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Easy Jet

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Easy Jet

I have never traveled on Easy Jet. My husband and I are going from Rome to Paris. Is this a reliable and safe airline?


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1. Re: Easy Jet

Easyjet has a modern fleet of aircrafts. I have travelled with them many times to a wide range of European destinations, always a good experience with very good punctuality. Just remember to check in on time & comply with the luggage weight restrictions. Hope your experience is as good as mine.

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2. Re: Easy Jet

Use the search function at the top of your screen. You'll see a lot written about EasyJet.

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3. Re: Easy Jet

Is this a reliable and safe airline?


Yes very much so.

Abide by luggage restrictions always as they are very strict. Check check and check again and if you are still not sure ask on here.

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4. Re: Easy Jet

We've flown with EasyJet a few times now and we've never had any problems at all. In fact I think my hold luggage was over last year and I wasn't charged........don't know why though?

Meant to say that we didn't mean for the suitcase to be over so don't take that as a sign it's ok. We must have just been lucky that day.

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5. Re: Easy Jet

easyJet pass all the tests. If they weren't safe they wouldn't be allowed to fly.And they have one of the youngest fleets of European airlines.No pampering-just A to B with minimum fuss and at comparatively low cost especially if you book well in advance.

6. Re: Easy Jet

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7. Re: Easy Jet

We flew Easyjet from Rome FLO to Paris Orly in mid-April 2013.

We booked online a few months before travelling and ensured we booked everything we needed (seats, luggage). No problems, travelled with our 2 teenage children aged 12 and 14. Saw other travellers having problems with Easyjet/Rome airport staff with luggage, we just ensured we had no luggage weight or size problems. Would be happy to fly with Easyjet again.

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8. Re: Easy Jet

yes, just book in on time and keep to guidelines and you should be fine

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9. Re: Easy Jet

We flew EasyJet from Venice to Naples, and considered the EasyJet staff to be highly unprofessional and the experience to be unacceptable. A travel agent booked our flight, but we gather that we had one of the higher fares (if not the highest) as we were the only ones seated in the first row of six seats. When we went to the Speedy Boarding line (consistent with our fare) of the Bag Drop in the Venice airport, the EasyJet staff person told us that we needed to pay additional for our hold luggage. There were two of us, and we had only ONE bag between the two of us. That bag weighed 22.8kg. EasyJet’s hold luggage rules are 20kg per person, but you are allowed to “pool” your luggage allowance, which meant we were well under our allowance of 40kg for the two of us. We explained this to the staff person checking our bag. She insisted our bag was over the weight limit and that we had to pay an additional amount. We pulled out a written copy of the rules with the “pooling” section highlighted and gave it to her. She still insisted we owed more money. We told her to read EasyJet’s rules, that we were well under our allowance by its own rules, and we did not owe additional money. We did not get nasty, but we did firmly stand our ground. After much arguing back to us and insisting we owed money, she finally told us she had looked at our booking and that we had paid for 2 bags and that she would not charge us any additional money. This was a ridiculous statement since we were 2 people with one bag on 2 fares (including Speedy Boarding and first row seating!), and were entitled to 40kg between us, just as were other people on even cheaper fares! We are not sure that we would have prevailed if we had not had the rules in writing to give to her (how many people could be expected to have a written copy of the company’s rules?).

When we got to the gate and boarding time, we got in the Speedy Boarding line. The same two staff members who were at the Bag Drop were checking people to board the bus, which then takes you out to the plane. The same woman told me that I could only have ONE carry-on bag (we each had a medium-size backpack and I had a purse). While the EasyJet rules do state one carry-on per passenger, most airlines in the United States also have the one carry-on rule, but you are also allowed one “personal” item, such as a purse or briefcase. This was our experience over 60 years of flying and the way we had interpreted the rules. The staff member was adamant (and somewhat nasty about it) that I had to get down to one carry-on. Since the boarding process was on-going and hectic, I very quickly had to cram all the contents of my purse and the purse itself into our two backpacks.

As we sat on the bus, we saw any number of other people who came on with 2 bags each. No, there were no additional people with them, no children, nothing but people with more than one carry-on each. When we got on the plane, I talked to the English-as-first-language attendant, inquiring if EasyJet indeed had a ONE carry-on rule or not. She informed me it was supposed to be one carry-on per person, but that she was observing people as they came onto the plane and saw many violations of that rule. She said it was the Ground Crew’s responsibility, and that the Flight Crew could do nothing about it once the people came onto the plane with more than one bag. She also said, “This is the way it always is in Venice.”

I can also tell you that they charge for everything on board – all the way down to water!

I informed the attendant that I would be writing this up for TripAdvisor to warn people against EasyJet. The attendant also urged me to write the company and even gave me the information on how to do so. Although I have written to EasyJet about this experience, I have not to date received a reply.

I can also report that part-way into our short flight, the two attendants in the front of the plane got into a heated argument in the galley. This went on for about 5-10 minutes, and then evolved into them not speaking to each other or even looking at each other for the remainder of the flight. You could cut the atmosphere with a knife – we hate to think what the passengers on the next flight were exposed to.

It may well be that the rule IS one carry-on per person, but this rule should be consistently applied to all passengers, not picking and choosing who to apply it to. Passengers should not be vindictively singled out because they had to tell the staff their own EasyJet rules on hold baggage and insist that they stand by those rules. Also, people should not be allowed to circumvent the rules, based on the color of their passport, which also appeared to be the case.

This would have been a most unpleasant and unacceptable experience, even if we had paid a bargain basement fare, which we did not. We can only say that we would not fly on EasyJet again, and would recommend that you also not use this carrier.

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10. Re: Easy Jet

Sorry but I won't be following your recommendation not to use Easyjet.

I'll book my own ticket.

I'll know that I have to pay for any hold luggage I may wish to take.

I'll know how many carry-on pieces I'm allowed.

I'll not attempt to apply rules that may (or may not) apply to airlines operating in other countries.

I'll not get stressed about what other passengers are carrying.

I'll expect to have to pay for anything I want on board. EVEN WATER!

I'll not worry about arguments between cabin crew or speculate about how that might (or might not) impact on passengers on later flights.

I think that just about covers it so you boycott Easyjet all you like.

I'm looking forward to my Easyjet flight to Greece next week.

I know my hold luggage allowance,

I know the rules form cabin baggage.

I'll buy any snacks/drinks from Boots airside.

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