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Forums design feedback

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Forums design feedback

Dear TA community,

This thread is a place for you to give us your feedback on the new forums design.

Thank you for your interest in the new design, and for all you do to make TripAdvisor better!


Mission, Canada
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71. Re: Forums design feedback

Well, I for one am willing to believe the coding rationale for the change ... especially since as I said before, "I am well aware of how better software coding can improve server activity in a high traffic forum service given my software experience."

London, United...
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72. Re: Forums design feedback


I for one believe there is nothing wrong with the existing design / layout.

i think TA should improve it's staff / administrators and get people with a sense of humour instead of having robots deleting every controversial thread going.


Manitoba, Canada
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73. Re: Forums design feedback

"We researched what "newbies" are looking for when they come to the forums, and the content in the right-hand column is meant to help them find advice more effectively. We hope you can agree that these tools will be invaluable to a traveler who doesn't even know where to start with their vacation planning. The idea is for them to view some FAQs, see sample Itineraries, and ask follow up questions in the forum to you, our helpful community."

Well, when I click on "forums" at any site, I expect to be taken to the forums. In their best format. Maybe I'm just weird, but I don't click on "forums" when I want to do research on my own. Of course, I likely will do a search to see if my question has been discussed before, but that means I still want the forums in their most readable form. And a lot of people DON'T do searches--either too lazy or they don't know how to use key words to get the best results, and give up in frustration.

And if I don't find my answer in the search, then I want to TALK to someone. That's why I clicked on "forum", not trip ideas or top questions or sample itineraries, etc. Those are fine to have as links, but NOT when they mess up the readability of the forums.

"We truly feel that the FAQs are much more user-friendly, dynamic, and efficient than stickies, which constantly need updating and get overlooked. If travelers ask you where to look, you can point them to that upper-right corner."

So make the expanded view the default. Better still, the only view. We can point them to any info or links that they need.

A lot of people are not very good with computers and get confused and frustrated easily. Confused or frustrated = look elsewhere for help.

Definition of forum: a public meeting or assembly for open discussion


Chester, United...
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74. Re: Forums design feedback

Had people not accepted change we would still all be listening to a radio or looking at a black & white TV


What we older hands sometimes forget when looking at TA is that a lot of brand new people look at it for the first time everyday and their needs may be a lot different to ours

Northampton, United...
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75. Re: Forums design feedback

I'm in the "Please keep the Save Button" Club..please?!

Naples, Florida
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76. Re: Forums design feedback

What I can see is blue font instead of black and much to tiny. The names of contributors bigger also please( on the first page). Lots of white empty space on the right. Please get rid of the blue box on the right ( make it a sticky?) and spread out the post replies.

the green areas on both side could be used again to make the printed screen larger.

I am not sure what other changes are to made.

But PLEASE larger more readable font.

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77. Re: Forums design feedback

While I know TA is pretty addictive - I have always advocated a peaceful form of protest - the boycott of the TA Forums.

I'm going to check out the new advertising format and if I feel I don't care for it - I'm gone.

Simple as that - I exhort others to join me....the Forums would not exist if it were not for us.

Unite as one - strength in numbers.


Castellina in...
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78. Re: Forums design feedback

1) Important to be able to get to the last entry on a long thread with one click.

2) If a straight Edit button isn't possible, provide a Preview and Edit option like some other forums. Some of us are very tired when we write here and errors do creep in - these are much more visible in a Preview screen.

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79. Re: Forums design feedback

Hi Sara,

One common question on many forum happens to be... what to see, or things to do. These posters never notice the upper left corner of the page. And you think these same people will study the right hand column?

I agree with the Hawaiians on all points.

2 views as a compromise is confusing. May I suggest that the contents intended for the right hand column be inserted in the middle of the current destination page, say, give 2 - 3 inches after the 12th entry (thread) for that purpose. Then the FAQs will have a higher chance to be noticed.

The current layout is the least cluttered, and time proven, so please keep it.

As we age, we tend to have some degrees of cataract condition (notice the color changes in Monet´s water-lilies) which adds a yellow tinge to everything. Blue becomes green and green turns lighter. A green color font on another light color ends up with the effect of camouflage. Hence older people experience difficulty in reading these. Before I had my cataract operation I hated reading anything in green. Black contrasts well with yellow (so these are the color for safety signs and messages).

Moving *report as inappropriate* away from *reply* is good.

When posting a reply can this message screen appear as a smaller movable window on the original thread page? rather than replacing the page and showing only the opening post which may become out of date after a few posts. Alternative way is to let the OP be scrolled.

Gourock, United...
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80. Re: Forums design feedback

I said back on page 1 that I liked the concept of having the wide view option which would satisfy tie main criticism of the original release. Also I was waiting to get my hands on the new release to see it for real.

Although the demo screens give us an idea we cannot make informed comments at this time.

The HUMTAB forum will still exist and we will be able to comment on how the new release actually performs and make more suggestions.

I look forward to reading the comments made after the roll-out.