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eDreams Warning

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eDreams Warning

Previously, my partner had assured me she had booked flights "with eDreams", although in retrospect I am certain she chose eBookers, as I have no documentation from the former. Anyway, as we have traveled many times I trusted her judgement, plus I had always been involved in some capacity so if there had been an issue I would have been aware.

I did the usual flight comparison via Travel Supermarket and Flight Scanner. In summary eDreams presented the best price, provided a MasterCard debit card was used, without they were more expensive than some others. I am aware that MasterCard debit cards do not charge in overseas transactions, so it seemed probable. I transferred the precise amount to the relevant account and booked the flights. I received a confirmation, including a flight number.

Two Days later, an email informing me that there had been a schedule change/cancellation, and that they required me to "confirm the pending reservation". No details were supplied regarding the change. I knew something was wrong, checked the forums for horror stories, then called Iberia and provided the flight number. The assistant said the flight number was incorrect and told me the 3 digit code it should have begun with. He sounded slightly annoyed, so I asked if this happens frequently and he confirmed that it did.

The eDreams UK customer service number doesn't work, the Spanish one is £1.53 per minute. I wasn't turning over any more money to them, so I sent a total of 3 emails before getting a response. In my email I stated that Iberia informed me the flight number was false, also, due to the type of annual travel insurance I have, I could get a genuine cancellation covered. I had also questioned why the same flights were being advertised, if it was a service they could not provide.

Metro Bank were cooperative and were ready to pursue the funds as a fraudulent transaction.

The response from eDreams was to claim the refund had been provided already, days before. They also implied I made a mistake with the flight number, entering a '0' instead of an 'o'. I responded to them saying the whole flight number was false, which they ignored.

At this point my bank said that if eDreams confirmed the amount they 'refunded' and the date of the transaction, they would retrieve the funds immediately (eDreams would not do this, despite me baiting them). Alternatively, there was a 7 day period in which eDreams could hold the money as a pending transaction, although the bank would go after the money if they stalled further.

I did eventually get the money back the next week, in a number of emails entitled "scam", threatening that my bank would pursue them, highlighting the London postcode where the money had been diverted to. The wording of their paperwork is such that the consumer is set up to be snared, but this was only evident to me upon viewing the fake confirmation page. Apparently, I wasn't entitled to know the details of any "schedule change" as I didn't purchase their cancellation insurance.

They are not regulated by ATOL, and Easy Jet and Ryan Air have filed complaints regarding eDreams lying about prices, and hijacking web traffic. I also felt the sponsored Google ad offered some false hope of legitimacy. I hope this helps someone. Avoid them as if they are stalking you.

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71. Re: eDreams Warning

"Try helping .....by suggesting of how to avoid the situation by using add blockers or alternative flight searches like skyscanner.net."

The best advice is repeated again and again in these threads: Book direct with the airline. It doesn't matter though, the people that get scammed are only those that haven't seen the warnings so they're not going to have seen the good advice either.

Skyscanner.net isn't an alternative to eDreams. For one thing they don't sell flights, for another they link to plenty of dodgy 3rd party site so should not be used blindly.

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72. Re: eDreams Warning

I never suggested Skyscanner.net was an alternative to EDreams just a way of comparing prices then going direct to the airline ........which is something we both agree on.

Edreams do have the ability to cancel your flights without your permission as the card holder .....this should not be the situation as you the customer are being held to ransom....almost selling you an option to a flight not the actual flight. And yes some people have had their flights cancelled well after payment has been received by all parties at great cost to the "stranded" customer ....without compensation ( and no I am not one of these people so no axe to grind). I have no problem travel agent sites making "reasonable" charges for taking the chore out of the process the problem with EDreams is that the charges are deliberately unclear and some are applied after you confirm purchase

Where are Skyscanner.net dodgy links so others do not get caught out?

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73. Re: eDreams Warning

Where are Skyscanner.net dodgy links so others do not get caught out?


Bravofly, airfasttickets, Crystal Travel, Opodo, Flighthub, Wegolo, Travel Trolley... Want any more? All linked to on skyscanner and all available to view via numerous tales of woe on this very forum for people to read whilst doing their research.

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74. Re: eDreams Warning

Try helping .....by suggesting of how to avoid the situation by using add blockers or alternative flight searches like skyscanner.net.


Done hundreds of times. Literally.

Try it yourself, see how long before you get exasperated. And as said plenty of people have come a cropper through Skyscanner, a common refrain is "I trusted Skyscanner so I'll be boycotting them also". There is also "I thought I was booking with Skyscanner but I got hijacked and ended up on eDreams or "I was on the easyjet/ryanair website but was hijacked to eDreams."

Anyway, IMO people who know how to use an Adblocker wont get fooled by ads, they only use them to avoid the annoyance of seeing ads, not to avoid being fooled so that advice wont save anyway. If you know how to use one, you dont need it for that reason.

Over to you. Have a go at responding to people who spent a couple of grand without spending any time checking or in some cases even noticing or knowing who they booked with.

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75. Re: eDreams Warning

>>Over to you. Have a go at responding to people ....<<

Yes indeed, over to you. Take 3-4 months on here to do so. Applause to the regular ATFers who, without fail, post advice to book direct with the airlines.

Everyone has their own learning curve. For those who don't use the forums much, lurking on (reading) the ATF on a regular basis is the best education for anything to do with flying. Flyertalk forums too. http://www.flyertalk.com

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