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Oversized cabin baggage?

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Oversized cabin baggage?

Perhaps it is just me but whilst airside waiting for your flight that the sizes of some so called carry on bags seem to far exceed what i perceive to be the average maxima for baggage dimensions?

Every time I wonder through a departure lounge and by the gates I always see several people with baggage that quite clearly are oversized and I do begin to wonder why I go to the trouble of travelling light doing the right thing and complying with a particular airlines size limits.

Perhaps my judgement is gradually getting worse but I just wondered if anyone else had noticed the same?

Not that I would ever take the kitchen sink with me(unless of course I'm travelling with family in which case we check in hold bags) but a slightly larger backpack would come in useful!!!

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1. Re: Oversized cabin baggage?

I too have noticed it as well especially when flying with Easyjet etc, where I make sure that my cabin luggage meets the necessary requirements and you see people carrying these really large backpacks.

Although Ryanair seems to be the honourable exceptio here. I wonder why????

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2. Re: Oversized cabin baggage?

Add me to the list of those who wonder about the size of luggage some carry on. It amazes me that people are getting away with carry ons that are larger than my free checked luggage!! ( and then I wonder why I can't find space in the overheads)

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3. Re: Oversized cabin baggage?

"Perhaps my judgement is gradually getting worse but I just wondered if anyone else had noticed the same?"

I agree with you particularly on US domestic flights where most airlines charge for checked bags, I've seen carry on nearly as big as my checked bags.

Makes you wonder why they have baggage size rules if they do not enforce them although Im guessing that it would be hassle for the check in/gate agents if they enforced the rules.

Sherbrooke, Canada
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4. Re: Oversized cabin baggage?

I wonder why some people have more carry-on than I have checked luggage. On a recent trip, as less than half the passengers had boarded they announced that the bin space was full and everybody else had to check (for free) their carry-ons unless they fit under the seat.

It probably has to do with airlines charging to check luggage. But it would be nice if they enforced the hand luggage rules.

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5. Re: Oversized cabin baggage?

I too wonder....

What stops me taking oversized bags is that while everyone else seems to get away with it...I would also most certainly be stopped, shamed and reprimanded - thats how my air travel life usually goes.

Unless its a long complicated flight or I am in Business class I usually don't even take an acceptably sized carry on case. I just take a small bag or backpack or whatever...

I also HATE fighting for overhead bin space!

However we are lucky here that both our national carriers allow one free checked bag - :)

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6. Re: Oversized cabin baggage?

Westjet made me weigh my carryon. It was within limits.

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7. Re: Oversized cabin baggage?

I wish airlines (particularly those in the US) would just charge the $25 extra per person and go back to allowing free checked baggage. I suspect that would take care of everybody dragging the kitchen sink onboard as "hand" carryon!

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8. Re: Oversized cabin baggage?

i just wish airlines in the usa would simply enforce their carryon baggage rules. all over size to the hold free during a 6 month amnesty, then normal baggage charges after that.

that would stop nearly all of the silly business that goes on now.

but it would take a united front (excuse the pun) and that just wont happen.

Victoria, Australia
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9. Re: Oversized cabin baggage?

People do it so they don't have to wait around the carousel for their bags, but it is very annoying. I only take my handbag and a small overnight bag in the cabin. I like to keep it light, but often in econ I can be struggling to find bin space!

On one flight I saw a pax with a medium size wheelie case, a large backpack and an enormous handbag. That was on Emirates and in my experience is not unusual.

Hong Kong, China
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10. Re: Oversized cabin baggage?

People take too much crap on a flight. That doesn't even include all those ' essential ' dut free bags that appear! Annoying to arrive at your seat only to find all space taken by someone who boarded early and is sitting way behind you!