if you can salvage part of it by paying a change fee. This is why I never recommend people to book too far in advance - life can change in an instant making the trip difficult to impossible.

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10. Re: British airways non transfereable ticket

That's too bad. Paying £200 to have a friend do a name change/passport revision is crazy and desperate. I think I'd just suck up the loss.

I've always bought airfare in advance but buy travel insurance for the usual unforeseen things that may occur not broken relationships though.