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Day 10 : For the long awaited fan club :D

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Day 10 : For the long awaited fan club :D

Hi guys,

Where have we been? What have we been doing?

Oh my, we have started something now haven't we. LOL.

I did have to laugh with Mrs D on our way home, saying that we should do a blog of things we do in the UK, cause just because we are not on holiday, our lives are pretty much the same. We go and see things, we explore, we have adventures. Isn't this what life is all about?

Anyway, Day 10.....

We awake on our final day. To be honest we are all a little aprehensive as we know this is our last day in the pool, but we keep our chins up, we get dressed and head down for breakfast.

It's the usual affair of "whities" and we seem to be the only tanned people in the restaturant. I am wondering if this is because most people only seem to have a week here. I ask the question though, why travel so far for 7 days, realistically it's 6 with travelling either side, to spend time in an exciting and adventrous place? 10 days for our family is perfect, especially when you take into account the physical travel time of over 24 hours, its a real killer.

We eat a light breakfast and head down to the pool. We have the sussed perfectly now. I walk down with Mini Doobs and Mrs D, they branch off to the restuarant, whilst I head to the pool, exchange our pool cards for towels, and they pick an appropriate spot, in the shade for Mrs D and in the sun for Mini D and myself.

I pop our hats and our bag there, remembering to take the valubles out of it and then head back to meet with the guys in the restaurant. At which time, Mini D has sorted out the drinks, Mrs D is just finishing up on the toast and I arrive to pick up any necessary amendments to our breakfast. With military precision, we sit down and trough down on our last breakkie :(

We then wander out to the pool, to smiles from Mrs D and mini D - I have picked a really nice quiet spot, with access to the pool water by our feet.

Mini D immediately asks if he can dive in, to which I ask him politely to hang on for 10 mins and let his breakfast go down. I then have an evil thought...

I ask him to come to the edge of the pool to tell me how deep he thinks it is? He wanders over, still a bit sleepy, to be fair, and then I stand behind him, and start talking to him about the water. The next thing he knows is that he is flying across the water and plunges in. A smile, they type reserved for evil tricks, appears on my face. Mrs D and I just look at each other, knowing that it wasn't that cruel, but infact a bit of fun.

Mini D - screams with laughter, and we start our morning by the pool.

After a while Mini D asks for his diving mask, to which we present it, and I decide that it would be a great idea for me to get mine too. I head quickly back to the room, pick mine up and join him in the pool water. We make a game from the numerous pebbles on the outside of the pool, whereby we drop them into the pool in a line and we have to collect them one by one. Mini D sets me the task of collecting all 7 in a row, to which I make him proud. I then encourage him to try a test of holding his breath for a sort of competition, as he asked how come I can hold my breath for so long. I remind him that it's simply practise, and if he works at it, he can also hold his breath for a long time too.

I suggest to Mrs D, that perhaps she could join us? She agrees and goes back to the room to pick up her mask too. I ask her to get the Go-Pro (underwater camera) and she brings that along.

We "play" in the pool for a couple of hours, and I suggest for a change that we eat in the hotel pizzeria to enable us to get as much sun on our last day, prior to going to the night market in Karon a little later. We all agree and head to the main italian place on the resort.

Its actually quite a nice affair, we order a couple of pizzas, chips and some water and hastelly trough down on our food, then head back to the pool for some more afternoon swimming.

Around 2pm we decide to go back to the room and have a bit of a clean up, shower, do the initial packing of our bags, ready for our massive trip home. We can't decide whether we can take cashew nuts home or not, so a quick scan on the internet suggets that we can take them, but only under 1kg. Phew, well that's ok then ;)

We walk out of the room and head to reception, with the initial view of walking to the market - but I suggest that since this is our last day/night, that it might be worth tuktukking (is there such a word) to Karon, then walking back via the beach. We all agree that this is a good idea, and walk up the ramp, with salutes to the security guards... (don't ask, just do it ;) ) and call down a tuk tuk.

We arrive 5 minutes later at the market.

It's a lot smaller affair than the one in Phuket town, but still appears to have the majority of items again and again. If you are not inclined to head to Phuket Town, then as a market, the Karon one is great. It has the obligatory, t-shirts, sun glasses, watches, etc. But seems to lack some of the atmopshere. There isn't even a man selling Roti's with banana and nutella :( - (We did get some, I will tell you about it in a while).

