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Flying from London Luton

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Flying from London Luton

Hi everyone

I am flying from London Luton with Ryanair on 11am monday in two weeks. I have already checked in and I only travel with hand luggage. As I have never flown from that airport I don't know how early before the flight I should be there. The official website of the airport recomends 2 hours but I think thats way to much as I only have pass security and nothing else. What would you suggest?

Thanks a lot

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1. Re: Flying from London Luton

I think you should aim to be there one hour before,then when there is a minor hold up getting there and you miss your flight because the security queue was long plus you were selected fora slow search of your bags, and Ryanair closed the gate at ( say) 45 minutes to go, you should post a huge rant here about how unfair it is because you were only 5 minutes late.

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2. Re: Flying from London Luton

How do you know there won't be massive queues at the airport for security? It's not as if your flight is likely to be the only one leaving at that time.

If the airport recommends two hours, what makes you think you know better?

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3. Re: Flying from London Luton

The official website of the airport recomends 2 hours


Then that's exactly what I would go by. They recommend it for a reason. You could always ignore that advice and risk missing your flight though, but why would you want to chance that ?

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4. Re: Flying from London Luton

I'd go 3 hours before, but thats just me. Much rather pass through security (which can take a while) and "do nothing" on the other side...then be late and stressed.

The object of the exercise is to catch a plane...not see how late you can leave home...

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5. Re: Flying from London Luton

>> The official website of the airport recomends 2 hours but I think thats way to much<<

Ok, if you feel you may know better than the airport, go for it.

Most of us who travel a lot will tell you that when people miss flights it's for exactly this reason,,,they aimed to get there an hour before hand, faced some minor mishap, then faced horrible queues at security and had to buy a walk up fare. Of course others risk it and make it.

However if you are willing to take the risk, you could win, you just never know really,,,do you?

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6. Re: Flying from London Luton

An hour is fine with one caveat. Two hours is assuming that you need to do bag drop or even the full check in process.

An hour will be plenty, even given the long walk to the Ryanair gates (and you can't even start walking before the gate is announced, usually 20 to 30 minutes before departure). So as long as you are through and watching the monitors 30 minutes before departure time you will be fine. It has never taken me longer than 30 minutes to get through security and I have flown out of Luton many times.

The caveat is this. There is an express security line, for a fee. You have to be willing to pay this fee if the line turns out to be very long and you don't think you'll make it through in 30 minutes.

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7. Re: Flying from London Luton

You have to get to the airport and could get stuck in traffic? You don't know how long it will take you to get through security? I would get to the airport 2 hrs before your flight is due to leave. Why risk missing it?

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8. Re: Flying from London Luton

We take hand luggage and so only have to go through security but we depart in order to be there two hours before if not earlier - why? Because flights are not like buses you can't just get another one without any further expense or inconvenience a short time after your scheduled flight, and life is not predictable, an accident on the road to the airport could hold you up, a flat tyre, roadworks, a slow queue at security, an argument/emergency with a partner/family member, the list is endless, but the outcome is final - you don't get to board.

I just don't take the risk, would only spend the extra hour at home worrying about not getting to the airport on time.

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9. Re: Flying from London Luton

Assuming you are close to Bedford, you are looking at around a 45 minute drive to the airport. Then you have to park your car and get into the terminal. That's assuming that there are no problems with traffic, road works or anything else - none of those are valid excuses for missing a flight.

Hard to know what the security queues are going to be like, either - you may get pulled aside for random detailed screening - it all adds up.

So, if I were you, assuming that 45 minute drive, I would leave my house at 8:15 and plan on getting breakfast once you are through security. Take a book, buy magazines, or whatever you like to read and relax and get a nice calm start to your trip.

The pros call it "building in contingency time", and it certainly beats rushing around, stressing out.

Liverpool, UK
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10. Re: Flying from London Luton

What is more important to you - an extra hour in bed with an increased risk of missing the flight because of some unforeseen problem or a stress free journey to the airport relaxing with a coffee waiting for your flight.

I know which one works for me but you can make your own choice.