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Etihad service

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Etihad service

Can you believe that its took more than 14 months but we still waiting for our compensation

This is our complain letter


We have problems with our bags.We took flight EY407/20OCT/EY55/20OCT from Bangkok to Brussels.

However, NONE of the bags we loaded during the check-in in Bangkok were appeared at the Brussels airport.

After waiting until the last baggage had come (at least one hour) and found none of the luggage, we contacted the Lost&Found office at the Brussels airport.

They checked our boarding passes and found no tracking number of the luggage.We were suggested that our bags might still be at the Bangkok airport.It might not even be checked during the our check-in.

How could it possible.Everything seemed to be alright when we did the check-in but none of the bags has come.

This situation caused us many difficulties.Apart from losing our time at the airport, we have to change the plan of the whole trip.

All of our belonging and necessity are in the bags!We have no cloths, nothing!

We cannot go on the trip as planed but have to be on standby waiting for news about our bags.

Still don't know when we can get our bags.We wish they will be found soon.

In this regard, we need the clarification about this problems.We didn't think that this could happen with your airline.What we experience seems unprofessional.

We also wish that this situation will be solved soon and your airline take the proper actions in order to recover our trust towards your airline

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11. Re: Etihad service

A representative, Mr. Mickael Guillou , Supervisor of ETIHAD AIRWAYS, THE WORLD CLASS AIRLINE in Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport had finally arrived after we were waiting for an hour at the counter. Then we gave our phone to him to talk with the Bangkok Office. The staff of Bangkok Office also talked with the officer of Baggage Claim Office via our phone. When they were talking, the staff of baggage Claim Office searched something on the computer. We heard that she asked for tracking number or something. Another staff of baggage Claim Office came in and they discussed something together and checked on the computer again. After talking for a while, that lady left our phone on the counter without telling us anything. It seemed that she didn’t want to talk with the staff of the Bangkok Office anymore. Our friend took the phone and found that the Bangkok Office staff was still on the phone. We told her that the staff of baggage Claim Office just put the phone on the counter. The staff of Bangkok Office said “Well, I will check something and call you back.”

The staff of baggage Claim Office and her colleague checked something on the computer and made some phone calls and finally told us that they found our bags!

She told us that our suitcases were indeed sent to CDG airport. They arrived at terminal 1 and it would take AT LEAST 24 HOURS TO ARRIVE AT TERMINAL. We didn’t understand it would take that long. Our suitcases were at the airport already why we couldn’t take them. We tried to explain to her that we really need our suitcases. We cried and begged her to help. She said SHE COULDN’T DO ANYTHING FOR US. JUST WAIT!! WE CANNOT BELIEVE THAT WE WOULD HEAR INFORMATION WHICH WAS TOTALLY IGNORANCE ABOUT THE TROUBLE WE EXPERIENCED. NO HELPFUL, UNKNOWLEDGEBLE OF TROUBLE SHOOTING, TOTALLY POOR SERVICE PROVIDING!! She said she could only manage to send the suitcases to our accommodation when they arrived at terminal 2. We explained that we didn’t stay in a hotel. There would be no one in the room to receive the suitcases. We also didn’t have anything for our trip. We urgently need our stuff in the suitcases.

They couldn’t tell us what time our suitcases would send to our accommodation so how long we had to wait in our room until the suitcases arrive. We didn’t go to Paris to wait in the room for the suitcases but for travelling to see beautiful attractions as planned! They said we didn’t have to wait in the room but could be out travelling. They would call us when the suitcases were sent to us. How could we travel? We didn’t bring anything, just the same clothes we wore on the first day! Anyway, even we were out, would it be fun to travel around when we still worried about the suitcase? We afraid to trust anyone’s words that were not certainty.

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12. Re: Etihad service

ETIHAD AIRWAYS, THE WORLD CLASS AIRLINE’s representative, Mr. Guillou told us that he would arrange to the compensation for each of us. He said we would get about 31 euros per day for each of us. We asked him what we could do with the 31 euro. The train from Paris Nord to CDG Airport was almost 10 euro already. We also need to take it back to city center of Paris so we then had to pay another 10 euro. We would have 10 euro left then. Could we buy the necessities with 10 euro? Nothing! The 31 euro was no meaning, no worthy and not a proper amount to compensate for our severe incidents we experienced. Mr. Guillou told us he could do nothing for us and suggested that we should make a complaint to ETIHAD THAILAND later on.

We insisted that we wanted our suitcase now! They had to do anyway to get our suitcase to Terminal 2 soon. We felt cold! We were tired! We were hungry! We came far to get our suitcases and we wouldn’t leave without having our suitcases.

The staff of Baggage Claim Office kept trying again to check. After standing at the counter and awaiting around 2 hours for the answer, she finally told us that our suitcase you be at her office in 10 minutes. We were so glad. We said we would wait. Anyway, we were asked to go with Mr. Guillou. He asked us to go to his office.