We wander through, choosing a few selected pieces for our friends and families, such as a pair of elephants. Mini D wanted another watch, so we purchase him one of those, and we then hunt for the crickets on sticks.

As we leave the temple grounds, which are stunning by the way, look past the rows of markets and see what's behind, we find the lady with the informous sticks. Unfortantely, being the sensible people that we are, we decide to skip them on this occassion, as we don't want to be sick on the plane journey tomorrow morning. Baring in mind we have to get up at 3am!

So we head back through Karon, and guess what we find, on the side of the road. ROTI MAN!

We rush over and order a roti, with banana, nutella, chocolate sauce on top and carnation milk. This is made to our liking and we walk down the main street in Karon, what can only be described as "troughing" our way through this concoction that is heaven on earth. Imagine 3 westerners with chocoloate all on our faces, looking so incredibly happy that we have finally found this delicous treat! Yummy. YES, when you are in Karon, or Patong, or whether you find yourself, make sure you pick one of these things up! They are amazing!

We continue our walk along the main street until we find the Karon circle (the roundabout) and head a right and keep walking straight, until we arrive at our last destination - Talay food. I will post a photograph on Trip Advisor, so you can all see which one we mean when you arrive.

We are greeted as always, as old friends, us and "Dares" team knowing this is our last meal here for a while. We sit down and are treated as royalty. As promised they have made us spring rolls, and we chomp into these. They are amazing, but Mrs D says to me that she is getting full already, as am I, what with the Pizzas at lunch time, the Roti, spring rolls...but we continue to order the prawns and Mini D and Mrs D eats these down.

Whilst they are eating those, I order up the deep fried banana with ice cream. Did I need this, no, did I enjoy all of it, yes... :D

And this leads us to our departure from Talay's. We can't eat anymore and we say our sweet goodbyes to the staff there. Hugs and kisses around, we take some lasting photographic memories of the guys in the restaturant, the views to the sea and the sunset and slowly make our walk back to the hotel.... sad, but also mixed emotions knowing that we have made some real friends and have had an adventure....

Day 11 will follow shortly - as our journey home was, well, exciting too...



Sanctuary Point...
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1. Re: Day 10 : For the long awaited fan club :D

Sounds like a brilliant last day, so enjoyed reading your daily updates. So sad that it has come to an end for you all, and hope you had a great trip home. Once again thanks for sharing your hols thoroughly enjoyed reading every bit of your updates.

cheers Bom

Gateshead, England
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2. Re: Day 10 : For the long awaited fan club :D

Thanks Doobreydoo looking forward once Again to the trip home Installment thought for a moment you had forgotten about your fan club and were about to leave us dangling.

Norwich, United...
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3. Re: Day 10 : For the long awaited fan club :D

Hi guys,

Never, it was such an epic last day of travelling, we had to get ourselves home first.


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4. Re: Day 10 : For the long awaited fan club :D

ps can u put some photos up x

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5. Re: Day 10 : For the long awaited fan club :D

Great last day, and good to know about Karon markets, because I don't think I'd be able to venture to Phuket one's again with the kids.

Thanks for your daily entries, and taking the time on your holiday to entertain your fanclub.

i'm going to go and read your trip home entry now :)

Norfolk, United...
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6. Re: Day 10 : For the long awaited fan club :D

ah, lovely last day . .

now back to Norfolk!!

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7. Re: Day 10 : For the long awaited fan club :D

A great last Day and I can just taste that Roti :-)))

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8. Re: Day 10 : For the long awaited fan club :D

Sounds like a wonderful last day... looking forward to reading day 11!

Norwich, United...
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9. Re: Day 10 : For the long awaited fan club :D

Hi Sugar,

Photos are going up. Trip advisor has to check them. If the first ones of the hotel and of Talays are ok, I can up others.

Are there any requests, we have 800 photos of all our adventures,l,



Adelaide, Australia
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10. Re: Day 10 : For the long awaited fan club :D

Thanks Doobsy's,

I have enjoyed your family adventures!!!!!!!!!!!