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Airline dispute

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Airline dispute

I am currently being brushed off by United Airlines for receiving any compensation for reaching my destination one day late due to their mistake. The flight I was to be on was posted as "ON SCHEDULE" but when I got to the gate 30 minutes before departure, there was no plane in sight. I found out that it had already left and no passenger announcement was made. I later discovered that this was because I was actually SCANNED ON that flight. I then had further issues getting on the next day's flight since according to them I had already left!

Does anyone know about policy regarding flights leaving early? I expect to be compensated for hotel, meal, and incidentals at the very least. They do not seem to be responding to this request. Any suggestions?

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1. Re: Airline dispute

When was the flight? It's more than a bit unusual for a flight to actually push back 30 minutes early, I think. Give us some more details. Were you delayed at security or something?

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2. Re: Airline dispute

Flights don't usually even board until 30min ahead, let alone leave that early.

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3. Re: Airline dispute

I fly UA a lot and really find it difficult to believe they managed to have a flight leave 30 minutes early.

What's missing from this story? Can you post the flight number and date?

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4. Re: Airline dispute

30 minutes? Unheard of - not just for UA, but any airline worldwide. I have travelled before, where I was told at check in that the flight would be pushing to leave early (but NEVER has this happened 30 minutes early without any prior notification.

However, in your case, if 100's of other passengers managed to be onboard, then there is definitely more to this event

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5. Re: Airline dispute

'The flight I was to be on was posted as "ON SCHEDULE" but when I got to the gate 30 minutes before departure, there was no plane in sight. '

Umm.....hard to believe that all the other passengers were waiting to board so far in advance.

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6. Re: Airline dispute

Avogirl, as others have said, please post the flight number and date etc, people can't do much to help you otherwise.

You must be able to see that it would be a very unusual situation for everyone else to be able to get on the plane other than you in the event of it leaving unexpectedly thirty mins early. Hence the comments you are getting.

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7. Re: Airline dispute

Is it possible that avogirl is talking about actual plane departure time, as opposed to "time to be at the gate to board" which is of necessity rather earlier than the plane departure time, to give the passengers time to board, get settled and the plane to taxi out for its departure time? In which case, I'm not surprised it had already left the gate.

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8. Re: Airline dispute

If you story is correct, I assume the we're other passengers also left behind.

Hmmmmm. Something not quite right here.

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9. Re: Airline dispute

Hi avogirl, I'm puzzled as to how you were scanned as having boarded the flight. If you still have the original boarding pass, check to see if it is in your name.


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10. Re: Airline dispute

No passenger announcements at all made on the P.A.? Where were you? If there had been a P.A. announcement, you would have gone to the gate? If you weren't at the gate, how can you be sure they made no announcements (those sometimes can only be heard in the area of the departure gate)? You said you got to the gate 30 mins. before scheduled departure. You obviously had to check in at least an hour in advance. Were you delayed in security? Sitting in a bar or restaurant? When was the last time you checked the airport monitors regarding your flight's status?

Also, I agree that the part about you being scanned on the flight (as though that would affect the plane's departure) makes absolutely no sense. Someone scanned your boarding pass, or UA just mistakenly recorded you as having boarded? And even if UA had recorded you as having boarded-- meaning boarding must have commenced way before 30 mins before boarding time-- where were you? What was the "boarding time" on your boarding pass? You still have that pass?

Need more info. What did UA say?

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