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Secondary Ticket Market

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Secondary Ticket Market

Hello All. My wife and I are making our first trip to an Olympic Games this summer. We currently have tickets to Beach Volleyball, Field Hockey, and Team Handball. I'm still hopeful to obtain tickets to an evening sesison in the Olympic Stadium for Athletics. My question for those with Olympic experience, what does the secondary ticket market look at an Olympics? How does it function? Any tips on how to navigate it?

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1. Re: Secondary Ticket Market

They havent even sold all the original set of tickets yet.

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2. Re: Secondary Ticket Market

That's a good question. I'm ticketless, so it's a problem for me.

Typically, you'll see many storefronts open up as ticket selling operations.

There are usually scalpers also selling tickets at the various entrance gates.

London 2012 is the first to try to monopolize the secondary market. Their website has a list of the 40 or so companies offering tickets online.

"Don't be fooled by bogus websites and organisations claiming to sell tickets to the Games. Tickets are only available via official London 2012 sales channels. If you are concerned about anyone offering tickets for sale please check the list of official ticket resellers by using our ticket website checker."

They threaten to shut down these storefronts, not sure of the legality of that. I would assume they also plan to stop the scalpers at the gates.

As an American, our allotment is limited. From what I understand, the secondary tickets are only available to citizens of Great Britain.

Ticket brokers are probably not very excited about this plan. Seems like they would have to switch to online sales. Also, I would think Twitter would be a valuable tool.

1060 W Addison...
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3. Re: Secondary Ticket Market

Be sure to check Cosport's website frequently. Good tickets have a habit of showing up unexpectedly from time to time. 30 seconds a day may seem like a waste of time after seeing nothing for weeks. But if you land the tickets you want, it's worth it.

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4. Re: Secondary Ticket Market

As a Brit and big sports fan ,who has watched sport all over the world, you can always get tickets last minute

BUT at these Olympic you need to consider the following

1) there are always individuals willing to sell you tickets, unfortunately at 2012 , this is not the case

millions of people applied over here, depending on who you listen to, between 2-25% got some, i think the figure is below 5% so the vast majority, like you still want some, again anyone who is lucky enough to have them , don't want to give them up

Some will come to the scalpers (tout's) who will try to sell on the day, advertising them in advance is a no no locog has that covered

Touting has always been somewhat illegal, but the government issued a NEW LAW LAST YEAR making it a £2,000 fine, and believe me, they will be plain close people about trying to catch you out so be very careful

A place that will get tickets will be hotel concierges, may be worth asking near the time at a few hotels,

Whatever you do hold your nerve, even waiting till 5 Min's after a event has started, at the world cup semi final in 2010 i got 2 tickets face value, that had been asking 10 times value 1/2 hour before

Joburg, South Africa
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5. Re: Secondary Ticket Market

fletchwavell1 wrote:

"Some will come to the scalpers (tout's) who will try to sell on the day, advertising them in advance is a no no locog has that covered"

How is locog dealing with people who advertise tickets at hugely inflated prices on classified websites, such as craigslist and ebay? Just today I saw someone advertising Category D (£50) ticket for the men's 100m final at £750.

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6. Re: Secondary Ticket Market

They are getting the listings taken down. And arrests have been made for touting, which is illegal in the UK. The tickets are named too, so it could very obvious based on gender if the ticket isn't yours.

New York, NY
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7. Re: Secondary Ticket Market

I asked cosport and they told me their tickets (at least for Americans) won't have the buyer's name listed on them but they will be able to track down the ticket number if needed.

In Beijing, I remember there was an unofficial area known for swapping tickets (in the case of team games like volleyball, football, handball, etc. where you bought the tickets when you didn't know the schedule yet.)

As far as ticket scalping in Beijing, I found getting tickets for athletics was the easiest since, after all, there were over 80,000 seats per session. Finding swimming tickets will be amongst the hardest since there are only 17,000 seats per session.

In Vancouver, ticket scalping was legal so you definitely saw them everywhere. I recall waiting in the security line and ticket scalpers were willing to buy people's tickets for a certain price (where they'll obvious resell them at a higher value.)

Hope this helps!

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8. Re: Secondary Ticket Market

I would be amazed if they allowed any scalpers/touts anywhere near the actual venues.

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9. Re: Secondary Ticket Market

The difference is that is not an Olympic issue in the UK. It is a criminal offence to tout any sports tickets. They have already shown they will track and arrest touts, so if they get a waft of then congregating as per your examples, they will just be arrested. The organisers have already stated they will continue to clamp down.

On the name issue, its an interesting one. I'm not sure Cosport can make that claim, the organisers, separate to the UK ticket process have shown the ticket design and stated they will be named, its not a UK thing its a pan Games thing, supported by they have stated will be part of the entrance procedure, so I'd suggest it unlikely they will have a separate procedure for Cosport ticket holders, it would be mayhem. Either way, the tickets ate barcoded so I'm sure they will have the info when they scan your ticket

Vancouver, B.C.
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10. Re: Secondary Ticket Market

Even if the tickets are named, you could just say your friend couldn't make it and you got the tickets off them. How would they be able to verify the info? Phone the ticket holder?

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