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Conventions at EPM

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Conventions at EPM

The last review accurately addressed this and I just wanted to add to it. We were there the same week and when the group of 200 showed up (beginning on Thursday) it totally changed the whole atmosphere of this place. We were at the end of our vacation but I would not have been happy if this is what we walked into upon arrival. Anyone else run into this on their trips?

Berkshire, England
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1. Re: Conventions at EPM


I was horrified to read the review. Going to EPM for two weeks on 17 April and seriously hoping it's just going to be other holidaymakers there. What a shame for you. I can imagine it gave your holiday a totally different feel to how it should have been.


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2. Re: Conventions at EPM

Yeah that would be a nightmare if that happened when we get there in May.

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Victoria, Canada
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3. Re: Conventions at EPM

There was a mini convention while we were there in the 3rd week of January. By mini I think it was only for 3 nights and maybe 30 guests so I guess we got lucky as it did not seem to interfere majorly with our stay.

However, it did catch your eye as these were the only guests walking around during the day with long slacks and closed shoes for the men. Plus they were on a strict time line. We were in the bldg 7 overlooking the centre of the resort (there are 3 bldgs 7 each facing a different way) - we would be relaxing on our balcony with a beverage in the evening around 6 pm and you could see these conventioners - some running even to get to the meeting points to rendevous for the evening meal while the boss man was standing outside the Lobster house checking his watch and pacing waiting for attendees to show up. Definitely not a casual affair. Put a different mood in the air but we were not the ones running around trying to meet any time commitments thankfully. We could just relax and watch the show...

The reviewer was very gracious to give the resort 4 stars in light of the way it affected their evening dining experiences.

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4. Re: Conventions at EPM

There was a group of about 70 when we were there, mid Feb. They had meet ups every where you seemed to go. Took up a huge part of the beach one day, playing loud games. Found at the bars at night drinking slammers, and giving imprmptu drunken speeches. Only noticed them during one meal (when they were getting peed off because Spice could not accomodate them all)We wern't too bothered BUT 200!!! EMP sould not be able to advertise "romantic, couples resort" if they accept this kind of booking. It certainly alters the ambience of EPM and those affected should make management aware of their issues, hopefully they will find a resolution if it changes status

oakville, ON
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5. Re: Conventions at EPM

on our second last day there last March, a group of "winners" froma a small town casino showed up and could not have been more out of place had they shown up at Buckingham Palace. Iam sure these people even found it uncomfortable there... all singles, all tired and old, all complaining about the lack of decent (read down home cookin'), and they were simply delighted to inform anyone who would listen ( did you know you can actually have as much to eat or drink as you wasnt... even alcohol??) seriously. I don't know if one of them even owned a bathing suit... they sat around the pool with jeans on all day. it was a very wierd ending to two weeks of heaven.

glas scotland
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6. Re: Conventions at EPM

Im shocked by the “convention” review, I have picked EPM to renew our vows as an intimate romantic venue, after all that is what they advertise and how they market there property. I they advertise that they cater for 200 conventioneers it would make you take a second look. I will be checking with my travel agent tomorrow to make sure that there is no large convention book when we go, if there is I will be seriously be thinking about changing my hotel, as I have booked a 5 star romantic exclusive hotel not a convention centre.

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7. Re: Conventions at EPM

This is the first I have heard of EPM being a "convention" resort. We will be there in July and hope the hot Mexico weather keeps all the "convention" people away. If thats not the case it will be our first and last time at EPM!

London, UK
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8. Re: Conventions at EPM

ffman could you shed some light on this please? I for one won't be happy if this happens when we stay and i emailed the resort yesterday but haven't had a reply yet.

I would seriously consider cancelling the booking if this is likely to happen.

North Carolina
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9. Re: Conventions at EPM

OK, just my two pesos worth...... when we stayed at the Ritz Cancun they had a large cororate group there, on two diffferent occasions at SMB there were large corporate groups there one was Firestone with over 200 persons, and I am sure, as several reviews have noted, that EPM has large groups from time to time, they ALL do, not condonig it but they ALL do from time to time. It's a source of revenue, they solicit it and eagerly book them, just like they eagerly seek out and book LARGE wedding parties, ( sometimes the wedding parties can get more intrusive than companies ) it's a business and they ALL do it. My husband and I go back to EPM on May 1st and if there is a group or wedding there, well then there is a group there, as I said, they ALL do it, SMB, Zoetry, Grand Velas, the Grand , etc, they all take large groups from companies and/or large weddings, they actively solicit this business to fill rooms and get revenue, do not think EPM is any different, however having said that, "perhaps" this particular reviewer went a bit overboard and "maybe" not, but it's the nature of the beast, our vacations weren't ruined by any means but you do notice they are there if it is a large group... c'est la vie, they ALL do it.

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10. Re: Conventions at EPM

Jade, please let us know when and what sort of response you get from the hotel!!