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Air Asia

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Air Asia

Before I start this tirade I will say the guy who works next to me likes Air Asia so opinions vary.

Here are the facts -

- Air Asia decided to fly out of sydney 80 minutes before curfew. Didnt make it. We were stranded. Noone was answering the phone. Tough luck. Hotel at our expense. The cheap flight was beginnning to cost us against other airlines who take responsibility for you.

- We booked through expedia. Went to check in. We werent sitting together. $30 to sit together. This isnt low cost its hidden cost.

- We specified my wifes vegetarian preference when booking. We thought that meant food. We were wrong.

- You have to preorder food. For a nine hour flight do you have any choice? This isnt low cost its hidden cost. They dont allow you to bring food or drink on board

- What is worse they serve the food as soon as you take off. On the return journey I asked for my breakfast to be served before we got into sydney. Sure they said. When it arrived it had been in the warmer all night. Inedible. Baked beans dry and crusted.

- The woman next to us started throwing up. The staff avoided coming anywhere near us instead of offering help.

- On one leg they started aggressively selling thier onboard merchandise. He may as well have had a megaphone. Awful experience. Multiple sales pitches.

- In KL they use an old airline building where the toilets are either squat or have a pipe coming out of the cistern (close the lid before flushing)

- Departing from KL we were herded into a holding room for an hour. You have to sit on the floor as there just arent the seats.


- dont take a last flight out of anywhere as every flight we took was late

- dont fly more than 4 hours. You wont eat.

- look carefully at the price. Compare them against airlines who will take care of you if you get stranded and dont spring extra charges. All up we would have been better off sitting on a cathay pacific flight.

Remember, if they are taking these shortcuts in the cabin they will be taking the same shortcuts in maintenance. I dont know of any of these cattle trucks falling out of the sky yet but it is a matter of time.

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11. Re: Air Asia

I have travelled with Air Asia many times and have had not problems. The seats are not that big a deal because once when I booked Qantas I did not get a seat option and had to sit on my own. the toilets are okay at LCCT, cleaner than a lot of public toilets in the cities. Squat toilets are an Asian thing, there are plenty of western toilets, don't go to those countries if you don't like their facilities

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12. Re: Air Asia

I must be oblivious because while I found the info on Air Asia's website regarding extra fees for seat preference, meals, luggage etc, I totally failed to find the dodgy loos at the LCCT either time we passed through (actually spent about 6 hours there the second time).

newcastle upon tyne
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13. Re: Air Asia

1st time poster says it all really yet again

I'm not concerned at all about Air Asia's cattle trucks falling out of the sky soon, due to poor maintenance ha ha

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14. Re: Air Asia

The problem is that you booked with Expedia. The vegetarian preference would have been the same whatever airline you'd booked, eg Cathay--but Air Asia is not full-service so the 'request' doesn't mean anything-- you have to buy the food.

If you had travel insurance, then you should be able to claim for the hotel?

I'm not a fan of Air Asia, but will fly them on short hops to Thailand from HK. I do my research before flying and know what to expect-- sounds like you should have done this.

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15. Re: Air Asia

I cannot understand why people have the time to write these complaints when they could have spent the time researching more beforehand on what they are buying. As said by others, all of these are known facts.

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16. Re: Air Asia

That's a great point, kutepanda! Hear, hear! :)

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17. Re: Air Asia

At the risk of being dismissed by someone like jaynewcastle as a mere first time poster I will add my bit to the mix.I recently flew Air Asia for the first time Melbourne to Ho Chi Minh City with my wife and 2 children (15 & 2).I booked the trip online through their own website and found the experience to be fairly straightforward with the biggest problem being the website frequently crashing and not accepting payment so I had to start again a few times.I wasted a fair bit of money on extras such as in flight entertainment (not worth it for what you get) and the comfort kits,which it does not mention you are actually buying,so you only need to buy one (we ended up with way too many).We ordered food,which was fairly average quality but there was no alternative.For me the absolute deal breaker to ever using this airline again was the LCCT in Kuala Lumpur.We arrived on a Saturday afternoon at the same time as a few other flights (all Airbus 330s) and the "terminal" simply could not cope.There were hundreds of people jammed into the doorway and spilling back out airside,with absolutely no clear direction on what to do.The lucky ones got to go upstairs to join the mile long immigration queues and the rest of us had to inch forward to the one security checkpoint where it was every man for himself.Why the hell would you need to be screened when you have just gotten off a plane and why the hell would you only have one guy screening hundreds of passengers with no orderly way of doing it?With a 2 year old child and in such stifling heat the situation was unbearable and even when we were eventually escorted to the front of the mass by a lady who noticed my daughter was becoming distressed we still had to fight to even put our stuff on the belt.Once inside I found out from some other travellers that it took them over 2 hours just to get inside the LCCT.Once we got to HCMC we found that they had lost our baby stroller but we got it back after a few days.All in all they are not a bad airline but I will never fly with them again while they operate from that facility.

Edited: 20 January 2014, 17:01
Darwin, Australia
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18. Re: Air Asia

Unfortunately Pratts when a group of planes arrive around the same time any airport the immigration area can be very crowded. I have spent several hours at KLIA once but it was the time that a new immigration system was introduced. But credit to the Malaysians airport staff as they do assist people with little ones to go to one of the counters for Malaysian passport holder instead and you pass through a lot quicker. Just ask one of the airport staff to assist and we had a quicker processing because of our young grand daughter. But I am not sure if the LCCT have staff assisting arrivals like the KLIA. As for confusion and only a few officers on duty, try Rome airport and I would rate the LCCT above Rome.

Interesting about the screening passengers coming off the plane as each time I have used the LCCT, admittedly late at night, the officers manning the Xray just wave every one through and once the officer was asleep, head down on the desk. Perhaps they have now changed the rules.

Brisbane, Australia
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19. Re: Air Asia


'Why the hell would you need to be screened when you have just gotten off a plane'

Were you on a fly thru ticket? If so, this is the usual practice at all airports, before boarding your next flight.

Edited: 21 January 2014, 07:40
Melbourne, Australia
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20. Re: Air Asia

Yes I get that,but would it be too hard to have the screening point a little bit further inside the terminal,maybe have more than one and maybe also have some sort of orderly way of getting people through it rather than just making them all fight their way to it?

Some sort of information may have also been helpful too as most people weren't even aware of what they were pushing towards.It was an absolute joke.

Edited: 21 January 2014, 14:48