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Air France Delayed baggage essentials claim

Bengaluru, India
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Air France Delayed baggage essentials claim

I flew from Paris CDG to Bangalore, India, by Air France.

Upon arrival, they say both pieces of my checked in baggage are missing, and currently are not traced, and that they'll give make sure it gets to me as early as possible.

Almost all my clothes were in those bags, as well as a laptop, and some other needs.I needed that stuff for some meetings I have on Monday, i.e., the day after arrival.

AF said they'll reimburse me for essentials which I'll have to purchase, but I'm not sure how much is the amount I can claim for..

They say all questions regarding compensation claims must be directed to some other office, only via Snail mail, or via fax...and this being Sunday, no one will be there to answer my questions.

I've meetings with the directors of my company on Monday, and I dare not turn out in a T-Shirt and Jeans ( this is not one of those laid-back, come in anything type of companies). Will AF reimburse if I get a suit, shirt and tie, plus others..? What is the actual amount I can claim for?

Kindly help me out on this.

P.S. This is the second time AF has lost by baggage.

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11. Re: Air France Delayed baggage essentials claim

You are at home. Unless you took every stitch of clothing you own to Paris, and who could do that with current baggage allowances, you must have clothes suitable for office wear purposes at home.

If you expect AF to kit you out with an entire new business wardrobe, I think you will be sadly disappointed.

Laptops in checked luggage? Sorry, no sympathy for me whatsoever.

Luggage in transit going missing is a common problem on all routes, with all airlines. That's why the international rules of carriage limit airline liability.

AF didn't mislay your luggage as a special exercise just to make life uncomfortable for you, and nor should you expect special treatment or exceptions to be made just for you.

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12. Re: Air France Delayed baggage essentials claim

The amount you are due is under the terms Conditions you agreed to when you bought the ticket. For Air India this is covered by the Montreal convention.

This means liability is limited to a set amount, I think about 1500 usd or so, depending on sdr forex. The airline is supposed to pay for emergency items until the bag is found.

However, before you get excited, several rules apply, you have to formally notify the airline within seven days, your bag is not lost until 21 days, so emergency is in the interim,

What you feel is reasonable and the airline sees as reasonable may and probably will differ. As you are at home, the assumption will most likely be you do not need emergency items, you are at home and have access to your full wardrobe, you are not stranded without your case, even if you say all your business clothes were in that bag. It's a discussion you will need to take with them.

You will very likely also have to submit original receipts for anything you wish to claim for before the airline will reimburse.

As to the laptop, I cAnt say for sure if they will reimburse that. I strongly suspect not. I have no clue why you did not take it on board, I have carried two before, as well as two iPads at the same time,and it's fine. You don't put valuables in your checked luggage.

Anyway, you need to speak to the airline and ask what you can claim for, how to do it and what evidence ie receipts you need.

On an aside, I think I would be more worried about what the director was going to say when you tell him/her you have lost a laptop as you checked it, than I would be about getting the airline to pay for some new clothes.

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13. Re: Air France Delayed baggage essentials claim

I understood he flew with Air France to India and not with Air India.

Bengaluru, India
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14. Re: Air France Delayed baggage essentials claim

Here's the thing -

I had gone to Genoa, in Italy, for work for almost 1.5 years. SO it made sense to take a lot of clothes. The rest of my clothes are in another city, as it didn't seem proper to maintain an apartment just for the clothes. So I don't have anything presentable to wear immediately.

Now, as for the 2nd laptop...it was indeed in a carry on piece of luggage. However, the flight from Genoa to Paris 9 where I'd eventually take the plane to Bengaluru ) was a very small one. It was filled with I don't know what items,and they asked a number of passengers, including myself, to check in the baggage instead. Because the flight was getting late, and I'd be in danger of missing my connecting flight( which was an hour post the Genoa-Paris landing ), most poeple consented, and well, now, the bag is lost.

They haven't traced it still. And no reply from the claims department. I went ahead and bought some stuff. Let's see what happens.

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15. Re: Air France Delayed baggage essentials claim

Starbearer, I am with you on this. I see many of responders to your post making bit harsh remark on your situation. I wonder what would they have sucked it up if they themselves were in your situation? I seriously doubt.

Since your travel originated in EU region, EU rules of passenger rights apply to you.

Lost or damaged registered luggage

Checked-in luggage : If your registered luggage is lost, damaged or delayed, you may be entitled to compensation from the airline, up to about €1,220

Here is the weblink : europa.eu/youreurope/…

Please quote the above in your correspondances with AF (preferably in writing). Let them know you know your rights. As far as possible refrain from verbal communication with AF.

Its nobody's business what you put in your check-in bag as long as it does not undermine safety. Contract of carriage is to transport you from A to B with your belongings. You are within your full rights to get whatever you have lost. If they don't yield, escalate it.

Good luck and let us know what happened.

Ayr, Scotland
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16. Re: Air France Delayed baggage essentials claim

Airlines make it clear not to put valuables in checked luggage. Therefore they have no liability to reimburse for lost laptops so not much point in escalating a claim!

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17. Re: Air France Delayed baggage essentials claim

"Its nobody's business what you put in your check-in bag as long as it does not undermine safety."

Given that it was a company laptop with company data on it, I'd say that it is at least the company's business that it was in a checked bag. Mind you, maybe it has whole-disk encryption and there is no risk to the company.

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18. Re: Air France Delayed baggage essentials claim


The earlier poster is correct in that Montreal Convention rules apply as it was international travel between to counties who are signatories I the convention.

One thing to remember, the Convention does set forth a maximum the carrier is liable for -- that's very true...

However, that maximum is *not* what they will automatically pay when and if your case gets to that stage...

You still have to itemize and sign a statement that essentially attests to that alleged loss, and if required, provide documentation to support your claim.

Also remember that the Convention does not explicitly say replace, it refers to loss... As such, the issue of depreciation on your items and such may be a part of the settlement process calculation the carrier uses..

Travel Safe,

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19. Re: Air France Delayed baggage essentials claim

When our luggage didnt reach our destiantion with AF, in the folder they gave us with the missing item report/reference numbers on, there was a note on the back to say we could claim $100 each for essentials, if we kept the receipts

Bengaluru, India
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20. Re: Air France Delayed baggage essentials claim

So finally AF claims department, to which I'd been asked to refer to, got back to me with the answer to the question which I'd raised, related to the compensation.

They say that since this is the country of permanent residence, to which I've returned, and so regretfully, they do not feel able to respond to any claim for essentials. So anything which I've purchased, which might be classified as essential items ( toothpaste, etc.) is entirely on me, and they will not reimburse me for anything.

This, despite the fact, that my baggage, with my clothes and other items, is still missing, and has not been traced.

I'm not sure what to make of this. Just because this happens to be my country of permanent residence, does not mean I get the things for free...