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MS EXPEDITION Antarctica cruise

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MS EXPEDITION Antarctica cruise

Has anyone ever travelled on this ship?

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321. Re: MS EXPEDITION Antarctica cruise

How far out of Ushuaia did you get cruizin? Did they give you any other details on what exactly went wrong?

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My hubby and I are booked on the December 21 sailing of the MS Expedition. Our travel agent called G Adventures to get the scoop. They said that they are waiting on a part to fix the problem. Ushuaia is remote so it takes a while to get there. They said they will have an update on Monday. We are keeping our fingers crossed that it gets repaired as quickly as possible.

I hope that everyone affected by this has luck in finding an alternative trip.

Toronto, Canada
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323. Re: MS EXPEDITION Antarctica cruise

Hi shell4178,

Thanks for your post, and we certainly understand the disappointment and frustration this cancellation has caused. G Adventures offer trips of a lifetime to many destinations around this planet, but none more so than to the Antarctic continent. We are so sorry we had to cancel this cruise.

Indeed, yours was the second cruise G Adventures cancelled because of the unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control. These difficulties could not have been foreseen or forestalled despite the due diligence of our engineering staff. We have been working around the clock in an attempt to address the issues, and we wanted to allow as much time as possible to complete the maintenance work. Ultimately, it became clear the work would not be completed on time, and we made the difficult decision to cancel your cruise. Again, we are sorry to have had to do this.

I do hope you are able to get to the Antarctic continent - either with G Adventures at a later date, or with another vessel now.

If there is anything more G Adventures can do to help you in this difficult time, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards,

Lyndon File

Customer Service

G Adventures

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324. Re: MS EXPEDITION Antarctica cruise

Hi Lyndon,

Thanks for your post ....any idea on when the problem may be fixed? Would really appreciate an update on how things are progressing as we fly out soon for our 'trip of a lifetime'



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325. Re: MS EXPEDITION Antarctica cruise

Hmmmm ....looks like this is not the 1st time m/s Expedition has had engine problems


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326. Re: MS EXPEDITION Antarctica cruise


Learning so much.

PP "Sadly in a 300 plus response thread (that no one lets die by starting a fresh one) people will only ever skim and not read the whole lot. And technically her post was off topic as it had nothing to do with Antarctica - just an imagined connection to the company.". Oh you are wrong. I have read every word. LOL

I have just booked for Feb 2016 on Sea Spirit.

Thanks for all the info everyone.


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HI gayengarry,

No, no fixed timeline yet. I appreciate everyone is keen to have some certainty around this.

We have a team working around the clock to address the issue.

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328. Re: MS EXPEDITION Antarctica cruise

Re MS Expedition cancelled cruises

We are insured with NRMA here in Oz and they now tell me that we are not covered for extra expenses linked to the cancellation of our Dec 08 2014 departure.

What are other travellers being told?

G Adventures in the UK are telling UK clients by email that G may cover such non insured costs.

I have seen one such email.

Are others in UK and elsewhere being told the same?

Thor Travel in Adelaide have been brilliant and very proactive working with Chimu Adventures in Oz, so we still depart Ushuaia on that date but now on the Akademik Ioffe. A shorter cruise and therefore additional consequential costs. Chimu have done a straight swap of the two cruise bookings which is very much appreciated and we still get to go south. I am told most others though cannot be so lucky.

For all of us such a trip is typically a well planned, once in a lifetime trip and getting to Ushuaia from Oz or indeed elsewhere is a big trip.

Please keep sharing info re this issue.

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329. Re: MS EXPEDITION Antarctica cruise

We came back on Nov. 18th 2014. It was a great trip.

check out my blog about the trip and packing tips


Hope you will have a good time in Antarctica

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330. Re: MS EXPEDITION Antarctica cruise

My daughter & I were booked on the November 18, 2014 cruise that actually never left the dock side. Major mechanical problems. Expertise needed to fly in from Miami to assess the problem before the captain eventually decided to cancel the cruise altogether.

G-Adventure were first rate providing regular updates before the cancellation. Phones provided to arrange flights home. Stayed on the Expedition for 3 nights, using it as a hotel until we finally left. Generous discount from G & Chimu (our agent) to book again which we have done, sailing the same time in November, 2015.

Personal travel insurance would not cover our cancellation but G-Adventure covered all monies lost due to the cancellation, including a weeks accommodation in Buenos Aires & pre-paid excursions.

Apart from the cruise not actually taking place I cannot fault G-Adventure in their handling of the situation. After having a "taster" of what to expect from exploring Ushauia & the surrounding counryside we are really looking forward to November.

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