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NCL Norwegian - Worst Cruise Line in the World

Hackensack, New...
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NCL Norwegian - Worst Cruise Line in the World

Norwegian Cruise Line -

Unprofessional, unclean, unsecure, non-caring. Are just a few of the word that come to mind after cruising through Hawaii. One of the world’s magnificent majestic locations of the world. Yes, Hawaii is awesome! Norwegian is not!

Do’s of Hawaii – Do GO have a wonderful time. Don’t take the island cruise offered by Norwegian! Although you can easily get from 1 island to the other with this boat; you will be unhappy to miserable during your stay on the boat.

My cabin was on the upper tier with a balcony. ( yes, sounds beautiful ) The room was old, very old – unclean ( carpet had brown tint ) Old décor. Some drawers worked others were broken. Snacks from previous guests remained ( sunflower seeds, chips, cookie crumbs ) – House keeping was requested to clean the room numerous times. Nope, they never did. All week I was picking up stuff and stepping on $&#*(.

The rooms offer a safe, Nice touch; but house keeping has the master key to open the safe. And yes they did! Jewelry was removed from it. Security on the boat took a report and was polite; That did nothing to procure my list articles. I also has some other new purchases stolen from the room. A Norwegian theft report is still yet to be produced – and my insurance company / Visa don’t recognize anything but a police report. Which is unavailable because the issue took place on the boat. I have written Norwegian’s corporate office in Miami – they are completely unsympathetic to the issue and will do nothing.

The dining options on the boat – yes there is some variety, but let me put it in simple terms. Even the Ships crew leaves the boat for food. Yes, Wal - Mart food. I asked some of the crew about this, because the food on the boat is free; and they just smiled. It may be free, but it is not stuff you want to eat. So as a guest would you want to eat it. The selection is poor, the quality is low, the variety is non existent, the presentation is for cattle – no decorative displays Cruises are known for ( ice sculpture, elaborate spreads, or anything elegant ) no it was mediocre at best. If you consider your self a present you will be happy, but you certainly will not gain any weight in this cruise.

Now to the drinks, Orange Juice with breakfast $ 4 + for a glass ( after mandatory tip ). Whiskey in the room – 1 shot $ 9 dollars. Wow, now you know what the cruise line is thinking; They are laughing at the patrons all the way to the bank!

You can dine with “quality” food in their per person cover charge dining rooms. Yes the food is better to good; but should you really have to shell out $ 60 for a decent meal when you have already paid for food???

Is there anything good I can say about Norwegian Cruise Line? Yes, its over and I am so happy to not be going back to that boat! Its over! Oh, YA!

Stick with Carnival or Princess for cruises, Don’t make the mistake that I did!

Olathe, KS
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1. Re: NCL Norwegian - Worst Cruise Line in the World

Your mistake was taking a cruise that only sails to American ports, and as such must abide by U.S. Labor laws and minimum wages. There was no incentives for the crew to go out of their way to help you. I've sailed NCL several times and found them to be top notch. Your experience is unique. You should have reported your problems to the "Hotel Director" directly. I'm truly sorry you had a bad experience. Give them another chance on another cruise.

Melbourne, Australia
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2. Re: NCL Norwegian - Worst Cruise Line in the World

yes I too have sailed NCL 7 times although only on their international ships and they have been great.

Rochester, United...
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3. Re: NCL Norwegian - Worst Cruise Line in the World


I'm aanother vote for NCL, though I havent done the same hawaiian cruise as the O.P, of the 3 different cruise lines I've sailed with NCL are definately my favourite


Rochester, New York
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4. Re: NCL Norwegian - Worst Cruise Line in the World

I did the this cruise two weeks after the OP and didn't have the problems or concerns they mentioned

We found the crew to be helpful and enjoyable, even if they were an "American" crew doesn't mean they are rude and nasty or lazy.

My room was spotless everyday, towels replaced, dirty dishes removed and the carpet was clean

We used the safe with no problems

Was the food the best we ever had, no but we didn't go hungry! and we did gain weight, there were plenty of choices and we never had a bad meal once, yes sometimes service was slow but the food was always hot and good

The crew that we saw leaving the ships were heading to bars and beaches, these were all young single kids and why not leave the ship if they can hang out on a Hawaiian beach for the day! I didn't see them bringing Wal mart food on unless it was snacks

I thought the orange juice was included, I certainly did not pay $4 for an OJ

I paid the same amount for a glass of wine on the ship as I did on the AA flight there, not sure what whiskey would cost but if wine is $6 guess $9 doesn't sound too bad

WE felt it was a great way to see the islands, my floating hotel room!

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5. Re: NCL Norwegian - Worst Cruise Line in the World

What boat was this?

Rochester, New York
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6. Re: NCL Norwegian - Worst Cruise Line in the World

Pride of America

New Port Richey...
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7. Re: NCL Norwegian - Worst Cruise Line in the World

Ncl sucks it is the worst cruise line ever a garbage float is better then this dump. My family and i went on the hawaiian cruise spent over 10 thousand dollars. One sentence of advice, save your time and money by sticking to carnival and princess. The only one thing i can say good about ncl is when my family and i were the first ones off of that boat. Sooo... if your looking for slow service crappy food and small unclean rooms Ncl is the cruise for u.

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8. Re: NCL Norwegian - Worst Cruise Line in the World

Totally agree with McMomny.

Have cruised with NCL and loved them.

If some of you other guys complain about NCL, don't attempt to sail with some of the other lines, as there are a hell of a lot worse. There is not a cruiseline in the world, that some persons would not complain about. Perhaps the whingers should stay on land only, and not cruise at all.

Edited: 08 February 2012, 07:21
Wigan, United...
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9. Re: NCL Norwegian - Worst Cruise Line in the World

Well said Bob,

NCL are great.

Some people moan at anything and everything.

ON, Canada
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10. Re: NCL Norwegian - Worst Cruise Line in the World

If you want to cruise the Hawaiian Islands, without spending days at sea to get to/from Hawaii, there is one choice ... NCL's Pride of America.... a 7 day cruise that starts and ends in Honolulu, with stops at the other 3 islands - Maui, Kauai and Hawaii (the big island). I haven't taken the cruise (although my daughter has and enjoyed it) - I prefer land vacations in Hawaii.

For a first time visitor who wants to see all 4 of the major islands and without a lot of time to do it, this cruise is likely a more affordable way to do it rather than paying separately for hotel, meals, and airfare to get from one island to another. The islands are easy to explore on your own with a rental car (best to set up the rental reservations for each port in advance.)

If anyone has concerns about the very negative comments above, I would recommend reading more balanced reviews on TA's sister site, Cruise Critic. The reviews there, for the most part, are quite favourable.

Edited: 08 February 2012, 13:45