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Be on time

Bradenton, Florida
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Be on time

We all know to be at the gate before they start boarding your flight, right?

Recently I was waiting for a connecting flight in Atlanta. The flight before mine called for final boarding several times, and called for certain folks to hurry to the gate. About 10 minutes later the door was closed and the gate personnel left.

Six people came walking up, probably those who's names had been called. One decided why wait? She hit the bar on the door, the alarms went off, then the door opened and she walked thru. The rest of the folks just stood there. The alarm did not stop, but continued to sound for some time. Uniformed people started to appear. Finally the desk personnel came back.

The five or so folks asked if they could get on the plane, as it seemed obvious it was either still there, or had returned to the gate. They were allowed on, but the woman who had set off the alarm was brought back to the gate area by several uniformed individuals, some TSA, some police, others plain clothes. She was detained and questioned in the gate area for some time. At one point a dog sniffed her belongings.

She did not seem to understand what was happening, and I was not close enough to hear what was being said. She was still there when my flight was boarded an hour or so later.

It was actually something different to watch at an airport. If you are ever that late for your flight, do not open that door!

Garden Bay, Canada
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1. Re: Be on time

Flights are closed out about ten minutes prior to departure. If you aren't there by the time boarding has finished, you've missed your plane. Yes, it may sit there for a while, but it has left. Actually, if you ren't there 15-20 minutes before the departure time, your seat is fair game for stand-by passengers.

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2. Re: Be on time

That's very strange, not sure It would even have occurred to me to hit the alarm. Makes you wonder what goes through some people's minds.

Bradenton, Florida
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3. Re: Be on time

I thought it was strange. The doors have a warning, alarm will sound, then can be opened in so many seconds. I would imagine that is for airport evacuation in case of fire, etc. Why would anyone think they can access the flight they are obviously late for by setting off the alarm.

4. Re: Be on time

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5. Re: Be on time

I can never understand why people can be late at the gate for boarding when they have obviously checked-in by the very fact that their names are being called. The sole purpose of being at the airport is to catch their flight, not for some social or shopping event or whatever else they are doing when not at the gate!


Not everyone is sitting at the gate waiting for the flight. I've almost missed a few flights because I've been waiting in the airline's lounge festidiously watching the FIDS! The screen didn't update properly, or the lounge agent forgot to announce my particular flight (despite announcing all the others).

My father was on a business trip with a particularly nutty Californian who ran down the jet bridge and started banging on the door of the closed aircraft. After somehow getting allowed on (this was in the 1990s) she proceeds to scream my father's name from the galley, "I'm here!". I think he hid behind his newspaper and pretended he didn't know the woman!

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6. Re: Be on time

Well a lot of people like to go to the bar and many wind up missing there flights,do i feel sorry for them? Not at all.I have missed only one flight because i got lost looking for a gas station near DFW other than that i am always TWO HOURS EARLY before my flight.

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7. Re: Be on time

It's not much different than the incidents we've all seen where people go running thru the security exit to avoid the lines. It ends up with the whole terminal being evacuated and everyone gets delayed.

I'd chalk it up to an inexperienced flyer. Yet I still have to wonder how anyone can be so dumb.

It also reminded me of the Jim Carrey movie Dumb and Dumber. Carrey was late for his flight, opened the door to the jetway and ran thru. Of course the plane had already left the gate, so he fell to the ground. It made for a funny bit in a comedy movie.

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8. Re: Be on time

It's not always completely the passengers fault. My son once missed a flight. He had been traveling by bus and train for 36 hours prior to the flight, checked in and went to the

departure gate in plenty of time then nodded off to sleep. Not one person in the lounge woke him to let him know the flight was boarding. They off loaded his luggage and left him - all alone at the gate snoring away.

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9. Re: Be on time


that's shocking that people could be so thoughtless or uncaring - of course assuming that nobody DID try to wake him.

Maybe they did try but couldn't get him to wake up.

I'd have given him a gentle shake to try to wake him.

But really, I don't think you can actually blame anyone but your son for him missing the flight.

You can't really blame the crew or other passengers as it's not their responsibility to ensure he gets on the plane.

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10. Re: Be on time

I remember once waiting for a plane in Cork, and looked at the screen, we had over an hour before our plane left and it said wait in lounge. So we got something to eat, I checked 15 mins later and it had final call! Then our names were read out, we ran to the gate, and got on in time. But it seemed like the first and final call were in 10-15 mins. Anyway, I always now sit/stand near a screen.

With the sleep thing, I can see how it happens, it was my turn to stay awake, during our 4 hr wait in HK. OH was passed out on a bench, so I tried to stay awake. Anyway, next thing I knew, OH was waking me saying our flight was boarding ....... he said he woke up an hour ago thank fully .......I think if I was someone sleeping at my gate and the flight was called, I would wake them up.

It can be easy to do, now I stand and pace about! Eeek!

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