⚠️ Warning for Future Brides! Do Not Book Your Wedding Here

Hello to all brides and friends,

I want to share my heart-wrenching experience with Palladium Resorts in Puerto Vallarta to make sure none of you have to go through what I am facing.

What was supposed to be the dream destination for my wedding turned into a complete nightmare. From the start, Palladium Resorts promised us the moon and stars, but all we've received is stress, disappointments, and lies.

After investing a significant amount, the lack of professionalism and failure to fulfill promises began to surface. A faulty discount code for our guests' rooms was just the beginning. Despite signing a contract guaranteeing an extension for inconveniences, Palladium Resorts did not keep their word.

The representative assigned to resolve our issues, Alicia, stopped responding, and later we found out she no longer worked there. Cancelling the wedding within the refund period was not straightforward, and Palladium Resorts tried to manipulate the cancellation timeline and withhold payment for the reserved rooms.

The prolonged stress and financial strain are affecting my well-being and personal relationships. Now, I am struggling to get my money back and plan another wedding.

I urge all of you to be cautious and consider other options before booking your wedding at Palladium Resorts. If any of you know a lawyer who can help me in this situation, please let me know.

No one deserves to go through what I am experiencing, and I hope my warning serves to protect other brides from such a devastating experience.

With affection and solidarity,


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