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Carry on food on BA long haul

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Carry on food on BA long haul

Will be traveling with a toddler on a 9hr flight to the Caribbean . The little man is too big for baby meals and will more than likely refuse the child meal offered, are we able to bring a thermos food flask with pasta on board ?

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41. Re: Carry on food on BA long haul

Africandaisy, young Master t is four years old, not nine months.

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42. Re: Carry on food on BA long haul

When I travel with my kids (at one point they were 2 and 4), I always made sure I had ample "snacks" in case they didn't like the meal that was being served, plus little snacks keep them busy for longer! ;)

I would pack containers of: cheese chunks, cut up turkey pepperoni, grapes, chunks of whatever fruit they prefered at the time, crackers, prepackaged goldfish crackers, fruit gummies, etc. and the like, anything that you can fit in a small container into your carryon.

These little snacks are great to have as a distraction, as well as extra food for any layovers or delays you might have.

I love the idea mentioned earlier in this thread of taking a thermos and having a restaurant fill it with whatever you want - be that soup, pasta - whatever. That may solve your problem....

Also, make sure to take his own drinking container (non spillable), but be aware that when you open it after take off, it will spray you in the face from the built up pressure! ;)

Have a great trip, I'm sure he'll do awesome!

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43. Re: Carry on food on BA long haul

Oh!!!! this thread continues to surprise me.

He's 4!!!!!!!

Get him a meal on the plane ...load a couple of snacks and call it good.

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44. Re: Carry on food on BA long haul

Just read the earlier response of wanting to get him a hot meal....

My kids do just fine if they don't get a hot meal during the day, I'm pretty sure he'll be fine....

He'll be so busy experiencing all of his new surroundings and adventures that he probably won't notice he doesn't have a steaming bowl of pasta in front of him.....

Like I said, I brought snacks if the meal that was served wasn't to their liking...if they are hungry enough, they'll eat it.

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45. Re: Carry on food on BA long haul

I would actually think that a 4 yo might be rather upset if he doesnt get served by the FAs like everyone else on the plane and get a dinky little tray and all the bits and pieces..

Anyway to me this is all pretty OTT. I remember travelling to NZ with a 4yo nearly 40 years ago (6 hour flight) but I dont remember giving his meal a second thought- as I also dont worry about my own meals on a plane.

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46. Re: Carry on food on BA long haul

Unlike all other 4 year olds, a grandson is very very special and different and *must* have a hot meal or he will, ermm, well anyway he *must* have a hot meal, and it must *not* be the one served on the plane, child or adult, it *must* be one bought in the airport. Apparently.

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47. Re: Carry on food on BA long haul

So what's the story with a "hot meal"?

The nutritional value of a cold meal (or room temperature meal) is exactly the same as a hot meal. Is it something to do with living in a cold place that gives a "hot meal" special properties?

I know that if I am really really cold then a hot drink or a hot meal warms me up but although it's sometimes been a bit chilly on the plane it's not really THAT cold. Infact it has just as often been very hot and stuffy on the plane.

I always look forward to the ice cream that Qantas serves on their long haul flights - but is that because I come from a warm place and more often need to cool down rather than heat up?

I am genuinely curious - not trying to be snarky or anything.

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48. Re: Carry on food on BA long haul

Apparently not joe in theuk

Our OP has contacted BA and they have said that it is ok to take food on as long as it doesn't have an obnoxious smell

They will give the onboard meal a go as well as some shrines and snacks.

the youngster is on the go for best part of a full day and they would like to be sure that during that time the young lad gets properly fed

That is their responsibility as his guardians, they are just making contingencies.

Airline food is not always acceptable to adults

They are on holiday, I.e want to enjoy themselves and do what they like

It isn't some endurance test

As for a hot meal

Well it is again personal preference

Cold pasta at a buffet is fine for me and many other adults, perhaps the young lad doesn't like cold food

Would many of us accept a meal on a flight that was supposed to be served hot if it was brought cold?

Yes ice cream or magnums on a flight is great but that doesn't mean that all food is better served cold

Australia is a warm country but a lot of the meals served their are warm

Aussie pies, great steaks, fish and chips, all best eaten warm


Tis only a spoonful or two of pasta or some such in a flask

Why deny the young lad his dinner?

He might even eat the onboard meal AND the pasta

Life is full of surprises

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49. Re: Carry on food on BA long haul

"Well thats just bizarre....maybe the mother of the child is insisting on these set actual meals? For a 9 month old!!??"

No - a four-year-old :-)

So even more bizarre IMHO (and others', apparently)...

Come to sunny Africa and see what our 4-year-olds get here!

Edited: 22 May 2012, 09:09
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50. Re: Carry on food on BA long haul

If it keeps the little man from chucking a tanty or creating a scene and disturbing other passengers then give him whatever he wants. Instead of berating Granny lets thank her for the consideration she is showing to fellow travelers.