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Travelling business class with a baby (sorry)

Melbourne, Australia
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Travelling business class with a baby (sorry)

Hi everyone. Im hoping for some advice and reassurance regarding a few questions. In mid July I will be travelling from Melbourne to Manchester with my 7 month old son. My amazing mum has actually booked us business class tickets as im travelling alone with my little boy. I know lots of business class passangers are now going to be horrified at the prospect of 21 flying hours next to a baby but i am doing everything i possible can to make this as smooth as possible.

First a few details. We are booked with Emirates however our first sector is on the Qantas A380.(the rest are emirates) We fly Mel-Dubai, 3 hours in Dubai then Dubai-Manchester. On the return leg we are going Manchester-Dubai-Singapore, 1 night in Singapore then flying back to Melbourne.

I have tried to time as much as possible that we will be flying at night in the hope that my little one will sleep as much as possible. Iv been working out what toys he is happy to sit and play with on my knee quietly (for turbulance), iv got him used to watching a few different kids shows so if I get desperate he can at least look at the tv.

SO here are my questions

1) Formula

what is the best way to take formula on a plane? Given we will be travelling for 30 hours all up on the way to the UK, at some stage im going to have to refill bottles.

How have people warmed bottles on a flight?

2) Transport

Does anyone know with the Chauffer service whether they will transport infants. I spoke with emirates and they have booked it but couldnt let me know if they had car seats or not. I know in Melbourne for example it is legal (even tho not ideal) to carry an infant on your lap in the backseat of a taxi-not sure how the limos are classed. We will mainly need this in Singapore.

3) Baby Change

This is a weird question but if I need the loo whilst my little one is awake does anyone know if the baby change table in the toilets is in reach of the toilet-im guessing it will be as its an aeroplane and id imagine even in business class the toilets wont be particularly roomy. Im thinking i can lay him down on that and keep one hand on his whilst i do what i need to do.

4) Seat belt. Im going to be taking an ergo baby carrier (like a backpack that i wear my little one in on my front) anyone know if there is bad turbulance can i wear him in this with the seatbelt as well. (That way I have my hands free and he can sleep on me) Particularly if I end up without a bassinet or there is long long periods of turbulance.

5)Any other words of wisdom/advice?

Thanks everyone in advance!!


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1. Re: Travelling business class with a baby (sorry)

You are going on an ambitious but exciting adventure. These are my best answers.

1. I used powdered baby formula and mixed it with warm water. No need to refrigerate formula, no bulky cans to manage and bottle is ready instantly...or as instant as you can obtain warm water from the flight attendant. You may have to get hot water and bottled water and mix your own warm water.

2. If the laws of a country are rigid about baby seats I would expect any transportation service would provide a child seat. If not I would sit in the back seat with seat belt on and baby on lap.

3. Not lots of experience with bathrooms in business class, but I do not think I remember ever seeing a changing table in any bathroom on any plane.

4. Your airline will have a specific protocol regarding how you manage your baby during turbulence so expect them to instruct you.

5. Don't stress about your fellow passengers. In spite of many complaints about children, most people are tolerate of babies. Relax because your baby will pick up on your extra stress levels. A calm mother is more likely to have a calm child. Good luck!

Adelaide, Australia
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2. Re: Travelling business class with a baby (sorry)

On the plane, use a fabric baby sling with no clasps as it is more comfortable. Practise with it at home so that your baby is comfortable with it especially when you are seated. Also feed your baby some water as the plane is taking off to avoid pressure in his ears. Have heard many a baby scream on takeoff and landing because they dont swallow to relieve the pressure. Never seen changing tables but have seen mums change their babies in the bassinets.

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3. Re: Travelling business class with a baby (sorry)

The baby change tables I have used have been behind the toilet, so only able to pull down if you arent' on the toilet. They would go above them. Maybe they are different in business class with QF or Emirates though.

Good luck and I'm sure it will be fine:)

Melbourne, Australia
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4. Re: Travelling business class with a baby (sorry)

Thanks both for those suggestions and info! Hoping to plan his milk feeds around take off and landing as much as possible. He still hasnt quite developed a taste for water. Will have a few mouthfulls before looking at me in disgust lol!

