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Bothered by Liquid restrictions

Luton, United...
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Bothered by Liquid restrictions


Could you please let me know as to why there are restricition to the amount of liquids you can carry in hand luggage. Any specific reason?

I know this is not a very important question, I would like to know please. :)


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11. Re: Bothered by Liquid restrictions

Quite disturbed by that post describing how easy it is to flout regulations. I have no doubts that those who wish for harm to the public think exactly the same way. And after the next incident or near miss, it will become no liquids and the regulation get even tougher for everyone. The 'rules don't apply to me' or the 'easy to get around' mentality is frightening.

100% about karma.

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12. Re: Bothered by Liquid restrictions

It is pretty sad that it's that easy to get around the restriction. Might as well put a third bag behind your suitcase and take all three. I could almost bring on a full bottle of water that way. :-)

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13. Re: Bothered by Liquid restrictions

Didn't mean to dredge up an old discussion. I actually got the idea from a prior thread on this forum, where this was debated ad nauseum. Bottom line is do what makes you comfortable, but since I know I'm no threat to security, I'm not uncomfortable with my choice.

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14. Re: Bothered by Liquid restrictions

<< but since I know I'm no threat to security, I'm not uncomfortable with my choice >>

I know I'm no threat to security either, but the regulations are there for a reason, so I respect and adhere to them no matter how inconvenient that may be. They apply to everyone, or at least I thought they did. Your take on it is quite an eye-opener to be honest.

Sydney, Australia
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15. Re: Bothered by Liquid restrictions

>> Because I rarely check luggage. If they want to take my extra baggie away, they can. <<

Firstly, can you explain just why the rules don't apply to you (perhaps you have Papal dispensation or similar) and, secondly, if you're not bothered if you lose the second bag, you can't really need the contents in any event, so why bother?

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16. Re: Bothered by Liquid restrictions

Not good JAtlanta, not good at all.

>> If they want to take my extra baggie away, they can. <<

So maybe you're banking on not being caught, or being caught just the odd once or twice, and because you use an airport the size of ATL, the chances of your being spotted by the same screeners and getting into trouble is very slim. Well that's not the case at smaller airports with fewer scanners and smaller TSA crews, and so to encourage others to try that (and by posting it that's what you're doing) is more than a little irresponsible.

Sure, we can debate whether or not the liquids rule is sensible and secure, or silly posturing. But while it's the law, you should stick to the law.

Edited: 08 August 2013, 00:19
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17. Re: Bothered by Liquid restrictions

If they want to take my extra baggie away, they can.


But obviously they haven't, which means that someone far more nefarious might get away with it too.

Happy travels.

Berkeley, CA
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18. Re: Bothered by Liquid restrictions

If the government really thought these liquids were dangerous, they wouldn't have you throw them in the nearest garbage can, but would take them to a toxic waste facility. When actually dangerous articles are found, like guns and knives, they're confiscated and the perpetrator is arrested. The liquids rule is a good example of how bad laws cause people to become scofflaws, and lose their respect for authority. As the recent furor about allowing small blades on planes shows, its a lot easier to impose a rule than repeal it when its no longer necessary. I'm not saying that people should flout the rule, (I actually don't as it keeps the weight of my baggage down) but I do find it difficult to get morally outraged about those who do.

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19. Re: Bothered by Liquid restrictions

It is kind of sad that a DE from this site would flout(is that a word? ) the law when one of the rules of Trip Advisor is that we do NOT give advice to or discuss how to circumvent laws!

I am a rebel at heart but I think that everyone should equally follow the security rules when flying!

Milford, Ohio
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20. Re: Bothered by Liquid restrictions

<< but since I know I'm no threat to security, I'm not uncomfortable with my choice >>

There's always one who thinks they are above the law.