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I am not planing on taking Dukoral or getting a Hep B shot however friends have suggested we do both.

Is it necessary to take Dukoral or get a Hep B shot before we travel to Playa Mujeres. We are staying at the Beloved and I would hate to get sick when we are there.


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1. Re: Dukoral

Hep A / B (Twinrix) not needed although I recommend it for both home and traveling

Dukoral - never take it but my wife does and her stomach is more sensitive

North Carolina
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2. Re: Dukoral

Hep A/ B...never got it in 15 trips.. No issues, ever.

Dukoral -- if your bride is that sensitive I guess it can't hurt, but, we never ever had that issue either. The only issue I ever had was heartburn from either too much wine or spicy food, But never any other stomach iissues. I do find that taking a Probiotic pill each morning probably helps regulate my system so they help me.

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3. Re: Dukoral

Hepatitis A is endemic in Mexico. It's always around. Even at a high end resort, you are only as safe as the personal hygiene of the people preparing/serving your food. It makes no difference how careful you are yourself.

Hepatitis B is harder to contract. Usually blood borne, sexually transmitted. However, lots of asymptomatic carriers out there. Rendering first aid to a child who falls and scrapes his knee could potentially put you at risk.

The vaccine is safe and effective. I see no down side to receiving it.

Dukoral I know not much about. Not legal in the US.

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4. Re: Dukoral

My thoughts are that you never need protection until you do. Safest bet is to do Twinrix and Dukoral, but if you don't the chances of contracting ecoli or hep b are slim. You do have a greater, but still small, chance of contracting hep A.

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5. Re: Dukoral

Ditto to what Jeanh said about Hep A and B (in fact, that's pretty much what I'd have said word for word!).

As for Dukoral, I had a discussion about that with a doctor at my local travel clinic only last week. Apparently, it's less than 20% effective but, in Canada at least, they've mounted a very successful TV ad campaign.

I've found that a course of acidophilus capsules before and during travel help to minimise my tummy issues (and that of my family) and my travel doctor endorses this approach. Acidophilus is the same stuff found in "live culture" or "probiotic" yoghurt; the capsules can be found in any health food store or the vitamin aisle of your local grocery store. Just make sure you buy the stuff that does NOT have to be refridgerated after opening.

LaSalle, Canada
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6. Re: Dukoral

I have always opted to take Dukoral and have not had any issues or adverse side effects. Since it is easy to get via a prescription and my copay is only $5 I figure why not have the extra piece of mind. Having said that, a few years back my in-laws decided not to take Dukoral and struggled with 'tummy issues' a few days out of our trip unfortunately.

Prior to our last trip (Nov/2013) I Googled this topic and stumbled upon Florastor. It is a probiotic highly recommended for traveling.

This is a quote from an actual review on Amazon.com....

Not long ago we were in Guatemala and one of my teen travelers was hit with severe vomiting. She was rushed to an ER where she was put on IV and given a drink mixed with--you guessed it--Florastor. The doctor wrote a "prescription" for 10 days of Florastor to get her fully recovered.

It is available at many drug stores and Amazon however I found the best price to be on-line (Costco.com). Yes as someone mentioned you want one that does NOT need to be refrigerated plus this can be taken with or without food which is very convenient. It is recommended that you start Florastor at least one month prior to travel and continue to take while vacationing.

We spent 10-days at Live Aqua with absolutely no issues.

Hope this helps! !

LaSalle, Canada
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7. Re: Dukoral

If anyone is interested in giving Florastor a try it is $10 off at Costco.com until March 16th (while supplies last). This product has a perfect 5-star rating (46 customer reviews).


Belleville, Ontario
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8. Re: Dukoral

We received Hep B shots while in school here but before we traveled to Jamaica 8 years ago chose to get the Hep A also. We eat from street vendors etc so I felt it would be best. As it was pointed out its not about how careful you are its about those preparing your food, spa tools etc.

Never have taken dukoral. I always pack some imodium just in case....only issues we have had are overindulgence related. Too much good food and spirits is bound to upset your tummy a bit. But nothing major and it is quickly resolved.

Toronto, Canada
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9. Re: Dukoral

I think the Hep A and B are really good to have at home and abroad (the vaccine here is Twinrx)

I took Dukoral for the first time last year. Like another poster it's covered by my benefits, so might as well give it a go. Had zero tummy issues. I got a prescription this week for a booster dose ahead of my next trip.

Edmonton, Canada
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10. Re: Dukoral

Dukoral is overkill for a place as hygienic as Mexico.

A tiny bottle of hand sanitizer is probably far more effective, and a thousand times cheaper.