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Air asia warning about food & poor treatment

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Air asia warning about food & poor treatment

I had the bloody unfortunate experience with air asia in phuke yesterday coming back to bangkok. i decided not to buy their food which they price at extortionate prices and then bar you from bringing your own.. this should be against fair trading rules at least.

my hotel was courteous enough to wrap three sandwiches from the morning meal for take away. when i got on the plane i opened one and ate it.

no sooner than i had finished a stewardes ame to me and rudely told me i could ot do that. i told her that was only eating what i had brought onboard. she became enraged and told me to stop.

at about another ten minutes after sh agaim came to me ery aggessively and told me that she had seen me do it again. she told me tha i was going to be 'removed'. i proteste and demanded to see the pilot.

the pilot was ueless. he only agreed with th stewardess and did not re to hear other peopl. i was told to get off teh plane or i would face arrest by police.

i cannot believe that air asia is permtted to do so. i have contcted my Embassy but they are not interested in this matter.

what can be done here. this is simpy not rightt and cannot be accepted. my spouse uses tripadvisor but feels this is no worthy of my time.


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1. Re: Air asia warning about food & poor treatment

i fear your husband is correct. when you play in someone else's playground, you are expected to play by their rules. read the contract you have with the airline. you are not alowed to consume your own food and drink.

i sincerely hope the pilot was not 'useless'. presumably, he managed to fly the aircraft, after you got off. why on earth you would expect him to side with you defeats me.

for goodness' sake, don't ever be tempted to fly ryan air.


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2. Re: Air asia warning about food & poor treatment


When you booked your flight you clicked that you had read and agreed to Air Asia's Conditions of Carriage. You did read it didn't you? Because you will have read the following-

"10.4 - Passengers are not allowed to consume their own food on board. No smoking is permitted on any of our flights.


Example chocolates, biscuits, crisps can be allowed in the cabin baggage provided they are not consumed onboard


Are items that will spoil if kept under certain conditions, conditions such as, changes in temperature and humidity.

If we find perishables, example cooked food example rice, noodles, sandwiches, these items will not be allowed in the cabin baggage and guest must dispose the mentioned.


Allowed on board as cabin baggage provided the items are properly packed and sealed and not consumed onboard.

Please note that durian, jackfruit and fruits with a pungent smell which are universally banned in aircraft cabin will not be allowed in cabin baggage"

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3. Re: Air asia warning about food & poor treatment

Please tell me you are joking about contacting your embassy!? You can't be serious.

There seem to be a lot of letters missing from your text, if you want to send an official complaint letter you might want to adjust your text.

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4. Re: Air asia warning about food & poor treatment

wow - contacting your Embassy because Air Asia wouldn't let you eat your sandwiches you brought on board when YOU didn't read / thought they didn't apply to you, Terms and Conditions?

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5. Re: Air asia warning about food & poor treatment

^^ And demanded to see the pilot no less. Incredible.

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6. Re: Air asia warning about food & poor treatment

Oh dear, first the pilot and now the embassy, the perfect travelller from Hell.

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7. Re: Air asia warning about food & poor treatment

Consider your self very lucky.Most pilots would not bother themselves with trivial nonsense like this,other than to have you removed for not obeying the crew.

Good luck with the embassy on this one,at least they will all get a laugh at the next embassy party.

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8. Re: Air asia warning about food & poor treatment

The Foreign Office publishes an annual list of the most trivial, stupid and time wasting requests for assistance they receive from people who generally shouldn't have been given a passport in the first place... I'm saying nothing more!

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9. Re: Air asia warning about food & poor treatment


I was a little “torn” about my participation on this specific thread.. But I will—with some advance disclosures and qualifications;

a) I am an airline employee—but, not of AirAsia or any associated AirAsia company, [IMHO not material to this discussion, but does pre-empt the classic retort of “you must work for them..” types of replies.], and

b) My fiancée IS a Thai AirAsia cabin crew employee, and

c) She was on your specific flight from Phuket to Bangkok on the day in question, but was not one of the two crew members who you directly ‘interacted’ with in this matter.

To be fair, I heard about this incident when my fiancée got home—so I am hearing it “second-hand” so-to-speak.. I did not and have not seen nor read any of the internal company documents that were produced as a result of this incident.. This includes, but is not limited to the Cabin Incident Report, or the Police report issued by the Royal Thai Police- Phuket (Thalang) Sub-station.

That said, I would ask some “qualifying” or “clarifying” questions as I suspect your accounting of the events has been…. shall I say, "abbreviated".. and the oversight (intentional or otherwise) of selected facts could possibly impact how others view this event.

I’d ask for clarification on these three issues:

1) After you were first contacted by the Cabin Crew did you “give” another two subsequent sandwiches to other passengers who were not a part of your travel group and were unrelated to you?

2) Did you receive financial reimbursement (cash) from other passengers, who were not related to you or in your traveling party, in exchange for these sandwiches?

3) After being contacted by the “pilot” did you use any profane or derogatory language directed towards the crew or airline, such as but not limited to..“this _ucking airline” or “that _itch.”?

Again, I was not there, but I do think that this accounting is at least, incomplete, or at worst misleading..

I’m *not* doubting the voracity per se of what you write, only that I suspect material parts have been left out for some unknown reason, and that failing to disclose these parts does not give an accurate and through assessment of all parties involved.

Travel Safe,

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10. Re: Air asia warning about food & poor treatment


What are the odds! Fascinating reading, and nice to get the other side of the story, as we often suspect a lot is left out of the original complaint. As always, thank you so much for your report GOPBI.

Edited: 27 December 2011, 17:40