Watch out for MisterBandB signups for new meeting service

Recently used Mister Band B to book an apartment in Lisbon. Be aware that when you book a room now, the site now automatically signs you up for a "free trial" period of Weere, their new meet-up service to connect you with other tourists visiting the same city. I had no interest in this service, a I was using the site to book an apartment, not to meet people. But they do not give you the option of deciding to take the free trial or not, as would be more fair. They sign you up automatically and then it's up to you when your free trial is ending to cancel before the end of the trial, or they start charging you for membership. I was traveling when this all happened, and had not checked my email for a few days, so missed the deadline to cancel. Suddenly I noticed a charge on my credit card online for this membership that I did not want and did not request. I had to spend time on my holiday calling and emailing Mister Band B to get them to reverse the charges. They did so, but I had to spend $30 in phone charges calling their US phone number. My friend who was going with me to Portugal had the same experience booking another of our apartments in a different city in Portugal, He was signed up automatically for a service he did not request, and then had to get in touch with them to cancel. I have only stayed a few times with this service, but I liked the idea of being hosted by a gay local and getting tips and advice about their city. But if I am going to have to go through this every time I book, without being given a choice to NOT take the service, rather than being enrolled automatically, I will probably not book with this site again. Just passing this on as a warning for anyone else, to watch your "free trial" cancellation date very carefully, or you will be billed and have to go through the same headaches.