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making a long flight more comfortable?

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making a long flight more comfortable?

I always find flights so uncomfortable. I can't afford to upgrade so I'm looking for advice about how to make things more comfortable.

10 hour flight. I have booked an aisle seats so I can get up and move around. Emergency exit seats can only be booked on the day with this flight and I doubt I will get one.

My bum always starts to hurt. I get tired easily when flying but can never sleep. I get travel sick but travel sickness tablets do work.

Any advice.

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1. Re: making a long flight more comfortable?

I don't watch the movies,etc. -no stimilus I try to get settled -everything put away from the start - as if I were ready to sleep. I read -usually an old favorite-again no cliff hangers to keep me wide awake. Once dinner is served I visit the bathroom,turn off my light and put on the eye shades and tell myself it's time to sleep. True if you are in E it's not going to be the best sleep, but I don't give up and I find I will doze some and once in awhile actually sleep . I also try to get up early on the day of the flight and once I'm in the airport I walk as much as possible -good for many reasons. No caffine all day long! Just accept that you may not get the rest you want,but your going to have a great trip and this is part of the experience. I still follow this plan even flying in E+ or Buss. Happy Traveling

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2. Re: making a long flight more comfortable?

Save to get premimum economy, business or first. is the only real solution.

Sit as far foward as you can afford as air flow is front to real... foward is fresher first class to business to prem.coach to economy and out

Bring a seat pillow. On departure set time to arrival time zone and live by it on your own shcedule.. If its at 7 pm you eat in UK then when its 7 pm at the destination time you eat then. Keep the same schedule as in home. If its 10 pm you go to bed in UK and 1 hour after you board the plane its 10 pm at the destination... go to sleep, close your eyes. even if its 3pm on the plane where you are Let people know you do not want to be disturbed,

. Forget the movie and all entertainment. Bring an eye and face mask to help you sleep and conserve moisture, Wear long sleve loose clothes to conserve evaporation from skin

All the rows foward of the Exit rows are for either the airlines elite passengers or for a fee. United charges $120.00 extra for an exit row seat per person. However they will be gone because elite passengers have first priority for them

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3. Re: making a long flight more comfortable?

Hi it's Peyman with Club sCubAzul,

I fly from Vancouver to Cuba regularly, a six hour flight with 3 hr time zone change.

I find that when I set my time as I get on the plane I have less discomrot or jetlaged. I allow my body to get in the mood of my destination that way.

I have lower back problem as well. So I put a smaller airline pillow towards the back of the seat and however I can put my feet up as much as possible.

I use Neck pillow almost for the duration of the flight as well.

Have a comfy flight,


4. Re: making a long flight more comfortable?

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5. Re: making a long flight more comfortable?

I removed my previous post when I saw it contained a personal identifier for me- but this is what we bought and use on long flights- and it really works well for us


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6. Re: making a long flight more comfortable?

All depends on what time of day you fly. Yes adjust your watch to the new time zone, but if that's 10 in the morning where your going, going to sleep is probably not a plan.

Take a pillow that helps, read a book, watch a couple of movies, move around the cabin, if it's daytime. If it's night follow the advice on the previous posts to sleep,

Alcohol is really tricky, a glass of wine is fine, but I would not advocate more than that, they say one in the air is worth three on the ground, and I reckon it's correct, you just feel bad afterwards, so drink lots of water instead,

10 hours in economy is never pleasant,, but it's doable:))

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7. Re: making a long flight more comfortable?

There's already a long standing thread on this very subject, with 87 replies, which is linked from the "Top Questions" on the right hand side of this page ...


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8. Re: making a long flight more comfortable?

the right attitude is a good start.

think u will never get comfortable and u wont.

think u will never sleep and fret about it and u wont.

think u will getting sick and u probably will be.

get on board, relax and enjoy the fact u are locked away from the rest of the world for 10 whole hours!

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9. Re: making a long flight more comfortable?

I don't like the horror that modern economy air travel has become.

The seats never seem to fit me properly. This was particularly noticeable on one trip a few years ago. (The new slim-line economy seats) Couldn't sleep. Couldn't get comfortable.

For the return trip I took a couple of diazepam - you'll need a script - just before boarding. Washed the meal down with a glass of red.

Jiggled around in the seat for a bit, wondering the best position to get comfortable in, next thing I knew, I was waking up refreshed and we were well over halfway home.

That was a pretty pleasant trip, compared to the outbound leg.

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10. Re: making a long flight more comfortable?

All the good advice says lay off the alcohol. My partner has 4 or 5 drinks and then sleeps like a baby for the rest of the flight. If I try it I just end up feeling awful. Horses for courses.