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add catagory of "city I've passed thru but didn't stop in"

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add catagory of "city I've passed thru but didn't stop in"

A part of this would be to add an extra category to "cities I've been to" or "cities I want to go to".

Add category for "cities I passed through (and saw) but did not stop in"

Adding each town I've been to, or passed through, is being very tedious. And the "been to" category does not differentiate that I have BEEN TO (THROUGH) a city, saw it thru the car or train or bus window, but didnt actually stop there to learn anything about the place. But I was there, and saw it.

Does anyone else have thoughts about this? And if you are for this idea too,

how do we notify trip advisor?

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1. Re: add catagory of "city I've passed thru but didn't stop in"

why would you want to do this?

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2. Re: add catagory of "city I've passed thru but didn't stop in"

In the birdwatching world, people love to keep lists of birds that they have seen. But the criteria for those lists are not standard--how could they be, it's not like you can actually prove you've seen (or heard) a particular species. So the philosophy is "you keep your list, and I'll keep mine" ( …blogspot.ca/2012/03/another-funny-bird-watc… )

Similarly, some people wouldn't even consider adding a city that they have only passed through but didn't stop in to their "cities I've visited" list. I don't have a problem with it, but I doubt there will be much support for your suggestion.

On the other hand, it is possible that people might want to create their own idiosyncratic schemes for the "cities I've visited" list. For example, I might want to have a sub-list of cities with great birding opportunities, and pin them to my map with a special kind of pin. Someone else might want to give their business-related visits black pins and holiday-related visits pink pins. This could be something that a lot of TA members may find helpful, and it would also allow you to pin the "cities I've passed through" in a distinctive way.

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3. Re: add catagory of "city I've passed thru but didn't stop in"

you could have another one for cities i flew over but did not land.

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4. Re: add catagory of "city I've passed thru but didn't stop in"

Sorry I cannot see the sense in adding the suggested functionality

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5. Re: add catagory of "city I've passed thru but didn't stop in"

because this is linking to my facebook page, and friends will want to know what places I have seen, in addition to places I stopped in. And will want to know the difference.

If it is my own list, or even with my own ArcGIS map that I make, I can do what I want. But since tripadvisor is now putting info for my facebook, the reason is that they want your friends to have resources of people to ask questions about a travel place or services thereof.

I also sometimes get travel brochures, or meet other people, of places on the road or train I am on, so I learn some about the area, like the name of a great restaurant, or a nice hotel, even if I myself don't stop in it, I might see it through my window, and I can confirm to my friends that "yes, I saw it", "yes, I heard of it", but "no, I didn't stop to go inside".

It's a bit of matter of semantics. Asking someone "if you have been there" is the wrong verb. The question that most people really want to know is "do you know anything about the place, by stopping to check it out?" If people or trip advisor would ask "what places have you stopped at?", then the question is specific.

Using verb "have been", is so generic and non-specified, and can mean have you physically been in the area, like riding through it, or did you actually stop & get out? As an example, "have been" in this case seems to be a one-time even, like "have you ever went to" such place. But it can also be used as a continuous time (like French imparfait tense), "I have been going to the doctor for 6 months".

Now, as to be very specific, and this applies to a very small subset of users, I'll give my personal example of why this would be useful. I free lance on travel itinerary planning for my friends. Because I am a urban transportation planner now, and I previously was a ticket clerk at Amtrak for 12 years.

At Amtrak, I traveled frequently on trains, sometimes Amtrak made us go on "familiarization trips" for us to see and learn the equipment, stations along the way, to go to training classes in other cities, and so forth.

Ticket agents from other stations chat back/forth most days on phones or through computers, as well as arrange for sending boxes of brochures for their cities to other stations up/down their train line.

Sometimes, I only saw cities thru the window. Sometimes, I would meet up with the ticket agent on the platform at the baggage car to chat in person, since we usually only talk on the phone. Does getting off the train but only staying on the platform count as "being there", when I see as much of the city from the platform as I could see from the inside thru the window?

BECAUSE, the main thing that my friends/customers want to know is "do I know anything about such place" when I am advising them of travel advice or selling them actual tickets to go somewhere.

There were some places that I sold tickets to everyday, and have customers that live in such cities, and I have the city brochures from them on display in my waiting room, and I talk to the ticket agent and hear about their day and their activities in their city; and thus I have some knowledge of places that people would ask me about. Even thought I never physically went there myself.