At his office, Mr. Guillou talked to a lady who was busy with some customers at the counter. He then told us that we had to wait for a little longer because his colleague was still busy with some customers. It was not a little longer but a big while actually. We were very tired. We had no place to sit so we sat on the floor finally. We found out later that he took us to get the compensation, about 31 euro per day and they would give us 2 days compensation. We felt that this amount couldn’t compensate what we lost: the time, the money and most importantly, the feeling and trust we have towards your airline! We were very disappointed and upset. We tried to negotiate with Mr. Guillou to do something better than just give us the 60 euros. At least they should provide a taxi to talk us to our accommodation. Our suitcases were big and heavy. We couldn’t take them back by the train. Mr. Michael didn’t do or say anything to help us. Therefore, we asked for talking with his manager but he refused. He said his manager was busy. We insisted until he called his manager but he didn’t let us talk still. He spoke with his manage on the phone then hang up and said that his manage confirmed that they could only give us this 62 euros because the regulation said so. Even he was aware that this amount couldn’t compensate what we lost or paid to deal with this problems, he still didn’t try to compromise. We were waiting at the office of Etihad for more than an hour waiting for the compensation but there was no chair for us to sit not even the water to drink.

When we were waiting, a staff from Bangkok Office called us. It’s a man, not a lady this time. His name is Mr. Chanyuth Chamnansath. He said he was the person who managed sending the suitcases to Paris. He asked for us to explain about the situation (again). He told us that suitcases were lost because the tags of the suitcases were torn off so they were not loaded at the first place. No! The tags were not torn off but there was no tag at all. The Check-in staff in Bangkok who checked our tickets didn’t check our bags because it showed ‘0’ on our boarding pass! It seemed that Mr. Chanyuth was not aware that his colleague forgot to issue the tracking number for our suitcases. He took a note and asked us to keep our boarding passes.

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13. Re: Etihad service

After talking for a while with Mr. Changyuth over the phone, we let him aware that our number was a Belgian number we were paying for receiving the call from him and it was expensive! He then asked for the French number he could call. We gave our phone to Mr. Michael for him to give the French number to Mr. Chanyuth. Mr. Chanyuth then hanged up the phone and called to one of the number at the office of Etihad. The staff of บริษัทเคลมกระเป๋า came to let us know that our suitcase had arrived. We then stop talking with Mr. Chanyuth and to get back to the ชื่อบริษัทเคลมกระเป๋า. In the meantime, we got our compensation. Each of us got 62 euros.

At the baggage Claim Office, we got our suitcases and still tried to negotiate with Mr. Guillou to help sending us to our apartment. We were too tired to get on the train, particularly when we had to carry three big suitcases and one small that our friend took from Belgium. Mr. Michael just helped by sending us to the taxi.

It was almost 3 p.m. when we left the CDG Airport. We didn’t eat anything after breakfast we had in Belgium at 6 a.m. before leaving for the train to Paris. We lost our energy from negotiating, convincing, insisting, and being so emotional to get our suitcases. We were very tired but we still had to carry our big suitcases, more than 20 kilograms each from the place where the taxi dropped us off to the address and lifted the up on the stairs to the apartment.

We also lost our time and days. We lost the first day we arrived in managing about the bag at the Baggage Claim Office in Brussels then ran to the shop to buy some necessities. We couldn’t make the trip as planned on the second day, instead, we had to be on standby somewhere nearby and apartment awaiting good news in case the suitcases had arrived (but didn’t). We lost the third day which we were supposed to enjoy travelling in Paris the whole day because we bought the train tickets that enabling us to arrive at Paris 8.35 a.m. but we had to go to the CDG Airport to fight for our suitcases. It took us until late afternoon. It’s not worth to go out that time and we had no more energy to go out. In total, we lost 3 days of our 10 days trip! This was the first time of flying with ETIHAD AIRWAYS, THE WORLD CLASS AIRLINE and it was totally bad travelling experience we have never had until using ETIHAD AIRWAYS.

Finally, we are designing to spread out our bad experiences with ATIHAD AIRWAYS, THE WORLD CLASS AIRLINE to the public media and social networks as much as we can to share information to others, to be considered and aware of the problems they might experience when using ETIHAD AIRWAYS, if our troubles are not addressed and handled properly!!

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14. Re: Etihad service

Wow, that seems to be the longest post ever. It reminds me the quote from Sir Winston Churchill: "This report, by its very length, defends itself against the risk of being read."

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15. Re: Etihad service

I got as far as Chapter 2.

I'll watch the rest when it comes out as a movie.

After 14 months, claim on your travel insurance.

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16. Re: Etihad service

Gone With The Wind was shorter - or maybe it's just that GWTW was interesting .....

Luggage does sometimes get lost - that's what travel insurance is for (well, one of the things). If the OP didn't have insurance, s/he needs to get over it - after 14 months, I think the bags have gone to the great luggage room in the sky. RIP.

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17. Re: Etihad service

I got to the end, got there cases back and are complaining about having to carry them, I think , I had glazed over by that point.

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18. Re: Etihad service

It was all such a long-winded lot of drivel that I missed the part where they actually got their luggage back! So, what's the point of whinging 14 months later?

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19. Re: Etihad service


Do everyone a favor and next time don't travel, or at least travel without luggage as there is a good chance that bags don't make it on the same flight as you on any given airline.

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20. Re: Etihad service

Just want to share how professional airline handle case.

Thanks for your attention.

I learn from my mistake.

This case cannot stop me from travel.

But make me more carefull.