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cheap flights air

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cheap flights air

we found cheap price from montreal canada to houston usa from the website below.

please advise if this website is reliable:


Thank you.

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41. Re: cheap flights air

"should I do another booking...?I mean am I done????? ..just cannot believe it"

Why would you do a bank transfer in the first place?

Watford, United...
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42. Re: cheap flights air

should I do another booking...?


Oh dear.... Ahmad you have been robbed. Scammed, fleeced, conned, taken for a ride, ripped off, hustled, defrauded, cheated....

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43. Re: cheap flights air

>>>should I do another booking<<<

With these people or directly with the airline?

If the former, hmm, how can I say this? NO! NO! NO! If the latter, then yes, definitely (assuming you still want to travel).

If you're prepared to try again with this mob, I have a much better idea, I'll send you my bank account details and you can make the transfer there...

Prescott, Arizona
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44. Re: cheap flights air

I filed a Scambook.com Complaint

My daughter is married to a Tunisian. She was visiting us in the US for a few weeks. Her husband was looking for a best-price-ticket from the US back to Tunis and ran across Cheap Flight Air (apparently also known as Cheaper Flight Air). After speaking with them he felt confident enough to do a Bank Transfer for the full amount ($1,351.00). He was sent his eTIcket info which he forwarded to my daughter and all looked legitimate. At 2:00AM that morning we dropped our daughter off at the airport and said our good-byes. We live a good bit away from the airport so we got back home about three hours later and went to bed. To our surprise not three hours later there was a knock at our door and it was our daughter, who just paid $300 to a cab driver nice enough to travel so far to drop her back off to our home. It turned out the airline (Delta) could not locate any reservations for her and in fact, could not find nor confirm the validity of this company. She had to choice but to pay a cab driver to bring her back home. She is upset, her husband is upset, we are upset and think this type of scam is terribly wrong on some many fronts. I see others have had a similar experience with these scammers and want to know what is being done about these people? They are ALL fakes! Check out their website (looks normal), but if you try to link to About you get an html error...does not exist. It's also so funny that in just about every complaint against them they were forced to do either a Bank Transfer or Western Union as their credit card processing was down. A DEAD GIVE-AWAY something is not right. So these creeps think they can get away with it? We're not the sort of people to take issues like this lying down, so a message to Cheap Flight Air or Cheaper Flight Air whatever your name is, "Keep looking over your shoulder. Those people coming up from behind you fast is us and we take no prisoners! Especially scumbags like you!"

Liverpool, UK
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45. Re: cheap flights air

Mike M

"After speaking with them he felt confident enough to do a Bank Transfer for the full amount ($1,351.00)."

He fell for the conman's smooth talk - did you really think they were going to tell you it was a scam.

Sorry but you have been scammed and you are as much to blame as the scammers if you blindly send this sort of money by bank transfer.

Syracuse, New York
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46. Re: cheap flights air

Agreed, these people should be taken down. It's a shame that there are enough people out there who will fall for the scam to make it worthwhile for them. They do no research at all before sending large quantities of their hard-earned money to a complete stranger in a way that is completely untraceable.

Just the smallest amount of research (typing the name into Google, for example) would give people all the red flags they need.

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47. Re: cheap flights air

I filed a Scambook.com Complaint


It's a pity your son in law didn't read web sites like that prior to simply picking whoever showed the cheapest price.

If you want to go after someone, why don't you pick on Google who are located in your country and can easily be sued unlike a bunch of people in another country hiding behind multiple layers of aliases?

Google after all enabled this fraud by returning the URL of these scammers as the result of a search, they must be aware they are fraudulent yet still return the address to stupid people who only look at cheap prices and nothing else.

Edited: 15 June 2014, 08:25
Prescott, Arizona
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48. Re: cheap flights air

My new son-in-law is young...he's learning. As for me? I did the research and found the anomalies. BTW, Cheap Flights called him after he sent an email to them to file a complaint. They said it was their fault and they will gladly refund the amount if he would give them his bank account number...again. LOL! No, he said just to Western Union it to him. Of course, this cannot be done and no, he does not expect to get his money back. An expensive lesson for him to learn, but better at his age now than 20 years later! Final Note: He is compiling evidence from the web now and filing a complaint with Interpol for ticket fraud. Doubt this will go very far, but at least he's understanding the type of trolls that are out there today.

Busan, South Korea
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49. Re: cheap flights air

They recently ripped me off. AfterI ordered a ticket online on May 15, 2014, and getting their confirmation by email that contained an itinerary, a locator number and a ticket number, I got this email reply from them on the same day. Actually, they gave me info for the bank account in Turkey, which does not seem to appear on their website now. The Czech info is below here.

"Dear Valued Customer!

We have received your order and understand that you've selected Bank Transfer as your preferred payment method with your purchase. Please find your transfer instructions below. Once the transfer is complete, please confirm it online in the My Itineraries at www.cheapflight-air.com, so that we can activate your tickets.

For your convenience, our company can send you your eTickets BEFORE you submit your payment. You will be able to confirm these tickets with your air company, but they will be fully activated after your payment is confirmed. Please let us know if you'd like to receive your eTickets before you submit your payment.

Please note that you are sending the funds to our main office in Czech Republic. Inter Credo, the beneficiary of the transfer, is a member of the Inter Credo Travel Group and owner of the Cheap Flight Air brand.

Recipient name: Inter Credo

Recipient address: Pobrezni 1, 18600, Prague, Czech Republic

Bank: Unicredit Bank Czech Republic

Recipient Bank address: Zeletavska 1525/1, Prague, 14092, Czech Republic


Account (IBAN): CZ2527000000002110074683"

Signed: "Best regards,

John Murphy

Sales Manager

Cheap Flight Air +48 22 208 4206(Warsaw, Poland)

+45 36 981 272(Istanbul, Turkey)


All services are provided by Ali Kok Trip : flight information, fares and offers are obtained through Inter Credo Group software."

Prescott, Arizona
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50. Re: cheap flights air

What is unfortunate, is that most Americans have no idea how some countries operate when it comes to financials. These countries DO NOT issue International credit or debit cards (i.e., Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc) and banks are very cautious about money leaving their country. Their plan is to keep the money for use within that country and therefore, will only issue bank cards that can be used ONLY within that country. You cannot use these cards online and each card is coded to block Internet purchases, so you can only buy goods and services within that country. This is the issue with Tunisia (Dinar) and I assume it's the same for Turkey. Because of this, your only option when purchasing something like "plane tickets" is to do a bank transfer. However, this ONLY applies to nationals of that country. Americans can freely purchase goods and services using their International credit or debit cards and can easily move funds out of that country. I am noting this because so many people have comments on this and asked why on earth would you issue a bank transfer? This is why.

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