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west coast toad trip USA

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west coast toad trip USA

Hey there me and my partner are planning a road trip to the west coast we are both from england and are planning to spend 4 weeks driving around. I want to start this forum for just general advice really we are aiming to go in september as we think the weather may be slightly cooler but still nice for us. I had a idea of travelling to san fransico and possibly flying home from las vegas but I am thinking although the westcoast is big would 4 weeks be too long and would it be worth possibly travelling abit further in, I will be the only one driving and dont really fancy driving 5 hours every other day.the general lay out of the trip was to start at the top of the west coast and head down stopping along the way at places like yosemite national park and LA. I know its slightly vague at the moment we kind of dont have a concrete lay out we just wana get there and go. And tips or advice would be much appreciated.

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1. Re: west coast toad trip USA

You need to do some more reserch on what interests you and where you want to see.

Vegas, San Fran, Yosemite, coast, LA is something you can easily do in 10 days of your 4 week trip.

there is alot of other places to visit out west in terms of cities (San Diego, Portland, seattle, Denver, Santa Fe/albuquerque) to national parks (Yellowstone, Glacier, Grand canyon, Southern Utah parks, black hils of south dakota)

September weather wise should be fine.

Since you are traveling 4 weeks you could split time between east and west coasts. You can also do loop trips. Fly into Vegas for a few days then rent a car for a week and drive around, then fly to Seattle and stay in seattle car less for a feew days then rent a car for week-10 days and drive around the area.

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2. Re: west coast toad trip USA

Are you over age 25? If not, you will pay a premium for car rentals as they add on a per-day extra charge.

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3. Re: west coast toad trip USA

With 4 weeks you can do a lot more than just SF, Yosemite and LA but it depends on what interests you.

You have the opportunity to include a road trip covering some of the finest National Parks or do you want to visit the hustle and bustle of other cities or are you looking for beach relaxation.

Without this information there is no real point in making suggestions as my 4 week ideal holiday in the US could be your holiday from hell.

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4. Re: west coast toad trip USA

The road trip experts on this forum helped me to put this 4 week itinerary together, in similar areas to you. Perhaps it will give you some ideas?

Fly into SF from LHR.

Nights 1-4 SF (people recommend to fly into SF as you don't need a car, so can save a few days on the car hire)

On 5th day, drive up to Lake Tahoe (a lot of similar itineraries don't seem to include Lake Tahoe, but we wanted to go here as it looked so amazing)

Nights 5-6 Lake Tahoe, then drive to Yosemite via Bodie

7-9 Yosemite

10 Lone Pine, then drive through Death Valley NP to Vegas (we're not staying in DVNP as it will be too hot in June, but September might enable you to do a night here?)

11-13 Las Vegas, then to Zion

14-15 Zion

16 Page

17 GCNP. Then drive to Kingman along some of old R66

18 Kingman, then drive via Oatman through Joshua Tree NP and down to San Diego

19-20 San Diego, then drive up to LA via Laguna beach/orange county

21-23 Santa Monica

24 Pismo Beach

25 Ripplewood (in Big Sur)

26 Monterey

27 Half Moon Bay

On day 28 we fly back to LHR from SF.

We are doing this trip in June - hope it helps with ideas!

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5. Re: west coast toad trip USA

More options like:

1. Arr SF

2,3: SF

4: SF-Monterey

5. Monterey-Cambria

6. Cambria-Yosemite

7. Yosemite

8. Yosemite to Bishop/Mammoth lakes

9. To Death Valley NP

10. DVNP

11. DVN-Zion

12. Zion

13. Zion-Bryce

14. Bryce-Torrey

15. Torrey-Moab

16,17: Moab

18. Moab-Monument Valley

19. MV-Page

20. Page

21. Page-Grand Canyon

22. Grand Canyon

23: Grand Canyon-Sedona

24. Sedona

25: To Las Vegas

26,27: Las Vegas

28. Home


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6. Re: west coast toad trip USA

hey all thanks for your input I turned 26 last year so hopefully rental car wise I should be ok. we are kind of thinking about possibly starting at SF then hitting the Yosemite.

I hear the big sur is awesome to drive down to probably want to spend about 2 and a half weeks heading to LA then we where thinking of using LA as a base to head to have day trips to places like san diego,long beach and orange county just kind of chilling and enjoying LA for 5 days or so then heading to las vegas maybe seeing death valley and having abit of vegas fun for a few days the gap between Yosemite and SF is a area where im abit vague on what there is to do and see. I was planning on getting a tattoo in LA if anyone knows any good places. just want to experience a part of America I have never been and have fun.

we want to take a slightly relaxed approach in case we fall in love with a place and want to stay there abit longer. we want to go to Disney and any fun attractions along the way. I know it sounds like we want to have our cake and eat it too. wish we could go for longer then 4 weeks.

thanks again people loving trip advisor.

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7. Re: west coast toad trip USA

San Diego is too far (2.5 hours drive) to make it a comfortable daytrip from LA. Even Anaheim is one hour south of LA. If you want to visit San Diego I'd also stay there for several days.

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8. Re: west coast toad trip USA

Folks on the Los Angeles forum would be happy to point you in the right direction for lodging & activities for a 26 year old visitor. Read the relevant Top Questions on that page first.

Even in September you'll need lodging reservations for Yosemite NP. And San Francisco is incredibly busy in Sept with many conventions. Read the relevant Top Q on both forums for tips on finding appropriate lodging.

Are you starting in Seattle ("top of the West Coast") or San Francisco? (I know of a great tattoo parlor in Seattle, if you're really starting that far north.)

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9. Re: west coast toad trip USA


Don't quite know where toads (or frogs) come into the trip plans, but with 4 weeks, a trip starting in San Francisco and ending in Las Vegas during September could be absolutely wonderful. Lucky you!

Lots of great advice already. I'd say book your flights, then you will have exacts for us to work to. Do be sure to read the TopQs up on the right of the full screen version of this forum. There's a topic with tips for first time drivers in the USA. Also, another one about rental cars, with tips to ensure that you, as a Brit, can get one way rentals with no drop fee, if you follow our advice.

For specific enquiries, such as a recommended tatoo parlour, you are best to ask questions on the specific destination forum. For a parlour located in LA, that would be the Los Angeles forum! For route ideas and an ongoing dialogue about the trip options, just stick around here. Keep us updated as the plans start to fall in shape or get totally revamped and we can keep chipping in with thoughts and options. From the regular contributors' combined experiences, we can all also mention relatively unknown place to check out which will all add to the fun.

I'd also recommend you arm yourselves with a guide book or two to help with the homework and some paper maps for when you are actually doing the driving. As noted above, distances and driving times may not be what you might imagine. Disney theme parks locations being an example.


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10. Re: west coast toad trip USA

hi there long time since have been on here plans keep changing haha. after reading your messages and talking to my girlfriend we thought maybe we should try and do more with the time we have. our planned itinerary is

arrive in san Francisco ( spend 4 days there)

pick up car and 5th day drive to Yosemite national park

7th day drive to Las Vegas (possibly spend night somewhere along the way)

11th day drive to los Angeles (spend about 6 to 7 days going around the beaches and Disney.

18th day drive to san Diego drop car off.

20th day fly to Washington dc

pick up car 23rd day drive to Philadelphia

24th day drive the new York city

27th day drive to Boston

30th day fly home.

one other thing I was thinking was rather then driving once I arrive at Washington is using trains to travel to philly, new york and boston using Amtrak or possibly greyhound buses.

what are people thinking is this plausible? hope your all well.