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Urgent: Travel website cancelled my ticket. Please help.

Zurich, Switzerland
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Urgent: Travel website cancelled my ticket. Please help.

I booked my international ticket through airfasttickets travel website 2 months ago.

The flight was from Munich, Germany to Rhodes, Greece via Thessaloniki, Greece. The flight operator was Aegean.

On the next day I got a confirmation letter together with Eticket information. Two days prior to the flight I tried to make an online registration (they have a 48 hours restriction), but I didn't succeed. So I immediately I contacted to the client service of AirFastTickets and I was told that everything is fine with my flight and with my booking. Just the problem of Aegean airlines cite.

But when I arrived to the airport and was planning to register at the terminal, I came to know that I am not in the list and there is nobody with my name registered for this flight. I was shocked, as I payed for the hotel and rented a car already. And most important I was not informed by e-mail or phone.

I was advised to talk to the Aegean service, there as a nice lady who explained me that the ticket was canceled by airfasttickets company a month ago. Now I have even a confirmation from Aegean that the ticket was canceled after a day I got a confirmation from Airfasttickets.

I had no choice as only to buy a ticket at the airport, which was of course much more expensive.

When I came back to home after vacation and contacted to Airfasttickets I had a surprise as I was told that they still see in their system that my ticket is fine and they really cannot understand why do I complain now and why I didn't take the flight. Surprise...

After several calls to Aegean company (no complains about that company at all) I got a confirmation that the ticket was cancelled and they approve that. Then, after a hundred of calls to Airfasttickets, I got finally a confirmation that something went wrong and they will contact soon to the Aeagean and will contact after to me.

Surprisingly, after two weeks I didn't get any reply from them, and I decided to call.

So after second hundred of calls and more than a month of waiting I got today their decision (and of course I had to call them by myself, nobody never contacted to me from Airfasttickets) - their will reimburse the ticket which was cancelled.

Q. I hope I will get at lest the money for the first ticket. But, I would like to know what am I entitled to in this situation? Are they required to reimburse the second ticket, at least partially? So in the and if they only give me the refund, I had to shell out much more for the fresh ticket. I do not take into account the amount of money I have spend for international calls.

Many thanks,


Nowy Sacz, Poland
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1. Re: Urgent: Travel website cancelled my ticket. Please help.

"But, I would like to know what am I entitled to in this situation?" You are entitled to learn the lesson and buy direct from the airline in future!

Liverpool, UK
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2. Re: Urgent: Travel website cancelled my ticket. Please help.

Consider yourself lucky if you get a refund - put the extra cost of a new ticket down as a learning experience that you should buy direct from the airline in future or if you insist on using a 3rd party then research them before you buy.

If you had done this then you wouldn't have bought from them in the first place.

Watford, United...
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3. Re: Urgent: Travel website cancelled my ticket. Please help.

Oh dear Sergey. Sounds like a right pig in a poke. File a dispute with your credit card company if you paid by credit card and they will possibly get you out of this pickle.

Complain to airfasttickets if you like but you will not get a jot for your second flight. They may offer you a voucher or something which will be about as welcome as a year old haddock in the boot of your car.

Once you have your refund take time out to give yourself a good talking to and vow never to book with shoddy firms like this lot again.

Cala d'Or, Spain
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4. Re: Urgent: Travel website cancelled my ticket. Please help.

Sounds like another familia story from the rabble at Airfasttickets.

Avoid them like the plague and in future book directly with the airline.

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5. Re: Urgent: Travel website cancelled my ticket. Please help.

If they cancelled a flight you paid for they were in breach of contract.

I know what your rights would be had this happened in the UK and under UK law (you could have taken them to the Small Claims Court, and claimed consequential damages - i.e., the cost of the more expensive ticket you had to buy), but I don't know under what country's laws your contract was made as I don't know where this company is based.

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6. Re: Urgent: Travel website cancelled my ticket. Please help.

If you booked on the German site then your contract is with this company:

Fastgroup Deutschland AG

Hanauer Landstrasse 175 - 179

D-60314 Frankfurt, Germany

This means that German law will apply, and that you will probably need to sue this outfit in Germany if it comes to that. Suggest you read up on German consumer laws.

7. Re: Urgent: Travel website cancelled my ticket. Please help.

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8. Re: Urgent: Travel website cancelled my ticket. Please help.

I recently booked a return to Dubai with this rotten, disreputable and unsafe shower


Well that sounds like a bad idea! Why did you do that ?

Phoenix, Arizona
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9. Re: Urgent: Travel website cancelled my ticket. Please help.

<<avoid like the proverbial plague if you don't want to lose your money>>

One could fill in any number of "discounted 3rd party booking agents," and pretty much cover all bases.

Many are just pure scams, while some others do try to provide a service, but it usually falls very short.

There are NO "free lunches." None! Everything costs something, and maybe the lure of the "cheap tickets" was the siren song?

Why do people get blinded by terms, such as "cheap," "inexpensive," "discounted," without really checking on such? It is because they think that THEY can beat the system, and get something for nothing, or nearly so. That lure is just too strong, and their brains turn to pond scum, almost instantly. Everyone in the 3rd party travel business knows this, and they all exploit it, to some degree - some more than others.

As many have so often said, "run away quickly," and do not leave your credit card number behind. At the best, one will end up paying for "extras," beyond what they assumed, but too often will be missing their $ (or whatever), and likely their credit card info too.

Book directly with the airlines, or a trusted, reputable, registered travel agent (if one cannot navigate the Internet themselves), and do not, under any circumstances, go with one of the myriad 3rd party Web sites.

Good luck, and hope that some of the money is returned, and also, that your credit card is not filled with charges from some Eastern European country, for things that you never imagined.


London, United...
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10. Re: Urgent: Travel website cancelled my ticket. Please help.

Dear Andy186460,

Just reaching out to you on this thread as well, could you check your inbox here for further information? Thanks very much and we look forward to resolving this situation as soon as is possible.


Your AirFastTickets.co.uk Team