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Vueling Airlines - BEWARE!

New Carrollton, MD
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Vueling Airlines - BEWARE!

This low cost airline turned out to be more hassle than it is worth. I advise anyone who is considering flying with Vueling to reevaluate their travel plans and consider another mode of transportation or another airline.

The trouble with our Barcelona to Granada flight began before we even set foot in Spain. We booked a 1:40 PM flight so we could enjoy our morning at a leisurely pace. Vueling sent us an email saying that we had been rescheduled to a flight that departed at 6:30 AM and no reason whatsoever was given for the change. After checking the Vueling Airlines web site, I saw that a 1:30 PM flight was available and I wondered why they didn't put us on that flight instead. So I sent Vueling a very curt email indicating that the 6:30 AM flight was absolutely unacceptable. A couple of days after that, Vueling replied with an email that we were on the 1:30 PM flight. Great!

So we get to the Barcelona airport, check our bags, go through security and are sitting at the gate waiting for our flight. Up to that point, we had been checking flight status monitors and our flight was good to go. With less than one hour before departure, the status on the monitor changes to Canceled with no reason given. Vueling didn't even have the courtesy to send a representative to the gate to announce the cancellation or to provide any guidance on how to proceed. "You're on your own" is the name of their game! My wife and mother eventually found the correct Vueling ticket location with no assistance from the airline and I stayed behind to collect our luggage. After standing in a line we learned that there are no other flights to Granada that day and we were forced to stay at a local airport hotel overnight so we could catch a 6:30 AM flight the next day. Vueling gave us vouchers for the Tryp Hotel near the airport, which was in an industrial neighborhood and lacked any sort or charm.

We lost a day in the wonderful city of Granada and I feel like Vueling stole it from us. If you plan on traveling in Spain, plan your itinerary so that you can use the excellent (and timely) Renfe train service to travel between cities. Vueling is a poor excuse of an airline and I will never travel with them again.

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61. Re: Vueling Airlines - BEWARE!

For the avoidance of doubt I am an extremely seasoned flyer making on average 25 long haul business trips per annum. In 20 years of business related international travel my luggage has never once been left behind by an airline.The key issue in my case and the 16 other passengers whose bags where left behind is the completely shoddy customer service provided by Vuelling. I might add even before the flight in question departed from Sienna a dozen or so checked in passengers were off loaded. Although I have previously witnessed one or two passengers being asked to take the next flight due to over booking I have never experienced 12 being off loaded.

Of those off loaded and whose bags were left behind, many were american tourists / families heading for a holiday in London as part of a European tour. I am guessing living out of hand luggage never entered their minds when packing for an extended trip.

Florence, Italy
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62. Re: Vueling Airlines - BEWARE!

I could not agree with you any more strongly than I do . I recently flew from Heathrow to Florence with Vueling, against the very strong advice of a pilot friend who rated Vueling very poorly, but unfortunately my travel agent booked the flight and I could not afford to cancel with no refund two days before the flight. Upon arriving at Florence and after waiting 45 minutes at the luggage carousel, we were finally told that NO luggage would be coming as No luggage was loaded at Heathrow as it would have meant the plan would be overweight ! So Vueling wait till they are ready to taxi to work that out ?. No apology from Vueling,in fact absolutely nothing at all.Now that is Vueling's idea of customer service.! 5 days later my luggage finally arrived. Hopefully the other 100 or so passengers got theirs. So if you ever consider flying with Vueling airlines, do NOT do it. They must be one of the worst airlines in the world !!

Fredericia, Denmark
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63. Re: Vueling Airlines - BEWARE!

That could happen on any airline.

Florence, Italy
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64. Re: Vueling Airlines - BEWARE!

What, deliberately leave the luggage of over 100 people at the departing airport ( the airline's decision NOT the baggage handlers mistake ) , not inform anybody on the plane that their luggage was left behind and then let them wait 45 pointless minutes at the baggage carousel on arrival for luggage that Vueling knew was not coming.What that could happen with any airline ? Well in over 40 years of flying I have never come across any other airline like that ! But then again I have only flown Vueling once, all the other airlines have been reputable and indeed taken off with both the passengers and their luggage on board, which to me seems to be norm, but just maybe I was expecting too much from poor old Vueling ?

Florence, Italy
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65. Re: Vueling Airlines - BEWARE!

