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reclining seats

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reclining seats


thank goodness for small mercies , i am on the large side and if a seat is reclined in front of me then i struggle

Liverpool, UK
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1. Re: reclining seats

Although the survey says 90% voted in favour of the recline ban I doubt it was a genuinely representative statistical survey and I'm sure there are a significant number of flyers who would still prefer the recline function.

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2. Re: reclining seats

Short haul thats fine and good, long haul or an over nighter, my money is on that would pee off a large amount of people. I certainly would not fly them long haul ( well I would not anyway) if I had to sit bang up right all night.

You can get shell seats that the recline does not impact on the person behind, so this is just another money saving idea from monarch.

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3. Re: reclining seats

I think it's great. All their routes, bar two (Orlando and Tobago), are short/medium haul when there is no need to recline. The new design seats means you get extra legroom as well. They've made no secret that long haul doesn't really fit into their plans. They cancelled their Dreamliner order, and only have two longhaul aircraft. Maybe they're thinking of phasing it out?

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4. Re: reclining seats

I rarely recline my seat because I find that it encroaches into other people's space: The person in front encroaching mine and I encroaching the person's behind me. I like the shell seats. In the confine area where space is a premium and everyone jostles for little extra, it is even more important to respect boundary.

newcastle upon tyne
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5. Re: reclining seats

Seats are designed to recline into the space immediately behind you, it is not private space that only the person sitting behind you has the right to

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6. Re: reclining seats

For short trip they are fine, assuming all tablet users will use earphones :-)

No way for a nightly 12 hour flight.

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7. Re: reclining seats

Excellent news, let's hope a few more airlines follow as well.

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8. Re: reclining seats

I wouldn't fly with a non-reclining seat - it may be short haul on that flight - but how do you know I haven't just come off a 12 hr long-haul ? I'm tall and I have no issue at all with people in front of me reclining - and I recline mine as I need to. The only time it's an issue is when a meal time and every airline I've ever been on the attendant will ask someone with a fully-reclined seat to put it upright while meal service is occurring.

The idea that reclining a seat is invading someone's personal space is just bizarre.

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9. Re: reclining seats

<< The idea that reclining a seat is invading someone's personal space is just bizarre.>>

Except if you need to get up with a row of seats all reclined .... or if you need to reach your bag under the reclined seat in front for something. The fact you "own" that space behind you doesn't always sit well on what is a very cramped space. Once a seat is reclined you are basically pinned into your seat ... all you can really do is point the air at the top of their head because it's your air-vent and you can point it where you want and press the touch-screen LOTS.

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10. Re: reclining seats

Got to agree that reclining causes issues because of the domino effect it creates.

Surely if you're only reclining a little bit and it shouldn't annoy anyone, then you could sleep upright, its not like reclining gives you loads more space.

There's no doubt that it impacts on the row behind, and the row behind that, and....

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