Again, this is very specific to only a few people who are travel specialists. And if it was just my records, I would do what I want.

But the point of Trip Advisor, as well as linking to Facebook, is to reveal WHO to ask if you have questions or need advice about other places.

And I want to differentiate of places that I saw or know about or sold tickets towards, versus places that I actually stopped and got out of said vehicle to eat, or sleep, or drink, or sightsee, or whatever, in said city, which gives a different level of experiencing a place.

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6. Re: add catagory of "city I've passed thru but didn't stop in"

"But the point of Trip Advisor, as well as linking to Facebook, is to reveal WHO to ask if you have questions or need advice about other places"

People looking for specific information on particular places can use the relevant destination forum

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7. Re: add catagory of "city I've passed thru but didn't stop in"

Thank you for your input. I appreciated that link for birdwatching, it was interesting to see another viewpoint.

And that is part of what I'm looking for here, to see what some others think, as I don't know.

I think the difference would be, that if/when keeping my own records, whether in journal or in a spreadsheet, is that I can add an extra column with a coding system, to differentiate.

I would use a "TV" for birds that I see on TV, "P" for seen pictures of, and "RL" for real-life, or out-doors, or whatever to call it.

In my own journal or spreadsheet, I can easily add columns myself. Then when I show my records, anyone would know which was which. Just because you haven't seen it in person, you can still know what colours it is, or what size it is, by seeing images in pictures, books, and tv/movies.

The problem with the trip advisor interface, seems that I can't personlise it directly.

Thus, I like your idea of just allowing even different colours of pins, and people can just use the ones they want, and legend them however they want.

Because, exactly the point you made, is that someone else might want to differentiate places they have stopped at based on work trips, vs a different colour for holiday stops.

Who's to know exactly what individuals' needs are? The people who know what they want to tell their friends or customers, and via facebook automatically, need at least some way to either have columns added by trip advisor, or at least to allow some kind of coding column, or different colour pins, or different icons, or someway to personalise it for the users.

Without adding a ton of coding or making the website more complicated.

But only 2 categories, the "want to go to", and using the wrong verb "have been to" instead of "stopped at", isn't satisfactory enough for me.

And if I'm not happy or finding the site useful; or even worse, if it causes confusion amongst my friends or customers, then I won't use the site.

I already asked a couple friends last night here in USA what they think is meant by "have been to" and there was a difference of opinion even amongst them. How is someone for whom English is 3rd language supposed to know what trip advisor really wants us to tell, when even English-speaking Americans can't agree on just how specific "have been to" is supposed to be?

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8. Re: add catagory of "city I've passed thru but didn't stop in"

The travel map has a check box for "can advise friends" or something to that effect. Seems like that would fit the need, no?

"Cities I've passed through" - yikes. I've driven though half of California; that doesn't qualify me for anything. Sorry, but I think this makes about as much sense as "cities I've changed planes in".

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9. Re: add catagory of "city I've passed thru but didn't stop in"

How about "cities I've never been to yet still answer questions about because I'm really really good on Google."

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10. Re: add catagory of "city I've passed thru but didn't stop in"

Ah, yes, I tried that approach. If you only click on the "can advise friends", it is tied to automatically check-mark the 1st box of "where I have been". They are linked, you can't just have the "can advise friends" by itself. :(

Also can't click the "can advise friends" and "places I want to go to", which would be a way of saying that I have enough knowledge of a place to be comfortable enough to share what I know with friends for advice, but that I have not stopped there yet personally (maybe only passed thru and saw it thru the window...)

Even unlinking those 1st 2 boxes on the line would be a help.

As for transferring planes at an airport, I would say that you "have been there", it's as much as transferring trains and only being in the train station, but those are considered places.

Again, that is why "have been", is not really the right verb, when we are really wanting to know if "you have seen" or if "you know about" city.

We could say that only physically stepping on the ground counts as being somewhere, and driving thru in a car or on a train/bus won't count. But then, what about transfers of planes/trains/buses, where you stay within the terminals -- you are stepping on the ground, but you're not seeing the city.

And then we can split hairs, say, fly into O'Hare, stay indoors to get to the CTA Blue Line Train, and you take it directly to La Salle St station, and you go up 2 flights of stairs to get on a Metra Rock Island train to Joliet. Would that be considered "being at Chicago"? "being in Chicago"? passing through Chicago? or would the city not count at all, because you are only making transfers, and the 3 different modes all share terminals at the transfer point?

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