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going on a cruise vs going to a resort

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going on a cruise vs going to a resort

has anyone on here been on a cruise alone is it better to go on a cruise or to stay at an all inclusive resort

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1. Re: going on a cruise vs going to a resort

I think a cruise is better since on the cruises i've been on the other passengers were extremely friendly whereas I did not have the same experience at resorts. Infact quite the opposite... couples said no when the hostess asked them to share a table with me. Go on one that has assigned tables since that way you get to know and eat with the same people every night

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2. Re: going on a cruise vs going to a resort

Personally, I don't think that this question can be answered in a generic sense for two primary reasons 1) both cruises and all-inclusive resorts have a lot of variation in tems of the specific experienes they offer, and 2) people have different personal preferences that may make one type of travel better fits for them.

You did not provide any information about your preferences in your post, but from looking at some of your previous posts, I assume that you are about 30 and presumably are looking for a vacation options with other single/solo travellers around your age. There are many "singles" cruises that may be options for you. From what I have seen, there are less options for trips targeted to single travelers at AI resorts.

In terms of differences among people, I admit that I am biased because cruises are not my preference (I was on one cruise with my family when I was a teenager). I am prone to seasickness, don't like the feeling of being trapped on a boat and having limited time to visit different ports, and the structure/formality that is the norm on many cruise ships is not my preference. Unlike the previous poster, I would not like being on a cruise with assigned dinner seating with the same group of random strangers for the entire trip. Some crusise lines do have a different approach (i.e., less formal dinner options), so make sure that if you decide on a cruise, that you pick one that meets YOUR preferences. The same thing applies to AI resorts; personally, I would avoid an AI resort that is very couples focused for a solo trip. You didn't mention how you feel about being around lots of children, but many AI resorts and crusies will have lots of families, so again, pick wisely to ensure that your vacation meets your expectations.

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3. Re: going on a cruise vs going to a resort

The cruise critic message board has a board for "singles cruises" as well as well as "solo cruises" (an entirely different animal).

You might want to have a look there to find something to suit you.


I enjoyed a solo transatlantic crossing on the Queen Mary 2 very much, but I don't think a cruise would be my cup of tea with its 6 hour visits to ports.

For a single AI, you might want to look at the Turks & Caicos Club Med,(on Provodenciales) which is adults only and seems to suit the people who go there.

I loved Provo when I went (again, thanks Beachdreams2 for all your help on the Provo Forum) but I stayed at the Sands because I didn't want an AI and didn't want any organisation.

You might want to have a look at the Provo forum


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4. Re: going on a cruise vs going to a resort

Hello Mel80, and welcome to the solo forum.

Cruise or an AI ?

A bit horses for courses, so depends on what you want from a trip. As a single cruiser you are likely to have a possibly windowless cabin( unless you pay a higher tariff) , but have the opportunity to make a short visit to destinations en route.

If you stay in one place, you have more choice about accommodation, but may take trips out of the resort..but at your own cost.

If you decide on a very large resort, or a large cruise ship, then as a solo traveller, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by the scale of the trip provider.

If you want a trip that provides smaller scale actitives...and numbers, then perhaps a resort is for you.

My own personal choice would be a fantastic destination, with time to explore.... and would have to agree with Leagle.....Turks and Caicos is sublime! In fact... you don't want other people there

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5. Re: going on a cruise vs going to a resort

I agree with some of the previous posts. We don't know much about your interests and what you like to do when travelling - so that would help. I've done both single cruises and All-Inclusive (and non-AI) resorts. So many options.

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6. Re: going on a cruise vs going to a resort

@Mel80 -- great thread.

Ive had this question for quite sometime myself. Ive decided on the AI route after researching. My biggest thing is -- not big on set timelines if I get away from the group, not good with confined spaces, and most of all the structure of a cruise is just not what I consider relaxing.

Im leaning to Club Med Turkoise in August -- adults only club, look to have quite a few things to do, and from what Ive read walkable distances to areas outside the club. Anyone have any recent direct feedback on CM Turkoise?

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7. Re: going on a cruise vs going to a resort

Beachdreams 2 is spot on. You can't generalise. There are many different types of cruises. I've travelled independently and solo over the last 15 years and approached the idea with some trepidation, but as my destination of choice was Antarctica, a cruise was the only practical option. I did loads of research and it paid off. It was the most memorable trip of my life and I have made some lasting friendships with people from UK, USA and Australia.

Encouraged by this experience, last year I travelled to The Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia on the Aranui, a combined cruise and cargo ship with a really mixed clientele and even more informal. Again a fantastic experience and about as far away from most people's idea of a traditional cruise as you can get.

So my point is, be clear what you want out of it and then do your research -there are lots of options out there, you just have to find them!

I have to admit that I find the idea of all-inclusives deeply unnattractive. Mostly because I personally like variety and the opportunity to try local food and experiences but also because I am concerned about their ethical position. Many don't contribute to the local economy as people pay international companies up front and therefore don't spend as much locally as they would if travelling independently.

But again, that's a matter of taste and conscience.

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8. Re: going on a cruise vs going to a resort

I enjoy cruise, you get to see many different cities in so little time (well for europe that is) and you can get a tan or swim while the boat is on its way to a city.

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9. Re: going on a cruise vs going to a resort

I've been on a cruise and I've been to an all-inclusive and I think I would be equally comfortable at both alone.

On the cruise there were more organized things to do so I think I would have spent less time sitting alone there. On the cruise you get your shore excursions in different ports, where at the AI you get one location where you will need to find things to do. During the down times at both, I would have either sat by the pool and read or sat at the beach and read.

The AI I went to didn't have assigned tables and the cruise did so there is one difference, so if you want to meet people and chat maybe the cruise is better for that.

From my location near a cruise port I think cruising might be a bit less expensive if you get an interior room, but I guess there are so many variations that it is hard to predict.

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10. Re: going on a cruise vs going to a resort

Go the cruise.