So Jim when you go on a overseas diving trip, you pack all you dive gear in your carry on hand luggage. Now that I would like to see. You don't play golf do you. I have never seen a set of golf clubs carried on as hand luggage. Perhaps I am just not a seasoned traveller like you. I must admit I have probably only flown about 1500 times in about 40 years, but once with Vueling is more than enough for me !

Atlanta, Georgia
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66. Re: Vueling Airlines - BEWARE!

"when you go on a overseas diving trip, you pack all you dive gear in your carry on hand luggage"

I will assume that is directed at me. Sometimes I take my own gear, and sometimes I rent it on site after I arrive. For example, my wife and I went diving on a trip to Hawaii earlier this year, and the only dive gear I took with me was my dive mask and a wrist-mounted dive computer, which both fit easily into my carry on. Everything else I needed was rented from the dive shop at my destination.

I have also done trips where I did take most of my own gear out of necessity. For example, the last time I went diving in Southern California, I took everything with me, including regulator, drysuit, BC, etc. That's because some of those items would have been difficult (but still not impossible!) to rent at my destination. On that trip I packed my regulator, mask, computer, and video housing (which you can see in my avatar photo) in my carry-on, and everything else went as checked luggage. Obviously I would have been disappointed if the checked items had been lost or delayed, but I still could (and would) have rented replacement gear to go diving if that had happened.

Of course I have reached a level of proficiency with my diving where I can dive easily and comfortably with almost any gear that you care to put me in (as long as it fits!), so it's no trouble for me to use rental gear at my destination if I need to.

Here is perhaps a better example - my wife and I went to Alaska over New Year's Eve a couple of years ago, where we had planned several outdoor activities in temperatures that were predicted to be as low as -30F / -35C. Because of the highly specialized nature of the clothing that was required to do that safely, we were not willing to check any bags out of fear of losing some of the items. Fortunately we are very light travelers and managed to get everything that we would need for 8 days in Alaska in our (regulation size) hand luggage. If you are curious, the cases I took on that trip consisted of a small rollaboard (22x15x8 in, 56x38x20 cm), and a backpack (appr. 19x13x8 in, 48x33x20 cm). As you can see it is definitely possible to plan and pack accordingly such that you are able to carry everything you will need with you.

The bottom line here is that you never put anything into checked luggage that you absolutely need for the trip. This includes clothes, toiletries, medications, etc. If it's not possible to carry all your clothes with you, then you make sure you have at least a couple of days worth in your carry-on in the event that your other luggage is delayed. In 40+ years of air traveling myself, I have never had the misfortune of dealing with lost luggage, but that doesn't mean I always assume that my bags will arrive with me.

It's no secret that airlines lose luggage, and inevitably it will happen if you travel enough. I always try my best to be prepared for that when it does.


London, United...
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67. Re: Vueling Airlines - BEWARE!

I had awful service by Vueling on a trip from Heathrow to Florence where they removed everyone's baggage from the plane, and then left the airport on arrival so they did not help angry customers. My luggage was not delivered for the whole holiday and then finally after asking them just to keep it at Heathrow so i pick it up after my return flight landed, they THEN boarded it to Florence, so it took 4 further days to get my luggage. Their incomptence and complete lack of customer attention and care was appalling, all staff i interacted were rude and passed it off as was not their problem, just mine to follow up with different parties and airport authorities! Awful customer experience.

Melbourne, Australia
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68. Re: Vueling Airlines - BEWARE!

I cannot believe how many apologists there are for this airline. No matter what you pay, there is an expectation that you will get to your destination in a timely manner with your luggage. If an airline cannot do that and properly handle complaints then their license should be revoked. All the apologists succeed in doing is validating the lack of customer focus and unprofessional behaviour. Even Ryan Air has recently admitted it needs to rebuild its culture to stop loosing business. Cheap should not mean the customer is abused.

Wales, United...
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69. Re: Vueling Airlines - BEWARE!

Apologists? Surely you meant realists?

All airlines are affected by delays and luggage that goes astray. And yes, some airlines seem to be quite poor at handling complaints and customer service in general. This also applies to other industries.

At the end of the day, cheap flights come at a price, as spending has to be reduced in other areas to make the business viable. Personally, I would not use Vuelling, but plenty of people do, and I am happy for others to make up their own minds.

Everyone has a choice.

70. Re: Vueling Airlines - BEWARE!

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