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business class... is it worth the extra money

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business class... is it worth the extra money

Hi Everyone,

I am planning a trip to Ireland for my husband and myself. I have been researching flights and had wanted to book business class since my husband is a big/tall guy and usually is swallowing his knees when we fly. Since we are going to be on the plane a long time I thought the extra room would be a welcome surprise for him. The cheapest flights I can find for August in business class is around 2,900.00+. Normal rates for economy are around 1100.00. what do you think is paying double worth it??. Also does anyone know of any good hints on getting the best deals on tickets?



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1. Re: business class... is it worth the extra money

The extra money spent, eats into the holiday money big time! Unless you can sleep on the plane to help pass the hours of discomfit, I would pay the extra... Maybe there is an economy upgrade between cattle class and business class...

Enjoy you trip, you'll love it :)

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2. Re: business class... is it worth the extra money

All depends on your personal situation and how you value the benefits. For longhauls I won't fly anything less than business class, life is too short.

Other people have different priorities.

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3. Re: business class... is it worth the extra money

i never think business class it 'worth it'.

i am tall and have no trouble in economy. it's all a state of mind.

and i guess decades of long haul (most all flights out of aus are long haul) is good conditioning.

i would rather spend the money saved at the destination.

others will of course disagree.

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4. Re: business class... is it worth the extra money

I think it's worth it but others will disagree - only you can decide if the benefits are worth the cost for you.

If 2900 is $2900 per person (around £1900) then I think it's a reasonable price - business class fares can sometimes drop for July/Aug if you're prepared to gamble but there's always a risk they could increase on your route/dates.

If you have limited flexibility over route/dates I'd probably buy at that price.

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5. Re: business class... is it worth the extra money

if you can't stretch to paying for business class, and if the issue is solely a matter of legroom and your husband's knee swallowing, then some airlines have extra legroom economy. United (Economy Plus) and Delta (Economy Comfort) offer - for a fee - seats with 3-5" additional legroom plus their exit rows, and American is starting to slowly roll out their version. All those airlines fly non stop to Ireland from the US. And that extra room is well worth it (I get it for free on United due to my FF status).

Another option - for the long haul leg - is BA's premium economy product World Traveller Plus, which gives extra legroom and a wider seat (a bit more like domestic first class in the US). Their WT+ service is also better than economy, with business class like meals. You would still have to suffer a short haul connection from London to Ireland on Aer Lingus, but that's maybe 1.5 hours only.

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6. Re: business class... is it worth the extra money

Is Business 'worth the extra money'? It certainly can be.

Consider Premium Economy as an alternative. BA have World Traveller Plus from ORD; you will have to connect at Heathrow to Dublin or Belfast. Icelandair have Economy Comfort; the connection at Keflavik will be easy at that efficient airport.

AA have Main Cabin Extra, United have Economy +; both of these offer seats with more leg room but no other extras. BA's WT+ cabin is a better experience than regular World Traveller; FI's Economy Comfort a few more bells and whistles as well.

If Premium Economy isn't in the cards and your budget isn't stretched to the breaking point at the prospect of flying in J then book it and enjoy the journey.

There is one fairly substantial downside: flying in premium cabins can spoil one considerably for travel in any other class of service.

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7. Re: business class... is it worth the extra money

kmb, one thing that I can't see you mentioning (and it's not in your profile) is where you are flying to Ireland FROM. My answer to you would very much depend on that....

For me, I cannot sleep sitting upright (even in a reclined seat). I am 6'2" and in Economy I can't sleep unless I have 3 empty seats to stretch out in. I am obviously not going to pay for those.

So, if my travel requires me to sleep (i.e. an overnight to the UK from the USA) and I have to get in a car and drive several hours on the other end, then I don't consider myself safe if I haven't slept at all. Since the Business Class that I take has seats that go completely flat, I can get pillows and blankets and get quite a few hours of very restful sleep, and feel safe to drive after that. I tend to buy an economy ticket and then use Frequent Flyer miles to upgrade.

If I don't have the sleep requirements, then I usually find that an upgrade to one of the newer "Economy +" seats (different airlines use different terminology) significantly increases my level of comfort on the flight, and doesn't cost an arm and a (crushed) leg to get.

Hope this helps.

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8. Re: business class... is it worth the extra money

I like business class for the lie-flat beds and lashings of booze. The food is good but not out of this world and the service is generally OK but doesn't make me feel like the Queen or anything...

However we never pay full fare for it - we get it as reward tickets or upgrades (either status or paid for)

At that price difference on a not terribly long flight (really) - I'd go economy.

London, United...
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9. Re: business class... is it worth the extra money

If you can easily afford it, absolutely, it's like the difference between night and day,

If not, then it's a big extravangemce and the money can be better used elsewhere, it's just a few hours on a plane after all.

So it's all down to personal circumstance.

Ps this is assuming its long haul. The shorter the journey, the less value, but then the less it costs. Would be helpful if you named the airline and where you were flying from.

Somerset, UK
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10. Re: business class... is it worth the extra money

If you can afford it, it certainly is.

For me, flying business makes travel a pleasure rather than a chore to be endured.

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