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Comments on New forum design

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Comments on New forum design

If you can keep your feedback here it would be great. This way we can keep track of your complaints, compliments and bugs.

I'll close and redirect the topics that have already been started or that pop up.


1. Re: Comments on New forum design

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2. Re: Comments on New forum design

Your new format was very unfriendly. Hard to navigate and just plain bad. No need to have 1/3 of the page taken up with DE's names and avatars. Prefer to have more space taken available on the page for forum posts and less with unimportant clutter.

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3. Re: Comments on New forum design

I simply hate the new format! Hate it! There is nothing that I can see that has been improved in any way. The actual forum (quesions/answers) part is now so narrow it is hard to read or follow. This should be the part that gets the most space-not less. Isn't that the whole point of the forum? Why were the DEs moved to the side rather than kept on the top? If fact- what is the point of them being listed at all? You have someone listed who hasn't even posted in almost 2 years.

The format now makes the forum look cluttered and not user friendly at all. The one thing that everyone has been asking for- from way back- is an edit button. Yet I still don't see one. Give us that button and return the forum to the more user friendly format.

New York
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4. Re: Comments on New forum design

I agree, its just awfully small and congested and not very inviting or friendly.



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5. Re: Comments on New forum design

I do not like the new format of the forum. Takes more effort to scroll through the topics. And more effort to scroll through responses to a topic.

Why take up a large part of the page for DE's?

I think this will most likely take away from how many topics I read and/or respond to.

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6. Re: Comments on New forum design

Let me repeat what others are posting - it's horrible. The single worst thing is devoting the right 1/3 of the page to the Destination Experts. Terrible wasted of space.

Please (please!) just make it as easy as possible to read the messages.

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7. Re: Comments on New forum design

Disappointed with the new format - wasted real estate with displaying a full list of DE names on practically 1/3 of the screen. Also, its more difficult to navigate back to the forum thread listings once you open a thread (need to scroll up to top of section rather than having a navigation point on the bottom of the page like the old version). Big avatars, graphics, adds don't make TA very user friendly.


Bummed in NY

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8. Re: Comments on New forum design

I think there will be a lot of complaints that just come from the fact that people aren't used to the new set up. Overtime I think people will get used to the new format and those problems will become non-issues. However, there are a couple things I would like to see changed:

1) Less white space. Even if there are a number of FAQs there will still be an enormous amount of white space on the forum pages. This could be fixed by expanding the thread and forum pages to the right, maybe by aligning the bottom of the two upper block areas.

2) On the country/state forums, again a column for the sub-forum the post came from. This makes scrolling over the posts much easier and allows you to quickly jump into a sub-forum.

The FAQs are great; I've already made a couple of them. I'm excited about these new changes and hope that corrections can be made quickly.

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9. Re: Comments on New forum design

Just to clear up some confusion. Here is a link to the thread started by co-worker TA_Sara where she discusses why we had to make the change and why we added the things we did:


Also you can take a look here at what the new forums look like in case you haven't seen it yet:

Show Forum:


Show Topic:


I hope this clears somethings up for you. I'll try to address any other issues that have not been addressed previously.


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10. Re: Comments on New forum design

Hello all,

I appreciate your opinions and hope that you will read through the thread I posted a couple of weeks ago when I introduced the redesign to this forum. There, I explained why we had to redesign the forums and what benefit we think some of the new features will have for those who ask and answer questions there.

In addition, I wanted to let you know that, due to some unexpected developments, we will NOT be releasing the new design for another day or two. We started to release it today, but decided to pull back for technical reasons. We hope you'll be patient while we work out a couple of important details.