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5. Re: Travelling business class with a baby (sorry)

While I only know business class on El Al I can't imagine the bathrooms being radically different. AND , as maried11 says, the changing table can only be pulled down if you are not on the toilet.

It would seem to me, that it would have been safer for the baby and easier for you if mom had spent the same amount of money and gotten two premium economy or two economy seats. This way baby gets to safely ride in a car seat and you could probably leave him in it while you went to the bathroom.

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6. Re: Travelling business class with a baby (sorry)

>> I know lots of business class passangers are now going to be horrified at the prospect of 21 flying hours next to a baby .... <<

Why should they? As long as you're responsible - and by your posting here and asking for advice it's clear you are - there shouldn't be any problem. Especially as junior has his own paid for business class seat (?) in which case he deserves priority service ahead of the upgrades. :-)

I fly business class for between a third and half of my long hauls and never had a problem with infants and responsible parents. I've had/seen plenty of issues with obnoxious business pax and their DYKWIA attitudes. So I'd much rather have you and your son than one of them. :-)

Edited: 23 June 2013, 07:12
Bangkok, Thailand
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7. Re: Travelling business class with a baby (sorry)

Im glad not to be on your flight. Iv had mothers change nappies in the cabin. Not the most pleasant experience for fellow. pax. Worst was when a young couple sitting next to me in the lounge changed sunny jim's nappies on the table in full view of others who had a meal etc. Then they walked off and left the smelly nappies for staff to clear away.

Experience like this makes premium pax cringe when they hear *baby, toddler, kids* no matter how tolerant towards kids one may be. I dont say you will be like aforementioned but something to consider not to do when travelling on a plane. Many parents these days feel the world revolves around their offspring.

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8. Re: Travelling business class with a baby (sorry)

How lucky you are to have such a lovely mum!

Don't worry too much. Your trip will be fine. If someone has a problem with bubs being in the Business class cabin it says more about them than you or bubs. It's their problem so leave them to it. Many - no not many, some - non parents feel that the world revolves around their dislike of being around children 😜

As to your 'rest stop' needs I suggest you try and take them when bubs is asleep, things in the cabin are quiet and you can ask one of the FAs if they wouldn't mind keeping an eye on the baby for a few minutes. I'd be really surprised if they said 'no'. It's not part of their job so you can't expect it but it doesn't hurt to ask for help when you need it.

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Phagwara, India
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9. Re: Travelling business class with a baby (sorry)

>> I know lots of business class passangers are now going to be horrified at the prospect of 21 flying hours next to a baby .... <<

Why should they be? Children are a part of life, and most people will be rational and understanding of your 'pligh't travelling so far with a little one. If your child does suffer, and begins to cry and disturb others then that's life ... it's their problem, not yours. Most women will be sympathetic, and if you do get the odd grumbling man then so be it, you aren't breaking any rules or law or carraige.

Funnily enough, it would be more an issue in economy if you were cramped next to someone, and the baby on your lap, with passengers so close.

I find infants, loud infants for that matter, 4 and over, who make alot of noise, kicking chairs, and parents just oblivious to it all more a nuisiance.

It's a long long trip your undertaking, do you have your other half or a friend travelling with you? Might have been an idea to split your journey up ... cos that is some undertaking !

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10. Re: Travelling business class with a baby (sorry)

My son had his first flight at 10 days old,and first trip to the states at 3 months.We found a baby sling was useful for carrying him onboard,as it left hands free for the rest of his rubbish.We kept him a little hungry and thirsty on the ground,then 2 minutes after take off have him a bottle,which shut him up and helped clear his ears.

After the feed,and with the lack of oxygen in the cruise he soon went to sleep.

We then kept him slightly hungry and thirsty again for the descent,and gave him a bottle as we started down.Water/juice will do just as well.Descent starts about 20 minutes before landing time.At least 1 of the toilets will have a pull down baby changing table,so no need to do it on the meal tables.

Always remember flying business class is the heroin of air travel.You will hate going in the back after this.