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Petrified flyer. Which course is best..?

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Petrified flyer. Which course is best..?

I haven't flown in over 19 years. However, a soon to be booked family holiday, for summer 2013, means I really have to sort this out. I've looked into both of the courses which Virgin and BA offer.

I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations, on either, or whether other methods have worked? Please remember, I'm not a scared or worried flyer. I am someone who has had such a strong phobia that I haven't even been able to set foot in an airport since May 1993!!!

Please help me!!!!!!

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1. Re: Petrified flyer. Which course is best..?

Don't know which is best, but have considered seeing a therapist to help? Good luck.

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2. Re: Petrified flyer. Which course is best..?

two methods i have personnal experience seeing work (not on me) were hypnosis and EFT. the latter is a bit woo woo but i was amazed at the results.


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3. Re: Petrified flyer. Which course is best..?

There are two different types of course you can go on, why not try both. The first is the standard " fear of flying" course which deals with flying specifically, but the other sort, similar perhaps to the ones mentioned above, is a cognitive behavioural therapy course (CBT) which deals with how to manage anxiety. I know someone who did the latter and it worked extremely well.

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4. Re: Petrified flyer. Which course is best..?

There is medication you can get from the dr for this....be warned though, don't touch a alcoholic drink with them...

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5. Re: Petrified flyer. Which course is best..?

Talk to your doctor.

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6. Re: Petrified flyer. Which course is best..?

Ask your doctor about the possibility of prescribing a small amount of Xanax, for use only while you are flying. A phobic traveler I know takes one upon arriving at the airport and one or two more while awaiting boarding. He ends up sleeping the entire flight and needs someone to make sure he gets on the right flight and so on, but he no longer has panic attacks mid-air.

Make sure you don't drink any alcohol that day or the next day. Caffeine seems to counteract Xanax and should be avoided until the flight is complete, but is good for dispelling some grogginess once on the ground.

Hypnosis also helped him with the panicky feelings he used to have, leading up to flight day. Hypnosis alone was not enough to keep him calm on the actual flight.

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7. Re: Petrified flyer. Which course is best..?

A strong travel sickness tablet may help. Took one on a choppy cruise a couple of years ago and slept for best part of 2 days. Was completely oblivious to everything that had gone on. Not sure if the standard ones from the chemist would be strong enough, so possibly a trip to the doctors. Having known people who take tranquillisers that have been prescribed by the doctor and the outcome of those, the travel sickness tablets were much more effective. Good luck.

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8. Re: Petrified flyer. Which course is best..?

Congratulations on deciding to book the holiday and face your phobia.

You will need more than one "magic trick" to deal with this. I strongly suggest you visit your doctor who will be able to coordinate the best approach for you. I can vouch for CBT - I have had to deal with a combination of fear of heights and flying since the late 80s - not too fussed with enclosed spaces either!

However after CBT I am celebrating this weekend by flying to Dubai and going up to the observation deck of the world's tallest building!! I'm also planning to climb the Eiffel Tower when we get to Paris. No more avoiding high stuff for me!

Cognitive behaviour therapy involves retraining to your body (and mind) to respond in a different way to the stimulus that triggers your phobia.

I suggest you also do either the BA or Virgin fear of flying course in conjunction with the CBT.

Finally anxiety medication may help you (speak to your doctor) - it did nothing for me but everyone is different.

Good luck and congratulations on taking the first steps to deal with these issues.

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9. Re: Petrified flyer. Which course is best..?

wouldn't want to sleep for the best part of two days while on a flight but...

maf20, you have received good suggestions here. i did not fly from 1977 until 1993. my solution may not be yours, but it worked for me, and started with a trip to my doctor to discuss my anxieties. he offered up most of the advice you have gotten here, and together we worked out a program designed just for me with my health history and personality in mind. that is where i would start if i were you.

i have been flying ever since. still don't like it, but i refuse to stay home.

congrats, you have taken the first step.

and thank you to all the posters for NOT giving maf20 all the stats about how flying is safer than....anything, blah blah blah. fears are usually irrational. those of us who have had them, know they are irrational. knowing doesn't help. concrete solutions help.

so, thanks again for posting useful info for the OP.

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10. Re: Petrified flyer. Which course is best..?

Best option is to talk to your doctor. He may prescribe you drugs that fight anxiety - you'll feel calmer, probably a bit sleepy, so your nervous system will be depressed to a point that you won't get petrified with anything...