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Terrible Experience with Swiss Airlines

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
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Terrible Experience with Swiss Airlines

I recently had a flight with Swiss Airlines from Boston to Zurich. It was the worst travel experience I had in my life.

Two months before the flight, I have requested a basinet for our daughter and asked them to arrange our seats close to the basinet. The Swiss Airline representative said that he did so. However, on the plane, I found out that my seat is far away from the basinet and separate from my wife's seat. Therefore, we needed to persuade the people sitting in front of the basinet to change their seats with our own to be close to our daughter.

Additionally, the cabin crew was very rude. When I requested a toy for my daughter, the hostess reacted with a very angry tone saying "do not you see I am busy??". She continued to show same disrespectful behaviors during the flight and I reported the incidence to the head of cabin crew. Instead of apologizing, the head of cabin crew advised me to use another airline next time.

Moreover, the food was awful. They brought a pasta, which lacked any sort of variety and was tasting terrible.

Overall, I would advise you to avoid this airline. I will never use Swiss Airlines again.

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1. Re: Terrible Experience with Swiss Airlines

Seriously? You expected cabin crew to provide a toy? Is this a joke?

This is living proof that the phrase "the customer is always right" is in fact utter bunkum.

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2. Re: Terrible Experience with Swiss Airlines

This was the "worst" travel experience of your life?

You don't get out much, do you? Ignoring the ridiculous aspect of expecting the cabin crew to provide a toy....I'm more focused on your expectations of pasta. Really - it lacked a variety? I'm so sorry - I should have been devastated if my pasta had simply looked like....airline pasta.

Not much to go on here to take seriously your admonishment to avoid Swiss Airlines.

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
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3. Re: Terrible Experience with Swiss Airlines

I think what is bunkum is talking without enough information. If you do not know, let me tell you. All airlines provide toys (puzzles, small dolls etc.). In fact, Swiss also provides. I guess you do not have a kid so you did not have an experience. If you do have one, just ask any airline when you are on the plane.

But the issue here is whether or not they have toys. The issue is the behaviour and response of the cabin crew.

It is really funny that everything in my previous email seems ok for you except the request for toy.

London, United...
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4. Re: Terrible Experience with Swiss Airlines

I've flown Swiss multiple times and found it one of the best airlines in Europe, in both business and economy classes.

Yes it may have made a mistake with seat allocation (you should have had confirmed seat numbers), but yes airlines don't carry toys. There may be activity kits, but your expectations are unreasonable for an economy class flight.

Food leaving the US is often dire in economy on most airlines, but Swiss is no worse than others. If you want good food in the air and pampering, fly business class.

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
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5. Re: Terrible Experience with Swiss Airlines

It is incredible to see that you expect the cabin crew to behave respectfully to the people in the business class, and disrespectfully to the people in the economy class.

I am really wondering whether everything above seems ok to you. If you really would like to encounter with such a disrespectful team of cabin crew, go ahead

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Nowy Sacz, Poland
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6. Re: Terrible Experience with Swiss Airlines

It sounds to me like the cabin crew dealt as calmly and politely as they good with a rude and unpleasant passenger.

It's also not so unusual for one parent to be given a seat with the bassinet and for the other parent to be seated elsewhere. There are many threads on here about the ridiculous need for some couples to be seated together despite other people's physical/medical needs. Bulkhead seats would have been allocated at checkin - your wife got one, with the baby, checkin obviously considered the other pax needed bulkhead seast more than you did.

It's a shame the pasta tasted bad, to it's unreasoable to expect a pasta dish to have variety - it's just pasta plus sauce!

London, United...
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7. Re: Terrible Experience with Swiss Airlines

I assume you were flying economy where the FA to Passenger ratio is very low, so she may have been busy, also English may not have been her first language so the way someone says something can be misinterpreted as rude. I do agree that the seating should have been sorted as per your original conversation - were the flights on one booking? Did you check on-line to see if the seats were as promised and again before flying (in case of an equipment change)

I am confused as to why you would want a toy for a baby from the FA, this is not something that would be normally provided. Some airlines do crayons and colouring materials for older children, but again it is not mandatory.

Airline food (to my palate) is always pretty foul - it's mass produced and cheap ! Take along a snack.

If this is your criteria for not flying a particular airline I think your choice will be very limited. Most airlines are OK most of the time, however we all have bad flights, stressed out busy FA's - the planes are nearly always full these days.

I have 'vowed' not to fly on one particular airline -they did have three strikes in a row within two weeks ! However if my least favourite airline was the only airline for the route I wanted, I would bite the bullet.

Seattle, Washington
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8. Re: Terrible Experience with Swiss Airlines

All airlines provide toys (puzzles, small dolls etc.)


This is just not true. I have several children, and I can remember only one time when one of them got a coloring book and crayons, and this was several years ago. It is unreasonable to expect an airline to provide playthings for your child, and this is just an invalid complaint. Also, if your child is so young they still fit in a basinett, what kind of toy would the airline provide? And you would trust this toy to be age appropriate?

I don't know anything about your seat assignments, but these are never "set in stone" and every airline retains the right to change them any time. Did you never look at your itinerary and check the seats? If at least one parent is sitting next to the child, I am not sure what the big problem is. And, you managed to switch, so all ended well.

Another complaint is you didn't like the food. Well, who does? Airline food is prepared in advance and must sit for a long period of time, and appeal to many different tastes. The food in coach is usually not good on any airline.

Then, the "cabin crew was very rude". I am wondering what your part was in this. I watch people on planes and in other public places all the time. Usually, you get what you give. We often read about staff "rudeness" and upon further posting, it is evident that "rude" often equals, "I didn't get what I wanted", or that the poster themselves were quite unpleasant. No idea what happened in your case, but you didn't get the toy you wanted. Something else must have happend for the purser to advise you to "use another airline" the next time.

In any case, your main complaint seems to be no toy, one of you didn't get a seat by the basinett, and you didn't like the food. Oh, and the FA was "rude" to you. I agree, you may want to try another airline. If so, come back and post if the service was better. I hope you have more luck in the future.

Coventry, United...
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9. Re: Terrible Experience with Swiss Airlines

Flown Swiss many times in the past and will continue to do so.

Who gets on a flight from Boston to Zurich without a toy for their child? I suspect the problem with the seat allocation has left a bitter taste.

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10. Re: Terrible Experience with Swiss Airlines

I have always found Swiss airlines to be one of the best and I think that the problem with the basinet probably put you in a bad mood and you decided to take it out on the staff who were'nt at fault.